10 Garden Themed Baby Shower Ideas And Planning Guide

Here are 10 beautiful garden themed baby shower ideas with a complete planning guide for the theme decorations, food, favor, and games. We have included a checklist of everything you’ll need for a garden-themed baby shower and tips on making a garden party fun for the baby shower guests with creative garden-themed foods, favors, and game ideas. 

We will also discuss colors to build your garden theme and the budget you can expect to spend for a garden-themed baby shower. So without further ado, let’s get into the details of each baby shower theme. 

garden themed baby shower


10 Best Garden Themed Baby Shower Ideas, Decorations, Food, Favors, And Games


Fairy garden baby shower

Whether you’ve booked a garden venue or you’ll transform your backyard with flowers and decorations, a cute theme for a baby shower garden is a fairy garden. Think of colors like green, pink, yellow, and purple, and details in glittery gold or silver. 

You can provide a grassy or leafy backdrop with balloons and flower decorations. You can also take advantage of the existing trees and flowers in the garden. 

Painted metallic birdcages and floral table runners make fantastic centerpieces on your garden tables. And for the favors, you can make your guests custom perfume in cute magic potion bottles. 


Flower and butterfly garden baby shower

The easiest designs and details you can have for the garden theme is flower and butterfly. Incorporate them on your invitations and other baby shower stationery in classic baby shower colors like pink and blue. 

You can also prepare a large butterfly decor as the garden’s focal point and mix fresh flowers with faux flowers to cut costs. Don’t forget to incorporate flowers and butterflies as the theme for your baby shower cakes and desserts. 

With these details, you can also decorate the props for the garden baby shower games. For example, your baby shower Bingo cards can be decorated with floral borders and butterfly stickers. 


Pink garden baby shower

The pink baby shower is a classic theme for a reason, and it’s also perfect for the garden-themed baby shower. Pink goes nicely with garden colors like green, yellow, orange, and red. 

If you’re having an indoor party but want a garden theme, you can decorate with green for the backdrops and plenty of pink flowers and details like butterflies around the venue to mimic a garden. You can also get creative with other elements, like golden chairs and metallic centerpieces that go well with the pink decor. 

Are you considering the garden theme for your baby girl baby shower? Here are the 15 best girl baby shower ideas if you want unique themes besides the classic pink celebration. 


Boho garden baby shower

The boho party is a trendy baby shower idea for a garden theme occasion. Boho color schemes like green, brown, old rose, sage, and neutrals are fantastic decorations for the garden. 

You can decorate with dried flowers or incorporate colorful patterned carpets around the baby shower garden. Materials like twine and burlap are also evident in baby shower invitations and other items. 

Your baby shower games and activities can include floral crowns, body painting, or henna tattoos. And for the baby shower favors, you can give away succulents or mason jar art to the guests. 


Enchanted garden baby shower

If you want a grandiose garden-themed baby shower, why not consider the enchanted garden party? For a magical garden theme, this will need many decorations like a floral background or ceiling and warm lights. 

This theme is ideal for an evening or nighttime baby shower to make the most of your lights. Colors like gold, purple, white, and pink are suitable for the items and other details in the event. 

You can imagine what a fairy tale princess ball would look like if the venue were in a garden. Therefore, it’s only fitting to serve the guests a full-course meal than the usual finger foods at casual baby showers. 


Co-ed garden baby shower

Do you want a more gender-neutral style for your garden-themed baby shower? This doesn’t mean you have to avoid pink decorations. 

You can create a color scheme with a pink accent color and get inspired by rustic chic themes for the garden party. You can have many wooden details in the garden and incorporate more greenery than flower centerpieces. 

Gold and bluegreen balloons would look nice for a co-ed garden-themed baby shower instead of the usual peach and pink designs. Your baby shower games can have team girls versus boys, or you can read what is a co-ed baby shower for a more detailed guide. 


Tea party garden baby shower

The garden venue is perfect for a tea party baby shower. The decorations for this theme are not specific, but you can use familiar outdoor baby shower elements like flowers for the centerpieces and pastel-colored fabrics. 

Since it’s a baby shower, you can also arrange cute stuffed toys on some tables like a child’s tea party. There are plenty of tea theme templates for your invitations, and you can also ask everyone to wear fascinator hats for the event. 

Consider setting up tea sets on each baby shower table and prepare a dessert table with tasty pastries to pair with your variety of tea and coffee. You can also arrange fancy baby shower games or ice breakers, like guests telling stories about their names and childhood memories. 


Rooftop garden baby shower

A more contemporary baby shower idea for those living in the city who want a garden baby shower can opt for a rooftop garden party. Mix modern decorations with colorful flowers for a unique look at the venue. 

You might need to set a budget, as some rooftop venues can be costly. However, there’s an advantage, as some restaurants with rooftop options will already manage your baby shower catering. 

Regardless, pick a rooftop garden with a gorgeous venue for the baby shower photo backgrounds. Don’t forget to be detailed with your invitation by including a location map to guide the guests. 


Sprinkle garden baby shower

A sprinkle baby shower is the more lowkey party for the couple’s second child. And since they’re not as grand, a garden party would be a good idea to celebrate sprinkle baby showers. 

You can decide on a focal point in your garden by putting an arch or backdrop on that space for the sprinkle shower. Then, you don’t need as many decorations, but you can always use tablecloths on the tables and add some centerpieces to make the space look more like an event.

