11 Beautiful But Comfortable Country Wedding Dresses

Here are 11 gorgeous country wedding dresses that suit rustic and boho outdoor weddings, whether your venue is at a barn, ranch, or any countryside location. We’ve also discussed the best fabrics for your wedding dress when having a country wedding. 

And as a bonus, we’ve tackled wedding gown alternatives and stylish but practical shoes for country weddings. But more than picking a dress from this list, we encourage brides to know what style wedding dress for my body type, so you’ll know what silhouette will flatter you best. 

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11 Best Country Wedding Dresses For Barn, Ranch, And Outdoor Weddings


Tea-Length Satin Country Wedding Dress

Consider a tea-length satin wedding gown if you have an early spring or fall country wedding. The tea length is comfortable for the country outdoor venue because you don’t risk accidentally stepping on the dress hem. 

A satin wedding dress’s sleek and simple look will look ethereal against the green grass and wooden trees. But to complement the outdoor venue, carry a bridal bouquet that features the colors and flowers in season. 


Tulle Midi A-Line Country Wedding Dress

Midi-length dresses are also comfortable for a country wedding because they don’t drag on the ground. But because you’re having the wedding outdoors, you want something whimsical and playful, like an A-line silhouette. 

A-line country wedding dresses that feature layers of tulle will be gorgeous because they’ll move with the wind outdoors. Don’t forget to pick a complementing bridal train that adds drama with every stride. 


Crepe Trumpet Country Wedding Dress

The trumpet wedding gown is a flattering wedding dress for brides with hourglass figures, which will also look fantastic for a country wedding. You can create a chic boho look in a crepe trumpet wedding gown with your hair in loose waves and a flower crown to finish the look. 

Crepe is also comfortable for outdoor weddings, and it should be easy to find a fabric that would suit your summer or winter country wedding. And, of course, don’t overlook the other details of your trumpet gown, like its neckline or sleeves, if they’d be flattering for your body type. 


V-Neck Sleeveless Country Wedding Dress

The V-neckline is undoubtedly flattering on most brides, whether you’re plus-size or petite. Therefore, you can never go wrong with V-neckline country wedding dresses, especially sleeveless ones. 

They can feature lace, embellishments, and other details to embody the country wedding theme. You can even wear a plunging neckline with sparkly details voluminous tulle skirt for a “fairy in the woods” look. 


Tie-Strap Boho Country Wedding Dress

The boho style is often picked by brides having a countryside wedding. You can create a chic boho look and combine natural elements with fashionable details. 

For example, why not wear a wedding gown with a gradual flare on the skirt and beautiful tulle straps you’ll tie over the shoulders? It can feature sheer fabrics and illusion lace for a “natural” look against the body. 


Square Neck Puff Shoulder Country Wedding Dress

Another trendy fashion theme for country weddings is “cottagecore.” And what style of gown would suit this fashion trend than a wedding dress with a square neck and puff shoulders?

It can also feature floral embroidery and prints to suit the aesthetic further. A flattering detail that would complement this style is a shirred waist on the dress that enhances your curves. 


Chiffon Off-The-Shoulder Country Wedding Dress

If you want to showcase your neck and collarbones, you can wear an off-shoulder gown for your country wedding. It’s also fantastic for messy hairstyles for a rustic chic look. 

But a fabric that would highlight this style best is chiffon because it’s light and delicate. You want more delicate fabrics for country wedding gowns than heavy and dark ones. 


Flutter Sleeve Country Wedding Dress

You can always wear a wedding dress with flutter sleeves for the bride that doesn’t find strapless and sleeveless styles flattering for her arms. They’re also a great alternative to a long sleeve wedding gown that can feel hot, especially for a summer country wedding. 

What’s flattering with flutter sleeves is the wide hem that slims down and elongates the arms. Wedding dresses with flutter sleeves also have patterns and embellishments that can suit cottagecore, boho, or rustic country wedding themes. 


Illusion Long Sleeve Country Wedding Dress

Lace is often a favorite of boho brides, so wedding dresses with lace details will always be in style for rustic and country weddings. You can also wear a wedding gown with illusion lace sleeves for a carefree but chic look. 

The dress silhouette can be fit to flare or body-hugging, depending on what flatters the bride’s body type. You can even pick a low back and O-neck style for a modern take on the boho look. 


Floral Applique Country Wedding Dress

Country weddings are the perfect opportunity to wear colors for your bridal look. It can be a white wedding gown with different colors of floral appliques and embroidery for a whimsical boho style. 

You can also wear another color for the wedding dress, like light blue or mint green with floral details. But if you want the traditional white wedding dress style, you can never go wrong with an all-white A-line dress or ball gown with white floral appliques. 


Rustic Champagne Country Ball Gown

If you don’t want to wear a white wedding dress for your country wedding, a beautiful color to consider is champagne. It suits rustic country weddings and is flattering, especially on brides, with a warm undertone

You can wear a dramatic champagne ball gown with intricate lace details and beading for the country wedding. But of course, with its full skirt, you should consider the type of ground on the venue and wear practical shoes with the ball gown. 


What Are The Most Popular Country Wedding Dress Styles?

The three most popular wedding dress styles for country weddings are rustic, boho, and cottagecore. These wedding dresses suit outdoor country venues, whether at a park, lake, garden, barn, or brunch. 


Boho Wedding Dresses For Country Weddings

Boho wedding gowns will always look great for any country wedding. Imagine styles that feature lace, embroidery, and floral details that capture the free spirit of the boho bride. 

