All About Gold Wedding Rings: Pros And Cons

There are so many gold wedding rings that it’s hard to choose one, so compare the different types, karats, and styles to help you find the best ring. You’ll also know if the price of gold wedding bands is worth it and how to distinguish a real gold ring from a fake one. 

And since gold wedding bands are often compared to platinum rings, we’ve discussed their pros and cons to help you decide what you should pick for your wedding rings. But for men and women who want to compare different metals for wedding jewelry, refer to what are wedding bands made of

gold wedding rings


Everything To Know About Gold Wedding Rings


What Are The Different Types Of Gold Wedding Rings?


Yellow gold

The most common type of gold used in wedding bands is yellow gold. After all, the precious metal is naturally yellow, so men and women often associate the gold wedding ring as valuable. 

Gold is the top metal choice for wedding rings because it symbolizes prosperity and grandeur. One can easily distinguish gold rings from other metals because of their iconic yellow color despite gold being available as white and rose gold nowadays. 

But the more yellow the jewelry, the purer the gold; it also means less durable. Wedding rings must withstand daily wear and tear, so jewelers often alloy them with other metals or only recommend 14K or 18K gold. 


White gold

Grooms might go for the classic yellow gold ring, while brides might prefer the white gold wedding band as it complements their diamond engagement rings and white wedding gowns. In addition, if they wear other white jewelry, diamonds in their bracelets or necklaces, or white crystal details on their wedding attire, white gold wedding rings will look more cohesive than yellow gold jewelry. 

The good news is jewelers have alloyed 24K gold with silver, palladium, or other white base metals to achieve white gold instead of yellow gold. And more than the style, white gold becomes more durable because of the alloy, so the quantity of alloy added also determines the karat rating of the white gold jewelry.

The more alloy is used, the more intense the white color will be. However, be mindful of some alloys like nickel used in white gold wedding bands because some people get allergic to them.  


Rose gold

Will you wear pastels and jewel toned-items in your wedding ensemble? You can consider a rose gold ring for a beautiful contrast with these colors and the blooming effect on most complexions. 

Rose gold wedding rings achieved their rosy hue from being alloyed with copper, and similar to white gold, the karat rating of rose gold wedding bands will depend on the quantity of copper. The more copper is used, the more intense the rosey color will be. 

And unlike pure yellow gold, expect a rose gold ring to be durable since copper is sturdy. However, checking if you’re allergic to copper items before committing to a rose gold ring is best. 


What Are The Most Popular Gold Wedding Ring Designs?


Simple gold wedding band

The most popular style of gold wedding ring is the straightforward, plain, round gold wedding band. It doesn’t have any details, diamonds, gemstones, or engravings. 

Men often pick it, but women might also go for this simple wedding ring style to complement more extravagant engagement ring designs. Over time, you also don’t have to worry about going out of style because it’s classic and versatile. 


Engraved gold wedding band

Getting etchings and engravings on gold wedding rings has become a trend among wedding jewelry, not just for style but sentimentality. The bride and groom can get their anniversary, coordinates of where they first met, or even an inside joke inside their gold wedding bands to make it more symbolic. 

The jewelry shop’s gold wedding ring collection might also have etched styles that follow various themes. They can be designed as wedding items, symbols, or cultural depictions to suit different men and women. 

If you’re interested in this style, here’s what to engrave on the wedding band


Two-colored gold wedding band

Do you want to exchange unique gold wedding rings? Two-colored gold wedding bands combine two metals or different colors of gold, which is perfect if you also can’t decide what style to pick for your wedding jewelry. 

The price for these two-toned gold rings will vary on the metals used; some can even contain diamonds and other stones. Some popular combinations include yellow gold and rose gold, titanium and yellow gold, and white gold and yellow gold. 


Gem-accented gold wedding band

Nowadays, getting gem accents is no longer limited to engagement rings. For style and symbolism, you can also have diamonds and other stones on your gold wedding bands. 

The gemstone will dictate the cost of these gold wedding rings. Combine a yellow gold wedding band with blue sapphire or rhodolite garnet to give you ideas on beautiful styles.


How Do I Know If A Gold Wedding Ring Is Real?

Here are some details to look for when browsing through collections of gold wedding rings at the store. These tests should help you initiate if the gold jewelry is real:

  • Check the inside of the gold wedding band for stamps to identify its manufacturer or purity number; some jewelry shops use the Karat system, while others use percentages 
  • If the mark on the gold ring is GP, HGP, GE, GEP, or GF, this means that the ring is only gold-plated and not real gold
  • Real gold wedding rings will not float if you drop them in a bowl of water because it’s very dense
  • Test the gold wedding rings with a magnet, as real gold is not magnetic and shouldn’t stick to the magnet
  • The gold wedding bands are not real if a piece of ceramic scratches them and leave a black or brown trail on the ceramic 
  • You can also drop a small amount of nitric acid on the ring; a resulting milky substance means it’s sterling, while a green color indicates only a gold-plated ring  
  • If you received gold jewelry as wedding gift, you could always take it to a professional jeweler to accurately determine if it’s real gold 


What Is The Difference Between Gold And Platinum Wedding Rings?

Gold and platinum wedding bands are often compared because of the rise in the white gold jewelry trend. So to help you pick, know what’s more durable, cheaper, and hypoallergenic among these rings. 


Which is more durable, gold or platinum wedding bands?

