How Much Is A Wedding At The Biltmore: Fee Breakdown

The answer to how much is a wedding at the Biltmore is $3,500 for the site fee for a wedding reception. There are few price details for the events on their website, and you’ll need to contact their wedding department to inquire. 

But if you’re curious about this wedding venue and want your guests to experience the picturesque location and amenities, we’ve done an info breakdown of the wedding services by Biltmore below. You can also compare the costs with how much does a wedding cost at the Chateau

how much is a wedding at the biltmore


How Much Is A Wedding At The Biltmore And Tips To Save On Costs

According to the details of Biltmore Estate at WeddingWire, a wedding with 100 guests at this location can also cost between $44,000 to $66,000. Then, expect a starting site fee for the wedding reception at the venue of around $3,500. 

The Biltmore is among the most popular wedding venues for the ceremony or reception in North Carolina. There is no specific price information on their website for wedding events, so it’s best to inquire to the Biltmore Weddings Department team using their contact form


Venue details

There are eight venues to choose from for your event if you plan on having your guests at the Biltmore. You can click on each location for the details, but you can also compare and determine which venue will have the ideal capacity for your wedding site. 

For example, The Inn can accommodate a minimum of 40 guests, while the biggest capacity is 600 guests if you plan on getting married at The Biltmore House and Gardens. The amenities at this outdoor location include having the Library Terrace, South Terrace, and the mountain tops as your backdrop. 

For a smaller wedding ceremony, you can also opt for Cedric’s Garden as your wedding venue. Its capacity is 27 to 60 guests, located at Antler Hill Village. 



There are many available venues for different sizes of wedding events at the Biltmore. The capacity depends on each location; some can suit around 20 guests, and others are fit for bigger weddings with over 200 guests. 

The Walled Garden is a versatile outdoor wedding venue at the Biltmore, with a capacity of 45 to 100 guests. It features the Conservatory, but you can contact their team directly for more details. 

There is also the Lioncrest, ideal for indoor and outdoor wedding events, and it is on the National Historic Register. The capacity is between 100 to 150 people that can enjoy the Grand Ballroom or open-air Veranda.


Venue type

Biltmore offers indoor and outdoor venues for different types of services and events. You can choose between The Inn, Cedric’s Garden, Antler Hill Barn, Deerpark, Lioncrest, Diana, Walled Garden, and Biltmore House and Gardens. 


How Many Guests Can The Biltmore Accommodate?

The Biltmore can accommodate up to 600 guests, but even small and intimate weddings are welcome as they have other ideal venues for under 50 guests. The couple and their guests can also enjoy various amenities and activities, including wine experiences, spa services, and a tour of the Biltmore house. 

Consider reading tips on how to downsize a wedding guest list to cut costs by having few wedding guests. 


What Is Included In The Rental Fee At The Biltmore?

According to the Biltmore Estate and Gardens at the Wedding Spot, a rental fee can cost as much as $25,000 for a five-hour event without set-up and clean-up time. Additional hours will increase the rental price, and expect a minimum of food and beverage for the event. 


Are there any other fees associated with getting married at the Biltmore?

What is the facility fee? This fee is for the use of the location, including the necessary elements like chairs, tables, linens, and flatware. It includes the ceremony and reception locations. 

You can also consider the per-person cost or the menu cost, including the open bar, passed canapes, customizable dinner menu, champagne toast, and wedding cake. However, remember that the facility fee, state sales tax, table service charge, and outside vendors are not included in the wedding package price per person. 


Is There A Food And Beverage Minimum At The Biltmore?

There is a food and beverage minimum at the Biltmore that varies according to the location. It is not considered an additional charge, and it’s made from the menu selection cost multiplied by the number of guests. 

Besides the location, the day of the week also affects your food and beverage minimum at the Biltmore. Furthermore, guests between 10 to 20 years old have the same menu as adults, and pricing varies based on your chosen menu if you’re interested in meals for children nine years old and under. 


Can You Bring Your Own Wedding Vendors To The Biltmore?

You can bring vendors of your choice to the Biltmore. They also have a recommended vendor list and are familiar with the policies and locations. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how much is a wedding at the Biltmore, it can start at $44,000. 

A site fee also costs $3,500 but varies per location, so choose according to your budget. We recommend contacting the  Biltmore Weddings Department for more details about having a wedding at a specific Biltmore location. 

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