What Is A Wedding Stationery: Complete List

what is a wedding stationery

Those curious about what is a wedding stationery, please familiarize yourself with the complete wedding stationery list from before the wedding to during the wedding day. Wedding stationery is not limited to invitations because the wedding requires different prints to guide the guests and ensure a smooth ceremony.  And speaking of wedding invitations, feel free … Read more

What The 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

what the 5 year wedding anniversary gift

Those curious about what the 5 year wedding anniversary gift, it is wood. Five years of marriage is very fitting to be symbolized by wood, so it’s always useful to have gift ideas to celebrate this marriage milestone.  We will provide the five-year anniversary gift below, so you can find what your spouse would like … Read more

How Much Does Wedding Transportation Cost

how much does wedding transportation cost

If you’re interested to know how much does wedding transportation cost, you must compare different wedding transportation types. This guide will familiarize you with the average costs for shuttle, bus, van, limo, and trolley as transportation for the wedding.  By the end of the read, you can quickly decide what fits your budget and which … Read more

What To Eat The Week Of Your Wedding

what to eat the week of your wedding

Knowing what to eat the week of your wedding should not be difficult because there are only two things to consider. You must eat something that will make you happy, but prioritize eating healthy during your wedding week.  We will provide specific examples, including what to eat on your wedding day. And if you’re planning … Read more

How To Decorate Wedding Aisle: 4 Beautiful Ways

how to decorate wedding aisle

If you want to know how to decorate wedding aisle, here are four beautiful ways to make the wedding ceremony processional and the venue even more memorable. More than aesthetics, it’s essential to dress up your aisle for functionality, especially in specific wedding venues.  And speaking of weddings and knowing how to decorate an aisle, … Read more

How To Have A Wedding Ceremony After Eloping

how to have a wedding ceremony after eloping

Do you know that it’s only three steps to learn how to have a wedding ceremony after eloping? Planning a wedding celebration, reception, or even a ceremony itself after the elopement is not as hard as one might assume.  You’ve already tackled the legalities that make weddings “difficult” to plan, so you’ll only be focusing … Read more