How Much Is A Justice Of The Peace Wedding

how much is a justice of the peace wedding

If you’re curious about how much is a justice of the peace wedding, expect to spend at least $50 to $100. However, this payment depends on where you’ll have the civil wedding ceremony.  We’ve also discussed below everything you need to know to get married by a justice of the peace. But for comparison, you … Read more

How To Personalize Your Wedding: 6 Clever Ways

how to personalize your wedding

Do not worry if you’re unsure how to personalize your wedding because there are six elements you can do to customize and show your personality during your wedding ceremony. A personalized wedding is always better because you can offer your guests a memorable time celebrating your and your partner’s love for each other.  And speaking … Read more

What To Wear To A Winter Wedding Men

what to wear to a winter wedding men

If you want to know what to wear to a winter wedding men, there are five considerations to build your wedding attire. We will also discuss the etiquette of dressing for a wedding while remaining appropriate for the cold winter weather.  Additionally, you can browse our guide for guest outfit tips for different kinds of … Read more

Where Can I Get My Wedding Dress Altered

where can i get my wedding dress altered

There are three places to answer where can I get my wedding dress altered. We’ll also discuss what to expect when getting wedding dress alterations in these different places.  And to help you manage your budget for getting your gown altered, you can read our discussion on how much do wedding dress alterations cost. It’s … Read more

Why Silicone Wedding Bands: Pros And Cons

why silicone wedding bands

If you’re curious about why silicone wedding bands are popular and some couples choose these types of rings, know that they offer many pros compared to other wedding bands. In addition, silicone rings have traits that might be perfect for you and your partner, depending on your lifestyle, style, and budget.  We’ll discuss if silicone … Read more

Where To Sell Wedding Decor: 6 Best Places

where to sell wedding decor

Those unsure where to sell wedding decor can consider the best six places that will guarantee your used wedding decor to sell. We’ve also included what to expect with each place and how to guarantee the purchase of your used decor.  Furthermore, you’ll know what to do with used wedding decors below. And if you … Read more

What To Engrave On Mens Wedding Band: 4 Best Ideas

what to engrave on mens wedding band

Consider four unique ideas if you’re unsure what to engrave on mens wedding band. You can go with traditional engravings, coordinating engravings, religious ideas for religious couples, or even funny engravings for the quirky bride and groom. We’ve also discussed everything you can expect when you engrave a wedding ring.  For example, will its value … Read more

Who Pays For Alcohol At A Wedding

who pays for alcohol at a wedding

There is no single answer on who pays for alcohol at a wedding because families differ in how they tackle the wedding finances. However, you’ll learn below who typically pays for liquor at weddings and the etiquette of serving alcohol to the guests.  Weddings usually have an open bar, meaning the hosts will pay for … Read more

How To Make Mexican Wedding Cake For Beginners

how to make mexican wedding cake

Those interested to learn how to make Mexican wedding cake can try this easy recipe with ingredients that are also affordable. We’ve also included everything you need to know about Mexican wedding cakes and why they are so-called.  And speaking of cakes, feel free to browse our blog for different guides and recipes. Here’s how … Read more

How To End A Wedding Ceremony The Best Way

how to end a wedding ceremony

To know how to end a wedding ceremony, understand the four steps for a grand finale before the wedding reception. Ceremonies are usually straightforward, but knowing how to end it can help set the tone for the livelier wedding reception.  You’ll also know how to finish the ceremony when you practice during the rehearsal. And … Read more