How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Wedding Tablecloths

If you’re curious how to get wrinkles out of wedding tablecloths, consider these two tips that will help you get the creases out of the tablecloth using simple household items like the iron and ironing board. 

We’ve even included tips for the best home remedies and storage and transporting tips for wedding tablecloths. And for the tables itself, please learn what tables are needed at a wedding reception

how to get wrinkles out of wedding tablecloths


Best Way How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Wedding Tablecloths

The following tutorial helps remove wrinkles on a linen wedding tablecloth: 


Step 1. Wash and prepare the tablecloths

  • Wash the linen tablecloths by hand, or to save time and effort because of the size, use your washer with warm water and the permanent press wash option or the slow spin setting
  • Warm wash water helps remove creases that may form on the tablecloths, and slow spinning will ensure that the cloth won’t form new wrinkles
  • Put the fabric into the dryer alone and use a low heat setting 
  • After the cycle, remove the cloth from the dryer and straighten it over a railing to remove any remaining wrinkles 
  • Some tablecloths will be smooth after this procedure, but if there are leftover creases, proceed to the next step


Step 2. Iron the tablecloths 

  • Lay the fabric on an ironing board with the cloth’s backside over it
  • Spray the tablecloth with some water and put a cotton fabric or pressing cloth on top to protect the fabric from heat 
  • Iron to smoothen the wedding tablecloth through the pressing cloth
  • Spray with water as needed until the entire tablecloth is smooth


How Do You Iron A Large Wedding Tablecloth?

To remove wrinkles on a large sheet of wedding tablecloth, prepare a table with a fabric sheet. Put the tablecloth over the covered table instead of an ironing board. 

Then, smoothen the fabric with your hands and ensure that no part is folded. Iron the tablecloth with a medium setting in quick and straight motions. 

Pull and smoothen the cloth as you move to finish. 


What Are Some Home Remedies For Getting Wrinkles Out Of Wedding Tablecloths?

You can naturally remove creases and wrinkles from your tablecloths for the wedding tables without using iron or high heat. Instead, you’ll use the steam from your shower, which is gentle enough to remove wrinkles from delicate fabrics like satin. 

  1. Hang the tablecloth on a rack in the bathroom; the hook should be high enough so no part of the tablecloth bunches on the ground
  2. Close all the windows and even the door of the bathroom
  3. Fill the tub with hot water so that steam will fill the room
  4. Leave the tablecloth in the steam for 20 minutes to naturally remove creases and wrinkles from the fabric 
  5. Drape the wedding tablecloth over the table or, if storing, hang it from a broad hanger to prevent new wrinkles from forming


How Long Does It Usually Take To Get Wrinkles Out Of Wedding Tablecloths?

It will take several minutes to an hour, depending on how many creases are on the fabric, the type of fabric, the method, and the size of the tablecloth, to finish smoothening and getting wrinkles out. Ironing most tablecloths can take an hour, but it can be half the time if there are not many wrinkles on the fabric. 

And, of course, the bigger the tablecloth, the longer it will take to remove its creases. 


Are There Any Risks Or Potential Damage Associated With Removing Wrinkles From Wedding Tablecloths?

When removing wrinkles from tablecloths, determine the type of fabric first. For example, a tablecloth made of natural fibers like cotton or linen should be sprayed lightly before ironing. 

For removing creases on tablecloths made from synthetic fibers, you will cover them with a press cloth. Then, don’t use the highest setting; never set the iron in one place, as you’ll melt the fabric fibers. 

And, of course, never directly iron the fabric over the wedding table, or you might burn them. 


How To Store Tablecloths For Wedding

After ironing the wedding tablecloths, it’s essential to store them correctly if you can’t set them on the tables immediately. To prevent square folding lines, you’ll fold the fabric in thirds and hang it across a hanger. 


How Do You Fold A Tablecloth Without Wrinkles?

Instead of folding the wedding tablecloths, it’s best to roll them instead. You need bigger storage space but don’t risk creating new creases. 

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How To Transport Tablecloths Without Wrinkling

If you need to transport the tablecloths to the wedding venue, you will need a large wrapping paper tube made of cardboard. Then, wrap the tablecloth around the tube. 

Smoothen any creases that will form as you roll, and they should be safe for transport. Of course, be careful where you’ll lay the fabric to keep it from getting dirty. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to get wrinkles out of wedding tablecloths, you will wash and dry them first before ironing. 

You can also remove creases on delicate fabrics by steaming them in the bathroom. And, of course, roll the smoothened cloths for storage or transportation to prevent wrinkles when installing them at the venue. 

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