How To Create A QR Code For Wedding RSVP

It’s easy to learn how to create a QR code for wedding RSVP as you will see in the step-by-step guide below. You’ll also know why having QR codes for the RSVP is convenient and how to print them so they are easy to scan. 

Finally, you’ll know where to find a QR code generator and how to personalize a QR code to showcase your wedding theme. And if you prefer to go the online route for the wedding invitation RSVP, you can refer to how to do online RSVP for the wedding


How To Create A QR Code For Wedding RSVP

Creating QR codes for the wedding RSVP is as easy as finding a QR code generator. Here’s everything you need to know to get the QR code logo for your wedding RSVPs: 


How to make QR code wedding RSVPs

  1. Make a wedding website as they usually offer the option for guests to RSVP online
  2. Get the link to the wedding website and copy it
  3. For the QR code to give the guests, couples can create one for free using the QR code generator
  4. Paste the wedding website URL you have into the uploader of the generator and then download the QR logo generated
  5. Put the QR code on your RSVP by uploading it where you’re doing the RSVP or invitation template 
  6. Alternatively, if you’re more familiar with using Photoshop, you can overlay it to the RSVP or wedding invitation template 
  7. Remember to explain to your guests that they’ll send their responses via the wedding website they can access through the QR code 


What Is A QR Wedding RSVP?

A QR wedding RSVP refers to using QR codes to show the guests the URL where they can RSVP online, usually the couple’s wedding website. This is convenient for couples to receive timely responses to guests. 

Furthermore, there’s less room for error than manually typing the wedding website’s URL. Guests can quickly inform you about their attendance when scanning the QR code on your RSVP. 

The QR wedding RSVP is also sometimes used on the wedding invitation. When the guests scan the logo, they’ll be led to an online RSVP form they can fill out for their response. 

However, do not assume that all guests are familiar with this process. Include instructions about how to scan the QR code and how it’ll help them to send their response. 


What are the benefits of using a QR code for wedding RSVP?

  • Guests will be able to send their responses to the event quickly, which means you can finalize your guest list size sooner
  • You don’t need to worry about errors on the wedding website 
  • Even non-tech savvy guests can conveniently find the form where they can send their response to the wedding invitations
  • You can update information about the wedding 
  • QR codes create neater-looking information cards


Where can I find a QR code generator?

There are different QR code generators online, most of which are free. If you’re doing your invitations on Canva, they also offer a QR code generator that you can include in the invitations to let guests RSVP. 

You can add the generated logo to your invitation template before printing. Just remember to guide guests by mentioning that they should scan the code to RSVP using their camera or QR code scanning app. 


Where do I print the QR code?

After downloading the QR code, you can usually use your smartphone to print. Find the downloaded QR code logo and select print from the options. 

Then, print with your home printer to get the QR code. Most couples who do their DIY wedding invitations should include a quality photo of the QR code in the template before printing. 

Refer to more printing tips below:


How To Print QR Code For Wedding RSVP

  • To avoid issues, it’s essential to use a standard black and white code, so there’s a good contrast between the QR code color and the background when you print; alternatively, the QR code logo should be dark over a light background 
  • The best size for the RSVP QR code used on the wedding invitation should be a PNG file measuring 250 px x 250 px. 
  • Remember to do a test print and scan if the QR code is easy to read 

If you’re printing wedding invitations with QR codes, here’s how to print wedding invitations at home


How To Personalize Your QR Code For Your Wedding?

  1. Select an online QR code generator, especially those that offer in-depth personalization
  2. Pick the type of QR code you’ll print on the invitations 
  3. Input the wedding website or RSVP form you want to be the landing page when guests scan it
  4. Customize the color, logo, and eyes of the QR code if you don’t want the usual black and white QR code and showcase your wedding theme to the guests
  5. Generate and download the QR code
  6. Test print the logo for the RSVP to see if it will scan nicely



And that’s it! You just learned how to create a QR code for wedding RSVP using free online generators. 

Then, download the QR code and print it on your RSVP or invitation card to let the guests know they’ll scan it to respond. You can customize the QR code with some generators if you want to put your wedding logo or theme color. 

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