You can also have fewer games at the garden-themed sprinkle baby shower. But to fully understand this type of party, read these sprinkle shower ideas


Sip and see garden baby shower

Nowadays, some parents have their baby shower after the baby is born, and this is called the sip-and-see party. Since it’s more casual than a traditional baby shower, you can consider the garden theme. 

Depending on the time and formality of the baby shower, your garden event can be a tea party or a cocktail party. Make sure to inform the guests accordingly on the baby shower invitations. 

This is usually an intimate gathering, so if you have a tree in the garden, you can arrange the chairs and tables for the guests under it. A sip-and-see is shorter than a baby shower, so you won’t need to prepare games as everyone mingles over finger foods and drinks and gives their gifts and best wishes to the new parents. 


How Do I Plan A Garden‐themed Baby Shower?

Planning a garden-themed baby shower goes the same way as any. But because it’s an outdoor venue or you want to capture the beauty of a garden, remember these considerations:

  • Decide on the time for the garden baby shower; you can consider brunch, afternoon, or in the evening, depending on the type of meal you want to serve to the guests
  • Plan the venue layout of your garden or if you’re booking a garden venue, ask about the dos and dont’s of rentals and decorations
  • Ask the expecting parents about the guest list and make sure it’s practical for the budget
  • Decide on the theme for the garden baby shower, but usually, it can just follow a color scheme and use natural decorations like flowers and greenery
  • Design the appropriate games for the baby shower garden; you might have limited space, for example
  • Plan the garden party menu based on the theme of the baby shower 


What do you need for a garden-themed baby shower?

  • Outdoor venue
  • Chair and table rentals
  • Floral decorations and other elements for the garden theme
  • Garden-inspired baby shower cake and desserts
  • Colorful table settings
  • Backdrop or arch for the garden venue’s focal point
  • Tent, depending on the weather
  • Baby shower games ideal for the garden venue
  • Garden-inspired baby shower favors


Garden-themed baby shower decorations

  • Pastel-colored fabrics or bright-colored patterns
  • Flowers and greenery
  • Balloons in spring colors
  • Lanterns
  • String lights
  • Mason jar crafts
  • Metallic accents like birdcages
  • Greenery or floral backdrop
  • Ballon arch
  • Butterfly decorations
  • Themed baby shower cake
  • Decorated tables with spring-inspired colors and details


Garden-themed baby shower favors

  • DIY scented candles
  • DIY soaps with dried flowers
  • DIY bath bombs with flower petals
  • Succulents
  • Seeds
  • Dried flower art
  • Pressed flower crafts
  • Butterfly cookies
  • Colorful candies


How Much Is A Garden Baby Shower? 

A garden baby shower can range between $100 to $1,000, depending on the venue, theme, and number of guests. Intimate parties in someone’s backyard will be cheaper than throwing a garden baby shower on a rooftop. 

You can also select color themes than specific themes, so you don’t need to purchase certain decorations. Then, instead of serving full-course meals, opt for snacks or finger foods as they will cost less. 


How much do garden-themed baby shower decorations cost?

Garden-themed baby shower decorations start at under $5. You can also make some yourself and get creative with upcycled paper and other materials. 

For example, your bouquets can be made from rolled socks and diapers or create an arch from recycled wires. But if you don’t have the time, Etsy and Amazon are popular stores for cheap garden-themed decorations you can use for the baby shower. 


What Is The Color Scheme For The Garden-Themed Shower?

The popular color scheme for a garden theme baby shower includes pink, green, peach, blue, and white. However, your baby shower garden can also have other themes, including bright or dark colors on the decorations and designs. 

Here are some color scheme examples you can do for your garden theme baby shower:

  • Peach, pink, white, and green
  • Brown, orange, tan, and white
  • Brown, green, blue, and yellow
  • Green, gold, white, and pink
  • Brown, gold, green, and blue
  • Yellow, orange, white, and green
  • Yellow, white, gold, and brown
  • Pink, blue, white, and green
  • Purple, pink, white, and gold
  • Purple, green, pink, and peach
  • Orange, brown, green, and yellow


What Food And Drinks Will Be Served At The Garden Baby Shower?

Garden baby showers are perfect for finger foods, pastries, teas, and coffees. This why a tea party style garden baby shower is trendy, as the venue is ideal for light food and drinks. 

Still, you can serve brunch or light alcoholic drinks for your garden baby shower. Some themes like enchanted or princess baby showers even serve guests full-course meals. 

But since the venue is outdoors, plan a menu of food items that won’t spoil or melt quickly. You should also prepare where you’ll put the food table, so it’s protected from the elements. 


What Type Of Games And Activities Are Planned For The Garden-Themed Shower?

Here are some ideas for baby shower games and activities you can have at a garden-themed baby shower. You can modify the props and rules based on the specific party theme. 

  • Temporary tattoos or body paint
  • Flower crown making
  • Pamper party
  • Acoustic band
  • Tea party
  • Diaper raffle
  • Baby shower bingo
  • Food stations like make-your-own cupcakes or sundaes
  • Baby stroller Olympics
  • Pregnant relay race
  • Diaper tossing competition
  • Match the baby socks



Was this list helpful? For a garden themed baby shower, you can consider these styles: fairy, flower, pink, boho, enchanted, co-ed, tea party, rooftop, sprinkle, and sip and see. 

Some popular color palettes for this theme include natural colors like brown and green and baby shower favorites like pastel tones. And for the food and games, consider the outdoor venue as some menus and activities are better for an indoor baby shower. 

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