How To Reupholster A Sofa Chair For Beginners

how to reupholster a sofa chair

We have three steps to teach you how to reupholster a sofa chair. We’ll discuss everything from disassembly to the proper attachment of the new material. You will also learn some techniques for chairs that you can’t take apart and those with wooden arms.  Additionally, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the proper reupholstery … Read more

What Does Bonded Leather Mean On A Sofa

what does bonded leather mean on a sofa

The answer to what does bonded leather mean on a sofa is that the furniture uses reconstituted leather. Technically, it still has genuine leather, but it’s not an intact material like those in top-grain or full-grain leather couches. Below you will understand what reconstituted leather means.  We also recommend checking these tips when buying a … Read more

How To Clean Leather Sofa With Vinegar In 4 Steps

how to clean leather sofa with vinegar

Did you know that it’s easy to learn how to clean leather sofa with vinegar because it’s only four steps? Vinegar not only helps deodorize a leather sofa but can also restore its brightness and texture when used properly. But before you proceed, we recommend that you read this comprehensive article regarding vinegar with leather furniture.  … Read more

How To Clean Italian Leather Sofa Plus Care Tips

how to clean italian leather sofa

We have two steps, and you’ll understand how to clean Italian leather sofa. The procedure is relatively straightforward, where you only need to get out the debris and then wipe the couch. We will also discuss homemade Italian leather cleaners. But before we begin, is Italian leather even the ideal material for you? Check this … Read more