The Only Wedding Jewelry Guide You’ll Need

Do you know how to pick the best wedding jewelry to complement your wedding dress and overall bridal style? Here is a complete guide for finding the necklace, earrings, and bracelet for your wedding day. 

We’ll also tackle how to match all the bridal accessories and if you should wear the engagement ring with your other jewelry on your big day. And for guests, you can understand the etiquette on what jewelry to wear to a wedding as a guest so you can elevate your style but won’t look disrespectful to the bride. 


The Best Wedding Jewelry For Every Wedding Dress


How to pick a bridal necklace for your wedding dress neckline

The wedding dress should inspire the bridal jewelry, and when choosing what necklace to wear, the gown’s neckline should help you ensure the flattering piece. You want a necklace style that would flatter the bride’s neckline but wouldn’t look out of place with the other details and accessories in her ensemble. 

If you’re wearing a V-neck wedding gown, the best necklace would be a pendant or layered necklace that reaches the mid-chest. Plunging wedding dresses can be enhanced with drop necklaces. 

On the other hand, the sweet but sultry look of the sweetheart neckline is best paired with a necklace that stops above the breastbone, so it doesn’t compete with the highlighted curves of the bride. And finally, a high-neck wedding dress can be completed with a long dainty necklace, but a statement pendant necklace might also work if the dress itself looks simple. 

But if you’re wearing a strapless gown, read should you wear a necklace with a strapless wedding dress to know what styles are better with or without jewelry. 


How to pick bridal earrings for your wedding hairstyle

If the wedding dress neckline style is your consideration when selecting a bridal necklace, the best earrings for the bride will depend on what complements her hairstyle. For example, what hair accessories do you wear, and will the earrings complement their stones, colors, and shapes?

If the bride has her hair in an updo, you want large or statement drop earrings to bring out her beauty further. On the other hand, simple stud earrings are enough if you have your hair down and wear an embellished wedding dress with accessories. 

Do earrings and necklaces have to match the wedding? The bride does not have to wear the entire jewelry set, but your necklace and earrings should complement each other for a cohesive look. 

For additional reference, you can also read what earrings to wear with a wedding dress.


When to wear a bridal bracelet 

Brides don’t need to wear entire jewelry sets with matching earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The pieces must complement each other but don’t need to match. 

Therefore, it’s pretty common not to wear bracelets at weddings because the earrings and necklace might be enough as the bridal jewelry. Brides might also want to highlight their wedding rings, and having a bracelet might overpower them. 

And finally, some long sleeve wedding dresses feature intricate lace details that it’s not needed to wear something on your wrist. However, if you’re not wearing a necklace, your other accessories are minimalistic, or you’re wedding dress has short sleeves or is strapless, then you can add sparkle with a bejeweled or pearl bracelet to your look. 


Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring On The Wedding Day?

It’s up to the bride to wear her engagement ring on the wedding day and choose how to wear the rings together. For example, the bride might wear the meaningful engagement ring as a pendant or add it to her necklace. 

She can also transfer the engagement ring to the other hand’s ring finger, so only the wedding ring will occupy the left ring. And after the ceremony, she can stack the two rings together, especially if the wedding and engagement rings are chosen as a pair. 

Here’s how to pick a wedding band that complements the engagement ring if you want your jewelry to match. Otherwise, know that it’s also acceptable not to wear the engagement ring on your wedding day and store it temporarily somewhere safe to avoid misplacing it at the wedding. 

Some brides even use one ring for the engagement and wedding ceremony. But, overall, there are no rules on how to wear these symbolic rings on the wedding day.  


What Is The Average Cost Of Wedding Jewelry?

The type of wedding jewelry will dictate the cost so that it can be anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars. Some brides choose jewelry based on its metal, stone, or style, which can be from their symbolic meanings or just for aesthetics alone. 

Simple jewelry sets like a pendant necklace and stud earrings can be under $50, while pearl accessories range from $35 to over $100, depending on the style. What about diamond jewelry?

There’s no doubt that diamonds are perfect for the bridal look, but expect that some can go over $10,000, even for simple diamond drop earrings. So if you’re on a budget but want some sparkle, consider more affordable gemstones and crystal jewelry like amethyst or blue topaz. 


What Is The Most Popular Style Of Bridal Jewelry?

When it comes to wedding jewelry sets, the most popular are pearls, diamonds, and silver jewelry. They are timeless for a reason, but each has their own charm that instantly elevates the bridal look. 



Did you know that brides wore pearls back in the day to symbolize purity and happy marriage? This makes them the ideal wedding jewelry for traditional brides.

But more than their meaning, pearls also easily complement any wedding dress style. For example, they pair nicely with a classic white bridal gown, and some pearl jewelry sets are combined with silver and other sparkly stones inspired by bridal embellishments. 

If you’re wearing a strapless wedding dress, you can instantly bring the look together with a pearl statement necklace. But if you prefer dainty jewelry, a simple pearl drop or stud earrings is timeless and elegant, especially with an updo. 



It’s not surprising that diamond jewelry is popular among brides; after all, it’s the gemstone we all imagine for engagement rings

Diamond necklaces and earrings should complement the bride’s diamond engagement ring on her wedding day. And if the wedding dress features sparkly details and beading, she can never go wrong with diamond accessories.

