How To Style A Slip Dress For Wedding

how to style a slip dress for wedding

There are three key factors on how to style a slip dress for wedding. They are the jewelry, shoes and bag, and layers you’ll wear with slip-style dresses when attending a wedding.  We also discuss if slip styles are appropriate for various wedding dress codes below. And if you find your style too casual, you … Read more

How To Make Mints For Baby Shower

how to make mints for baby shower

It’s really easy to learn how to make mints for baby shower, and the delicious recipe only needs a few ingredients. We’ll share tips below on perfecting cream cheese mints for the baby shower. You’ll also know how to make these mints more virtually appealing for the occasion. And for a recipe for something savory, … Read more

What Is A Main Line Wedding: Best Venues

what is a main line wedding

If you’re curious about what is a Main Line wedding, it refers to weddings on the Philadelphia Main Line. We’ve listed the best venues in this delineated region of suburban Philadelphia if you want a Main Line wedding.  And if this state is your hometown, we’ve included a discussion regarding your expected costs of getting … Read more

Where To Host A Baby Shower In Chicago

where to host a baby shower in chicago

If you’re unsure where to host a baby shower in Chicago, consider these five great places. We’ve also listed affordable spaces for those on a budget.  And to further help you pick the ultimate Chicago venue for your baby shower, we’ve listed the factors to consider when choosing one. And as a general guide for … Read more

Do Wedding Rings Have To Match

do wedding rings have to match

If you’re curious about do wedding rings have to match, the answer is no. The wedding rings don’t need to match the engagement rings, and you’re also not required to make your rings as husband and wife similar.  And speaking of wedding rings, do you want to start buying them too? Read when to buy … Read more

How To Make Baby Shower Cookies

how to make baby shower cookies

If you want to know delicious recipes on how to make baby shower cookies, try these three baby shower cookies We have everything from decorated, indulgent, and classic cookie recipes that all your guests will love.  You will also know how to decorate cookies in the shape of baby bottles for something fun. And to … Read more