Platinum wedding rings are popular because they’re durable and ideal for lifestyles that expose them to wear and tear. And compared to pure gold rings, platinum bands should be your top choice if you want precious stones like diamonds on your ring to hold them securely. 

On the other hand, if a gold ring is scratched, the part scratched is lost, so maintenance is more frequent. Therefore, platinum would be the practical choice for jewelry if you value maintenance and durability for your wedding rings. 

However, understand that white gold, which is gold alloyed with other metals, is stronger than platinum. It is only pure gold that’s not suitable for daily wear because it’ll get scratched easily


Which should you choose between gold and platinum rings if you have sensitive skin?

You can develop redness and irritation on your finger if you have sensitive skin and wear some metals. Therefore, you must be careful with the metal used on your wedding band. 

White gold is alloyed with other metals, so it’s essential to check with the jewelry shop if what’s used is hypoallergenic. But if it happens to be nickel, it’s better to pick a platinum wedding ring because it can cause allergies and ring rash. 

Pure platinum wedding rings are hypoallergenic and safe for people with sensitive skin. So if you have allergies, it’s better to pick platinum than white gold wedding rings. 


Do gold wedding rings cost more than platinum wedding rings?

If comparing white gold wedding bands to platinum rings, the latter will cost more because it’s denser and rarer. Therefore, platinum wedding rings will need more platinum than the gold needed by gold wedding rings. 

After all, precious metals get their prices based on weight, which makes white gold jewelry the more budget-friendly option. In addition, some platinum wedding rings also feature diamonds that further elevate their price.  

But if comparing pure gold to platinum, it’ll be more expensive per ounce. Still, white gold is not pure gold, so platinum rings which use around 95% pure platinum will always be more valuable. 

For a more thorough discussion of this metal, here’s how much do platinum wedding bands cost


Is Gold Good For Wedding Rings?


It’s a classic for a reason

Gold is a good choice for wedding rings because of its classic look and value. When imagining wedding bands, the first metal that comes to mind is gold, which has been popular since the Victorian era. 


Symbolizes wealth for the valuable partner

Gold symbolizes luxury, royalty, generosity, and achievement, which makes it the best ring to give to someone you want to marry. And while it’s not the rarest metal, there’s no doubt that the high cost of some gold wedding rings, which can reach $50,000, indicates that it’s among the most valuable possessions anyone can wear or give.


Choose between yellow, white, and rose gold

Regarding aesthetics, gold comes in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. This way, you can find the style that complements you best, especially for women who want their wedding bands to match their engagement rings.   


Pure gold does not mean it’s good for wedding rings

However, because 24K or pure gold is too soft for jewelry, expect that the gold wedding rings in the shop have other metals. That said, the alloys strengthen the wedding bands, lower their cost, and even improve their color. 


What Karat Gold Is Best For Rings?

If you decide that gold wedding rings are perfect for you or as gifts to each other, know that the best karat gold will depend on your priority. Pure gold is never used on jewelry because it’s too soft, but the lower the karats, the less pure gold the ring has. 

For various reasons, some people value the amount of gold in their wedding rings, and getting something like 10K would feel cheap. But, on the other hand, a couple might choose the 10K gold wedding bands because they’re durable and mixed with other metals, making them harder against bents and scratches. 

But if you want the sweet middle ground, you can never go wrong with 14K gold wedding rings, as they’re durable but still have a higher level of gold than other karats. You can also consider bright yellow 18K rings if the number of alloys in 14K rings causes you allergic reactions. 

Read what karat gold is best for wedding rings to understand your choices better. 


How Much Is A Standard Gold Wedding Ring?

Most couples get 14K gold wedding rings, where one band typically starts under $500. However, the gold ring’s size, width, and other details will raise costs. 

Of course, the purer gold rings like the 18K will be pricier than 10K gold rings. And when comparing yellow, white, and rose gold, expect that rose gold will be the cheapest among the three. 

Yellow gold will be the priciest gold ring compared to white and rose gold. And with the popular white gold wedding bands, they can cost between $180 to over $1,000, depending on the intricacy or other inclusions like diamonds. 

Here’s how much wedding rings cost, so you’ll know what most couples are willing to spend for their wedding bands. 


What Is The Best Way To Care For Gold Wedding Rings?

Remember these tips to keep the color and form of your gold wedding rings for longer:

  • Take off your gold wedding ring when cleaning or whenever you’d be exposed to chemicals
  • Avoid wearing your gold wedding ring when swimming in the pool or sea
  • Never wear your gold ring when going to the gym or playing sports
  • Clean gold wedding rings with mild dish soap and warm water
  • Gently scrub the gold rings with a soft brush if needed
  • Never use abrasive cleaners or popular DIY gold cleaners like baking soda or toothpaste
  • After cleaning, make sure the gold rings are rinsed and dried completely
  • Buff the cleaned gold rings with a soft cloth or polishing cloth to return their shine
  • Schedule a yearly professional cleaning for your gold wedding rings

For a more complete guide on jewelry maintenance, refer to how to clean a wedding ring at home



And that’s it! We hope you learned a lot about gold wedding rings and have decided if gold is the best jewelry for you. 

Gold comes in yellow, white, or rose, and picking among them will depend on how you prioritize purity, budget, and durability. The same applies when choosing between gold and platinum or deciding what karat gold to get for your wedding bands.

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