However, diamond jewelry is more expensive than other accessories. So if your budget for the bridal attire is limited, consider cheaper alternatives like cubic zirconia or white sapphire. 


Silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is always a safe choice if you’re unsure what accessories to wear with your white wedding gown. You don’t want to wear gold jewelry with a bright white dress because of the sharp clash between the colors. 

Trendy colorful dresses in pastels and soft, rustic colors should also look good with silver. If unsure, you can always guarantee that any soft shade will look good with silver jewelry. 

Silver is also much more affordable than other precious metals, so the bride can choose from different jewelry sets without exceeding the budget. However, if your wedding dress color has some warmth, like champagne, it’s better paired with gold jewelry than silver. 


Can I wear gold on my wedding day?

Brides can wear gold jewelry on their wedding day if the wedding dress shade is not bright white. Bright white wedding gowns will be a sharp contrast to gold jewelry, which can create a tacky look. 

On the other hand, warm white colors like champagne will pair beautifully with gold necklaces and drop earrings. Gold jewelry should also enhance your complexion more than silver accessories if you’re a bride with a warm undertone.

There are also white gold and rose gold, which would complement pearl and diamond accessories. But for brides wearing unique wedding dress colors like red or blue, rose gold would be an attractive option for jewelry. 


Should I Wear Silver Or Gold Jewelry For My Wedding?

Choosing between gold and silver as your wedding jewelry will depend on your wedding dress color and skin tone. A quick rule you can remember is gold complements warm skin tones and colors, while silver is the best choice for bright colors and cool tones. 

Here are some more differences between the two precious metals to help you pick:


Silver wedding jewelry



  • More affordable than gold jewelry
  • Complements bright white wedding dresses and even pearl and diamond accessories 
  • Ideal for brides with cool undertones



  • Can tarnish easily


Gold wedding jewelry 



  • Perfect for wedding gowns with warm colors like champagne 
  • Adds a regal and sophisticated look, especially with dark wedding dresses and jewel tones
  • Ideal for brides with warm complexions 



  • More expensive than silver jewelry


What Is The Meaning Behind Your Choice Of Wedding Jewelry?


Flattering wedding jewelry

Brides might pick a specific necklace, earrings, or bracelet because their styles flatter her overall look. For example, her hair accessories pair nicely with a pearl necklace, or the embellishments on her bridal gown inspire her diamond drop earrings. 

The bride might also opt for a gold jewelry set because it complements her warm skin tone and champagne wedding gown. Or, for a pinkish-white complexion, she might choose silver jewelry for a more blooming look. 

The style of the wedding jewelry also enhances the bride’s makeup and body. For example, the right earrings frame the face, while a statement necklace can help conceal the area stylishly. 


Sentimental wedding jewelry

Another factor for brides when choosing their wedding jewelry is the symbolism and meaning of the pieces. For example, pearl jewelry symbolizes innocence, while wearing gold is thought to help welcome prosperity. 

The bride might also be wearing an heirloom pendant necklace from her grandmother. Different gemstones for drop earrings, bracelets, or necklaces also have various meanings and represent beliefs for brides. 

For example, sapphires are worn to protect against envy, while garnet is thought to provide health benefits. Even the classic diamond on the engagement ring is known as the symbol of love and commitment. 


How Did You Decide On Your Wedding Jewelry?


Wedding gown

Your wedding gown should help you decide on the perfect wedding jewelry. For example, the necklace should complement the dress neckline to enhance each other when combined. 

Deep necklines call for drop necklaces, while choker-style necklaces should pair gorgeously with strapless wedding gowns. And besides the style of the dress, its embellishments and color can also give you a clue about what jewelry to wear. 

For example, do the glass beads, and sparkly stones complement diamond stud earrings? Are you wearing a dress with a warm or cool undertone? 


Bridal hairstyle

Your wedding hairstyle should pair beautifully with the earrings you’ll choose. There’s no use in wearing statement earrings if they’ll be covered by your hair, while the bare shoulder and neck from an updo will look classy with drop earrings. 

However, remember that your jewelry should not contrast. For example, if you’re wearing a diamond necklace, you want crystal earrings and not stark gold hoop earrings. 

Earrings can also help frame and elongate the face. For example, brides with round faces can still achieve an oval look by wearing teardrop-style earrings. 


Colors of the jewelry 

Jewelry sets come in different metals and gemstones. Therefore, brides can never go wrong with silver, pearl, and diamond accessories because they pair well with the traditional white wedding dress. 

However, don’t be afraid of trying blue, green, and red jewels. They might bring the pop of color you need for the outfit. 

For example, if blue, red, and green colors are seen on your hair accessories, you can feature them on your bracelet or crystal earrings. Your bridal bouquet can even inspire your jewelry. 

Read how to pick wedding jewelry for more tips regarding the best wedding accessories. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned about wedding jewelry, which ranges from dainty to statement necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Your wedding dress design, hairstyle, and what’s flattering for your complexion should help you pick what jewelry to wear. And if you’re curious, brides wear their engagement rings on their wedding day, and it’s up to them how to wear them. 

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