How Much Is A Wedding At The Plaza: Fee Breakdown

The answer to how much is a wedding at The Plaza starts at $55,000 if you select the royal wedding package in their Royal suite. We will discuss this service in more detail below, including the cost breakdown of one of the most popular wedding venues in New York. 

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how much is a wedding at the plaza


How Much Is A Wedding At The Plaza And What To Expect

The starting fee for the royal wedding package at The Plaza in New York is $55,000. This royal wedding package will happen in The Plaza’s Royal Suite, including one night of stay. 

You can have as many as 30 guests at your wedding ceremony at this venue, and expect an afternoon tea that you and your partner can enjoy at the location’s The Palm Court. The other details worth noting with this event service is it will also include mementos of The Plaza wedding, a champagne toast with your guests, floral arrangements, and a piano player. 

The fantastic thing with the royal wedding package at The Plaza is it’s available all year round. But of course, you need to make a reservation and understand that it only includes the wedding ceremony location, the Royal Suite. 


What is the capacity of The Plaza?

If you’re interested in the wedding ceremony package in The Plaza’s Royal Suite, the event can accommodate 30 guests. The included champagne toast and ceremony seating at the venue are for this number of guests. 

Since The Plaza offers different types of locations for your wedding event, you can also consider the Grand Ballroom and the Oak Room. You can request a wedding consultation to learn about the rental fee and cost breakdown of different spaces. 

Couples having a big wedding will enjoy the Grand Ballroom as it can accommodate a 1000-person cocktail event or 500 if the guests are seated. And if you prefer your venue at a German Renaissance Revival-style setting, the Oak Room has a capacity of 3,000 square feet, allowing you to do different set-ups for your guests’ seating arrangements. 


What is the average cost per person for a wedding at The Plaza?

The location and wedding package you choose will dictate the price per wedding guest at The Plaza. But to give you an idea, expect to spend around $350 per person at this famous New York wedding venue. 


What is the average food and drink cost for a The Plaza wedding?

With wedding events, a significant factor that affects the wedding expenses is the cost of the food and drinks at the location. You can always contact The Plaza for specific details of your chosen venue or service, but some references that held their wedding at the Grand Ballroom or Terrace Room spent around $350 to $400 per person for the food and beverage with a minimum number of guest to have, depending on the day of the week. 


What is the average cost of decorations for a wedding at The Plaza?

There are few details about the decorations price if you’ll have weddings at The Plaza in New York. However, we found a reference that mentioned Ariston Flowers for their decors at their The Plaza wedding, so consider contacting them directly for the price breakdown. 


Where can I find pricing information for weddings at The Plaza?

There are different locations at The Plaza for different types of events. You can click the request consultation button on their website if you want the cost information for your venue. 

For the availability of The Plaza’s royal wedding package, you can email their Fashion & Entertainment Sales Manager Lauren Soucy at [email protected].


Where is the best place to have a wedding at The Plaza?

There are many venues for the wedding ceremony or reception, and The Plaza even has rooms you can book for your guests. But the best places to have a wedding include the Oak Room, Terrace Room, and Grand Ballroom. 

The Grand Ballroom is perfect for couples who want a grand wedding, offering 4,800 square feet of space. You can always compare the different spaces to know the best value for your money.


What Is Included In The Rental Fee At The Plaza?

Please refer to The Plaza’s website or contact them directly to know what’s included in their facility rental fee. But according to those who had their wedding at the Terrace Room or Grand Ballroom, the rental consists of flatware, glassware, chairs, tables, bridal suite, and day-of suite. 

You will use The Plaza’s Food and Beverage services and sound and lighting vendors. Then, you can bring your choice of vendors for your other wedding needs. 

And if you need a list of the vendors you’ll need, you can check what are wedding vendors



Was this discussion helpful? To recap how much is a wedding at The Plaza, they offer a royal wedding package at the Royal Suite, which costs $55,000 for 30 guests. 

There are also other locations in The Plaza if you want more guests. But for the cost breakdown, you should inquire to them directly as there are no prices that can be viewed on their website.

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