How Long Is A Greek Orthodox Wedding

how long is a greek orthodox wedding

The answer to how long is a Greek Orthodox wedding is around an hour for the Greek wedding ceremony. And for comparison, we’ll also discuss below how long and what to expect at different kinds of traditional Greek weddings.  Knowing the traditions of different marriage ceremonies before attending is always helpful. You can also read … Read more

Who Wears Tuxedo At Wedding

who wears tuxedo at wedding

Those curious about who wears tuxedo at wedding can expect the groom and his attendants, like the groomsmen, will share this formal attire. Some weddings may also have fathers and grandfathers wearing tuxedos.  We’ve also discussed when to rent or how formal the wedding’s dress code should be to wear a tux. You can then … Read more

What Is Garden Attire For A Wedding

what is garden attire for a wedding

The answer to what is garden attire for a wedding is, it should be something comfortable for the outdoor setting but is also inspired by the colors of the garden. We’ll provide some attire ideas for male and female guests, including an explanation about different garden attire weddings like garden chic or garden formal.  And … Read more

What Is A Wedding Expo And What To Expect

what is a wedding expo

The answer to what is a wedding expo is it’s a gathering where wedding enthusiasts such as brides, grooms, and their guests can meet industry professionals and brands that showcase their wedding brands and the latest trends.  We will discuss below everything to expect at a wedding expo and if it’s worth attending one, whether … Read more