How To Pick Wedding Jewelry: 3 Crucial Factors

Do not feel overwhelmed as learning how to pick wedding jewelry can be simplified in three tips. You will know how to choose wedding jewelry based on your wedding dress, bridal style, and personal taste.

We have also included specific tips for rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to help you further pick the perfect jewelry for your wedding. And for additional reference, please read how to accessorize a wedding dress

how to pick wedding jewelry


Bridal Jewelry 101: How To Pick Wedding Jewelry 


  • Choose jewelry based on your wedding dress

The first way to pick what jewelry to wear on your wedding day is to check the dress you’ll have. The bride’s overall look should be cohesive, so choose wedding jewelry that complements the color, style, and silhouette of your dress. 

For example, the necklace you’ll wear should not work against the neckline of your dress. You also don’t need dramatic earrings if your bridal gown is already very extravagant. 

Furthermore, keep the dress color in mind when picking wedding jewelry. Choose warm or gold accessories if your dress has a warm undertone, while silver and other metallics should look fantastic with cool-toned and colorful dresses. 

If you’re having difficulty choosing what earrings to wear with your wedding dress, refer to our separate guide. 


  • Select wedding jewelry based on your style

Every bride should be picking wedding jewelry based on the style she has in mind for the wedding. Besides the wedding dress, the wedding theme is a significant factor when choosing the jewelry you’ll wear.

For example, will you be a boho bride? Then the rings and other accessories you’ll wear should match the colorful vibe of this aesthetic. 

You can also take inspiration from the wedding time, venue, and season. For example, gemstones are perfect for an indoor evening wedding, while outdoor weddings that take advantage of the beach or colorful spring season are more open to beads and other materials for the jewelry. 


  • Find jewelry based on your personal taste

The final tip in picking the necklace, earrings, or any other piece of jewelry for your wedding is to consider your personal style. You will only look your best for the wedding if you feel confident and you’re yourself. 

Even if someone recommends you a bracelet or earrings you don’t like deep down, it will show when you wear them. You still want something true to your own style. 

For example, do you prefer dainty pieces or chunky pieces? You can also test your bridal hairstyle and makeup with the jewelry, so you’ll know if they work together. 


Can You Wear Earrings And Necklace Together For Wedding?

You can wear matching wedding jewelry such as earrings and necklace sets for your wedding day. Most brides opt for sets because of the cohesive look. 

However, it might be too distracting if you have all types of jewelry at your wedding. You still want to showcase the bridal gown, and the bride shouldn’t be overshadowed by the bridal jewelry she’s wearing. 

Furthermore, the set itself might not complement the wedding dress, where the matching necklace for your earrings won’t be seen with your dress neckline. Finally, the earrings in the set may also not match your bridal hairstyle. 


Does My Wedding Jewelry Have To Match My Ring?

There are no rules to choosing wedding jewelry that matches your wedding ring. The engagement ring and wedding ring don’t even have to match themselves.

Of course, you can pick earrings or necklaces that are inspired by the style of your wedding ring. But if it means choosing jewelry that won’t match the wedding style you’re going for, then it’s not worth it. 

It’s better to match your wedding jewelry with your bridal gown. This is why you can also bring your wedding jewelry to dress fittings. 


Do Brides Wear Bracelets?

Although some women opt not to, brides can wear bracelets, so the wedding ring is showcased more significantly. You also want to feel comfortable during the ceremony, and a heavy bracelet can feel distracting on your arms. 

You should select a wedding bracelet that won’t take the attention away from your wedding dress. Some sleeve types are also gorgeous on their own, so wearing jewelry on your arms is unnecessary. 

But if you can’t wear a family heirloom on your wrist, you can always put the bracelet on your wedding bouquet for sentimentality. 


What Kind Of Necklace Do You Wear With A Sweetheart Neckline?

One of the most favored wedding dress necklines by brides is the sweetheart neckline because of the romantic, classy, and sultry look. That being said, you should pick jewelry that highlights this neckline shape and won’t overshadow your neck or collarbones for a flattering look. 

Choose a necklace with a pendant that follows the curve of the sweetheart neckline. This means that the pendant falls right between the “heart.” 

Drop necklaces are fantastic, especially if the neckline is deep. And if you’re the one attending the wedding, you can read what jewelry to wear to a wedding as a guest



And that’s it! You just learned how to pick wedding jewelry by considering your wedding dress, bridal style, and personal taste. 

The key is not going overboard that you are not showcasing your face or dress because of the jewelry. You also want to feel that the accessories are still you and you’ll be comfortable wearing them on your wedding day. 

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