Who Wears Tuxedo At Wedding

Those curious about who wears tuxedo at wedding can expect the groom and his attendants, like the groomsmen, will share this formal attire. Some weddings may also have fathers and grandfathers wearing tuxedos. 

We’ve also discussed when to rent or how formal the wedding’s dress code should be to wear a tux. You can then set your budget for this style by reading how much does a wedding tuxedo cost

who wears tuxedo at wedding


Dos And Don’ts Of Who Wears Tuxedo At Wedding



Some grooms prefer to wear tuxedos over suits for their weddings. But of course, the choice is up to him, whichever he thinks suits his style and the wedding’s formality. 

He can also consider the formality of the bridal attire so that the couple can complement each other. For example, if his bride is wearing a ball gown, it makes sense for the groom to wear a tuxedo. 

But of course, if the wedding is not as formal, it would be out of place if the groom wears a tuxedo compared to the other guests. You can always consider the dress code where black tie expects men to wear tuxedos. 


Wedding party

The groomsmen and best man might also be wearing tuxedos to be distinguished from other guests. If the wedding has a formal or black tie dress code, then a tuxedo is the most formal attire that men can wear. 

It would also look more cohesive if the wedding party wore identical suits or tuxedos at the front. Make sure to coordinate with each other, as you’ll likely be wearing the same style. 


Fathers and grandfathers

Some couples include their fathers and grandfathers in the ceremony. Therefore, it’s better if their attire is as formal as everyone at the wedding party. 

If you have other men walking down the wedding processional, you can also have them in tuxedos. The only consideration is some people might don’t want to rent or buy a tuxedo, and all they own are suits. 


Should the wedding party wear the same tuxedo?

It’s up to the groom if he wants everyone at the wedding party to wear the same style of tuxedo. However, if the guests are coordinated, it will look much better, especially in pictures. 

You can request the groomsmen to rent in the same shop. This will also help you score discounts and save on costs, and it’s easy to find the best choice of tuxedo to get. 

But as the groom, you should get something to stand out. You can always pick a different color vest, dress shirt, or accessories like the bowtie and cufflinks. 


What Is The Average Cost Of A Tuxedo Rental?

Tux rental costs will depend on the palace where you’ll get the attire for the wedding. But in general, men can expect to spend around $150 on their tuxedo suits. 

You can consider renting with the groomsmen in one place for the best value for money. This way, you can also ensure that everyone gets fitted on time, and they’ll know when to contact or return the suits with the groom. 

If your groomsmen have questions about renting their tuxedos, you can read when to order a tux for the wedding. It’s essential to know something like this to schedule everything for the wedding accordingly. 


How Far In Advance Do You Need To Reserve A Tuxedo?

The recommended time for the groom, groomsmen and any other guests attending the wedding to rent their suits and tuxedos is two months before the event. This way, you can do the fittings and alterations needed for the best fit. 

Furthermore, you don’t want to rent too close to the wedding as you might not find the style you want. And of course, the wedding peak season means some rental shops and seamstresses are fully occupied with clients. 


What Is The Difference Between A Tuxedo And A Suit?

You can easily distinguish a tuxedo from a suit as the former is more expensive because of its satin details. Expect satin buttons, lapels, and even the pants having satin-striped sides. 

Deciding between the two for the wedding will depend on the formality of the dress code and venue. The groom might also wear a tux to stand out from other men at the wedding. 


How Formal Of An Event Is A Wedding That Requires Tuxedos?

Tuxedos are expected at formal and black-tie weddings. Some evening weddings and very formal venues may also expect guests to wear a tux. 

However, a dark suit and tie would suit most weddings as not everyone readily has tuxedos nor wants to spend another for rental. Unless it’s a black-tie wedding, you’re not required to wear a tuxedo, especially if you’re only a guest. 


Should You Wear A Tux Or Suit At Your Wedding?

The groom chooses to wear a tuxedo for his wedding attire. If the wedding is black-tie, then you must wear a tuxedo, especially to complement the formality of the bride’s gown or dress. 

Furthermore, whichever you pick, choose the flattering style for your body type. Ask the tailor for their recommendations and make the necessary alterations. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap who wears tuxedo at wedding, it can be the groom, his attendants, or even the fathers and grandfathers who’ll participate in the ceremony. 

However, understand that it’s not required for everyone to wear tuxedos unless it’s a black-tie wedding. And for the groom, it’s his choice to wear a suit or tux. 

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