Where Can I Rent Lanterns For My Wedding

If you’re curious about where can I rent lanterns for my wedding, consider four event rentals. We’ll also discuss the types of lanterns they offer, so you’ll know the best value for money to rent. 

Continue reading below to know what style and how many items to order for this wedding decor. And for couples who are a fan of DIY, read how to decorate a lantern for a wedding

where can i rent lanterns for my wedding


Where Can I Rent Lanterns For My Wedding


Bright Event Rentals

Bright Event Rentals is a fantastic place for lantern rentals, as they offer an array of types of lanterns you can order. These items make fantastic centerpieces for your event and come in a wide price range to suit different weddings. 

They have locations around California, like Los Angeles and San Francisco. And for the lantern rentals, a classic style popular among weddings is the York lantern, priced at $30 to give you an idea. 


Love Blooms Event Design

A Seattle-based event rental company you can consider to get your lantern and other decor items for the wedding is Love Blooms Event Design. The lanterns you can rent from them are affordable, and different types allow couples to find the best centerpiece of decor for their specific wedding theme. 

Some specific items you can order include wood and metal lanterns at $10 each, and there’s also an affordable vintage white lantern at $5 each or the Chinese lantern you can rent at $3. Most of the rental items are between $3 to $15, so this event rental company is a fantastic option for couples on a budget. 


Bella Wedding Rentals

Located in Texas, Bella Wedding Rentals also offer a competitive price range for their lantern rentals. The decor types are between $9 to $22, and some lantern styles come in different sizes. 

Installation starts at $50, delivery is $145, and pick-up is a minimum of $250. Overall, the coach lanterns they offer suit modern, traditional, and rustic weddings, and you don’t need to worry about outdoor venues since they are battery-operated. 


Say I Do Wedding Rentals

Couples in Pennsylvania can consider Say I Do Wedding Rentals for their lantern centerpiece or decor around the staircase or aisle. They offer different heights and styles like wood, metal, and glass lanterns to suit different venue themes. 

The price per lantern is relatively reasonable at $8 to $12, and some designs are even unique compared to the other decor rentals offered by event rental companies. For example, consider their black teardrop lanterns, which are also battery-operated for convenience, especially at a windy outdoor venue. 


How Many Lanterns Do You Need For A Wedding?

Knowing how many lanterns to rent for your event is helpful in setting your budget for the wedding decor rental. This will depend on where you’ll use the items so that you can consult your wedding coordinator, decorator, or venue coordinator. 

For example, if the lantern is a centerpiece, you’ll order the same number as your tables. Plan their distance if you line the aisle or stairs with these rentals. 

And if you have different lantern types around the venue, you must count how many you’ll need based on the space size. Keep your budget for the decor in mind, as some lanterns can get pricey to rent. 


What Color Lanterns Do You Want For The Wedding?

The theme and vibe you want your venue to evoke with the decor will determine what color lanterns to rent. For example, some couples would like warm lighting for their ceremony or reception to create a romantic atmosphere. 

Some couples would use lanterns to illuminate and highlight different parts of the event. And, of course, select the types that fit your wedding theme. 


What Size Lanterns Do You Need For A Wedding?

It’s hard to determine what size lantern to rent for the event, depending on how you use it. As centerpieces, you need to get tall lanterns, so they stand out at the tables. 

You can also get sizeable lantern styles if you hang them at the wedding venue. But for lining up some parts of the location, you can just rent multiple small lanterns spaced evenly. 

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How Will The Lanterns Be Used For The Wedding?

Lanterns are rented for weddings as they are fantastic centerpieces. They make the perfect alternative to candles, as some are battery-operated and safe even in windy outdoor venues. 

Furthermore, they can illuminate and change the mood of the venue. If you want also to highlight some parts of the location, like the aisle, you can line the sides with lanterns. 


How Long Will The Lanterns Be Needed For The Wedding?

It would be practical to rent your lanterns one to two days before the wedding so you can decorate the venue early. Some rental companies might also have a policy that you will return the rentals the day after the wedding. 



Was this list helpful? To recap where can I rent lanterns for my wedding, try Bright Event Rentals, Love Blooms Event Design, Bella Wedding Rentals, and Say I Do Wedding Rentals.  

Be mindful of your decor budget to know how many you can rent. And, of course, determine how you’ll use the lanterns to understand what style and size to order. 

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