What Is Garden Attire For A Wedding

The answer to what is garden attire for a wedding is, it should be something comfortable for the outdoor setting but is also inspired by the colors of the garden. We’ll provide some attire ideas for male and female guests, including an explanation about different garden attire weddings like garden chic or garden formal. 

And for colors, fabric, or print to wear at gardens, you can read what to wear to a garden wedding. You’ll discover the suitable dresses or suit ideal for this venue. 

what is garden attire for a wedding


What Is Garden Attire For A Wedding: Outfit Ideas For Guests


What colors to wear to a garden attire wedding

Before deciding on your outfit, the print and color of your garden wedding attire should suit the venue and dress code. Furthermore, consider the wedding season to ensure you’ll wear something comfortable at the garden wedding. 

For example, most garden weddings are held during spring, so women wearing floral dresses are usually expected. Men can consider soft colors like dusty blue or olive, but yellow and turquoise should also be suitable if it’s a daytime garden wedding for any guest. 


Garden wedding attire for men

Men’s outfits for garden attire can be dressed up or down depending on how formal the dress code is. If it’s formal garden attire, a suit, tie, and dress shoes in colors like olive or tan will look fantastic. 

On the other hand, garden attire that’s more casual doesn’t mean you can wear shorts and t-shirts. You can consider a suit jacket without a tie or a dress shirt with khakis, especially if it’ll be hot. 


Garden wedding attire for women

You can never go wrong with a floral sundress for a woman’s outfit if you’re unsure what to wear with garden attire for a wedding. Consider flowy and light fabrics, especially for a hot summer wedding. 

Women can also wear jumpsuits or rompers that can be styled up or down, depending on the formality of the garden attire. Don’t forget to take inspiration from the garden wedding’s color scheme. 


What shoes to wear to a garden attire wedding

Another consideration when planning your garden attire for a wedding is the shoes to wear. It should not only follow the dress code and match the style of your outfit. 

Remember that your shoes should be grass or soil-friendly. For women, consider low heels like kitten heels or wedges if you don’t want flats. 

Otherwise, there are dressy flats you can wear for comfort at a garden wedding. You can also consider heel protectors to keep your heels from sinking. 

And for men, dress shoes like Oxfords or some dressy boots would be ideal for garden attire. If it’s a very casual wedding and you’ve also checked with the groom, some plain sneakers might work as long as your top and bottom clothes are still dapper for the wedding. 


What Is Garden Chic Wedding Attire?

Guests attending a garden chic wedding can consider an outfit that would be comfortable at the garden venue but is still sophisticated, similar to what you’ll wear to a semi-formal or cocktail wedding. Men and women don’t have to wear formal attire like long dresses and tuxedos. 

However, avoid outfits that are suitable for casual weddings. Some specific attire for garden chic includes midi floral dresses for women and blazers and chinos for men. 

Take inspiration from the time and season of the garden wedding to know what print and fabric to choose. And if you’ve also seen the dress code country chic in one of the weddings you’re attending, refer to what to wear to a country chic wedding


What Does Garden Formal Mean?

The garden formal wedding attire simply refers to a traditional outfit that would still be practical for a garden wedding. Therefore, instead of the usual black suits and long evening dresses, you can wear something light and breathable without looking casual. 

For example, male guests can wear a three-piece suit in soft pastel colors, while women can consider a midi dress instead of something long like a maxi that can be tricky to walk around at a grassy venue. Women can also wear pants by pairing them with a soft-toned blazer for a formal but comfortable outfit. 

And, of course, since the dress code is formal, avoid flip-flops and sneakers. Opt for dressy shoes like leather Derbys for men, and women can wear kitten heels or dressy flats with their formal attire. 


Can You Wear Black To A Garden Wedding?

While soft colors are expected of guests for their garden wedding attire, black is still something you can wear for the dress or suit. If it’s a black-tie or evening garden wedding, black is a good color for the outfit. 

But of course, it’s best to introduce colors to your garden wedding attire. Consider another color for your necktie, or wear a light color on your shoes or bag. 


Can You Wear Pants To A Garden Party?

Women are not limited to wearing a sundress to a garden wedding. They can also wear dressy jumpsuits, rompers, or any two-piece outfit that matches the garden wedding dress code. 



And that’s it! To recap what is garden attire for a wedding, it refers to a dress code that’s stylish for a wedding but also practical for a garden venue. 

Think of cocktail or semi-formal attire that would be comfortable at an outdoor garden wedding. Keep the season and terrain in mind when choosing your outfit. 

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