What Color Goes With Burgundy Wedding: Stunning Combos

If you’re unsure about what color goes with burgundy wedding, consider six color combinations. You can even mix and match to build the color palette for the wedding. 

And for ideas about wearing maroon to weddings, we’ve also shared tips on styling maroon dresses and suits. You can refer to what color goes with red for a wedding if you want more color ideas for other shades of red besides burgundy. 

what color goes with burgundy wedding


6 Fantastic Color Palettes: What Color Goes With Burgundy Wedding


Blush pink

One of the most romantic colors is blush pink; the good news is you can combine it with burgundy. A palette with burgundy, blush pink, and light neutral shades like white or soft browns would be fantastic for a fall or black-tie wedding, for example. 

Consider these color ideas on your wedding flowers around the venue or the bridal bouquet. Weddings that want a modern vibe can also have these wedding colors. 



Besides blush pink, a romantic wedding color you can combine with burgundy for weddings is peach. You can even combine blush pink, peach, burgundy, and light shades when deciding on your wedding colors. 

Peach does not create a sharp contrast with burgundy, so you’ll create a chic color palette that’s not tacky. You can also use peach minimally on the wedding decors to add some softness. 


Navy blue

Ideal for contemporary brides and grooms, navy blue, works surprisingly well with burgundy. These two dark colors are fantastic for formal or evening weddings as the combination speaks of sophistication.

They can also make your winter color palette for the wedding. Consider bridesmaid dresses in burgundy and groomsmen suits as examples. 



Did you know that purple shades can inspire your burgundy wedding ideas? You can add fall colors to this palette for a gorgeous wedding theme. 

Think of having some yellows and oranges for this wedding color palette. But of course, remember not to overdecorate as you don’t want a very intense look. 



Consider combining gray with burgundy if you prefer neutral shades for your wedding colors. You can also include gray in your burgundy color palette with the abovementioned colors. 

The groomsmen can wear gray suits with burgundy ties, and the bridesmaid dresses can be burgundy as they wear gray shoes. Your linens and fabrics, like the drapes and table covers, can also be gray. 



Do you want your burgundy wedding to have a regal look? Try pairing gold with your warm color palette. It can be your chair back color, or your table arrangements can use gold dinnerware. 

You can also have a golden wedding arch with burgundy, peach, green flowers, and greenery. And if you want some burgundy cake tiers, ask your baker if they can decorate with gold flowers and wraps. 


What’s The Difference Between Maroon And Burgundy?

Both maroon and burgundy are ideal red color palettes. However, maroon is more of a brownish red, while burgundy is more of a purplish red. 


Do Champagne And Burgundy Go Together For A Wedding?

If you’ll have a champagne-themed wedding, champagne is a fantastic color to add to your palette. This neutral color looks sophisticated and chic, and burgundy’s darkness as the accent color will add life to the wedding theme. 

And for brides who opt for this shade on their dresses, here’s what colors compliment a champagne wedding dress


What Color Goes With A Burgundy Dress For A Wedding?

Burgundy color palettes for weddings usually incorporate burgundy in the wedding party’s colors. The burgundy dresses’ styling ideas include wearing gold accessories, neutral shoes, and bags in shades like champagne or gray. 


What Colored Shirt And Tie Should I Wear With A Burgundy Suit For A Wedding?

If the groomsmen are wearing burgundy suits, they can never go wrong with a white dress shirt and burgundy tie. They can also opt for a blue inner shirt, and burgundy patterned tie. 

Try gray, black, and navy blue for other safe color combinations if you wear a burgundy suit for the wedding. And for the pants, the groomsmen will usually wear the same color suit as their pants


How Do I Choose The Right Color For My Burgundy Wedding?

Here are tips when building the burgundy color palette for the wedding:

  • Make sure both you and your partner are satisfied with the wedding color scheme
  • Consider the wedding theme like boho, modern, or romantic 
  • Pick colors inspired by the wedding season
  • Dark colors with burgundy are ideal for evening weddings, while light colors with burgundy suit a daytime wedding
  • Burgundy with dark colors like navy is ideal for a formal wedding, while casual burgundy weddings can have soft tones like peach or blush


How Do I Know If Burgundy Is The Right Color For My Wedding?

The wedding theme, venue, and season should help determine if a burgundy color palette worked for the wedding. It might be too dark for some daytime and hot weddings, but it’s perfect for evening and formal weddings during fall or winter. 



And that’s it! To recap what color goes with burgundy wedding, try blush, peach, navy, purple, gray, and gold. 

Champagne also pairs beautifully with burgundy. Overall, burgundy is a fantastic dark color to add to your wedding palette, especially for a formal or cold wedding. 

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