The boho wedding dress is also usually flowy, whether with a flaring skirt or bell sleeves. And because boho wedding gowns are light and airy, they’d also be comfortable for a hot outdoor wedding in the countryside. 


Rustic Wedding Dresses For Country Weddings

Besides the boho style, rustic wedding dresses are also popular for country weddings. What makes a gown rustic can mean the colors are inspired by nature. 

Expect a beautiful A-line, ball gown, or mermaid wedding dress in dusty rose, grayish blue, or champagne for a rustic but classy look. The details for this style are also more minimalistic, like fringe and ruches, to add movement to the rustic wedding gown.


Cottagecore Wedding Dresses For Country Weddings

The country wedding venue might be a lakeside property, camp, or garden that highlights the trees and flowers in the area. Therefore, it’s not surprising for brides to consider cottagecore fashion as the style for their wedding gowns. 

Cottagecore wedding dresses, from the name itself, are inspired by something you’d wear at a country cottage or rustic farm. You can imagine puff sleeves, a square neckline, a shirred waist, and A-line silhouettes in floral prints and light fabrics that would look dreamy at a picturesque country wedding venue. 


What Are The Best Fabrics For A Country Wedding Dress?

When deciding what wedding dress to wear at a country wedding, you want something light and flowy for comfort and aesthetics. Check wedding dresses with these materials when shopping for your bridal attire. 



One of the most comfortable wedding dresses you can wear for a country wedding is tulle. Tulle is a light and airy netted fabric that’s also soft and flowy for style and practicality. 

The designer might incorporate tulle on the dress’ skirt for volume and drama. This is also the perfect fabric if you like the swishing movement when you dance or walk. 



Another floaty fabric you can choose for your country wedding gown’s skirt is organza. It also provides a structured drape, perfect for dramatic wedding dress silhouettes. 

Organza wedding dresses are the perfect middle ground between light and dense for a romantic but modern look. However, they’re prone to wrinkling easily, so you must travel with them carefully.



Lace is the most versatile and classic wedding dress fabric that would suit any country wedding dress style. You can incorporate it on the bodice, sleeves, neckline, or skirt of the bridal gown to add visual interest and make the style more bridal. 

Lace is also perfect for the embroidery tattoo look if the bride wants to show skin but hates the feeling of being too bare. And depending on the type of lace, you can pick something simple or eye-catching. 



Are you having a summer country wedding? You can always pick a breezy chiffon wedding dress or combine it with a see-through fabric like lace. 

Chiffon is also perfect for brides who want a soft A-line silhouette for an ethereal look. However, be mindful of movements as it can get thread runs easily. 



You can check styles made from charmeuse if you want a body-hugging country wedding dress. A charmeuse wedding gown offers the right shine and elegance for a daytime country wedding. 

You can opt for a charmeuse trumpet wedding gown to showcase your waist and elongate your frame. And what’s great with this material is it’s relatively durable, so it’s perfect for rustic settings. 

If this topic piques your interest, you can read what are wedding dresses made of


What Are The Most Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Country Wedding Dress?



Never overlook comfort when choosing a wedding dress for a country wedding. This means picking a length, silhouette, sleeve, neckline, and fabric that would be comfortable in your wedding venue. 

For example, if it’s a winter country wedding, you want a long sleeve or high-neck wedding dress. You can also pick any sleeve style and learn what to wear over wedding dress if cold



Your wedding gown should complement the theme of the country wedding. For example, is it a boho or rustic wedding?

The theme can inspire your wedding dress’s colors, fabrics, and details. And, of course, the silhouette should be suitable for the wedding dress code.



Country wedding dresses come in different styles, so the bride should choose what will be flattering. Familiarize yourself with the neckline, sleeve, length, and silhouette that complements your body type. 

For example, A-line dresses are universally flattering, while fitted dresses like the mermaid suit brides with hourglass figures. Flowy and light wedding dresses are also often expected in country weddings rather than very fitted and thick fabrics.


Where Are The Best Places To Find Country Wedding Dresses?

You can find beautiful styles for a country wedding in popular bridal stores like David’s Bridal, Kleinfeld Bridal, BHLDN, Amsale, and GRACELOVESLACE. However, there is no specific “country” style per se, so it’s unlikely to find this category when visiting fashion designers and bridal boutiques. 

Instead, you’ll mention to the stylist the elements, details, style, and color you can imagine for your country wedding. You can also say that you want a rustic or boho style or mention the abovementioned characteristics. 


Do You Have To Wear A Dress To A Country Wedding?

Brides are not limited to wedding dresses for their country wedding attire. You can also rock a two-piece coordinating skirt and top that showcases your curves. 

If you don’t like skirts, jumpsuits are comfortable and style for country weddings. You can pick a style with illusion lace, a removable skirt for drama, or an off-shoulder style that suits the boho country theme. 


What Are The Most Comfortable Bridal Shoes For A Country Wedding?

Country weddings are usually held at outdoor venues to take advantage of the picturesque location. Therefore, brides often fear heels that can sink in the grass or soil. 

However, you can still improve your posture and lengthen the silhouette with block heels. Some brides also wear a rustic look with strappy sandals tied around the legs with their short wedding dresses.

Or, for a country look, why not wear boots with your wedding dress? You might have a Western wedding, and some lace dresses pair beautifully with leather boots.



Was this styling guide helpful? We hope you find the best style that will flatter you best with these country wedding dresses.

To recap, what makes a wedding dress country is having flowy fabrics and details inspired by nature. This can mean going for a boho look with lace and floral details or a rustic-inspired dusty pastel color for the dress made from light and airy fabrics. 

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