What Earrings To Wear With Wedding Dress

You can quickly know what earrings to wear with wedding dress using three factors. This guide for brides will help you find the best bridal earrings for your wedding by discussing classic earrings, dainty earrings, and themed earrings. 

Your wedding dress is also influential in finding the perfect accessory. So for additional tips, refer to how to accessorize a wedding dress


Bridal Earrings 101: What Earrings To Wear With Wedding Dress


Consider classic wedding earrings

Regardless of the wedding dress or gown, you’ll wear, you can never go wrong with classic earrings. These timeless bridal jewelry pieces include pairs of stud, drop, and chandelier earrings. 

They should pair nicely with most wedding gown silhouettes and brides. For example, a lowkey bride may prefer stud earrings if she wants to showcase the neckline of her wedding dress, especially if it is elaborately detailed. 

On the other hand, drop earrings are gorgeous for a sleeveless dress, and you can use the details like the gem or pearl in your dress as the inspiration for the particular drop earrings you’ll wear. And finally, chandelier earrings are ideal for a sexy wedding dress to add class to the alluring look. 


Wear dainty bridal earrings

Your wedding dress might be eye-catching, so there’s no need to use sizable bridal jewelry. Perhaps the bride is wearing a voluminous ball gown instead of a plain wedding dress.

The best bridal earrings to pair with eye-catching wedding gowns are dainty earrings. Think of studs, thin drop earrings, or mini hoop earrings, so the attention remains on the dress. 

The heaviness of the elaborate wedding dress might also mean the bride prefers bridal jewelry that won’t add more weight or discomfort. You can even consider dainty climber earrings, especially if your hair will be tucked behind the ears. 


Think of the bridal look for the wedding theme

Wedding dresses nowadays are no longer limited to traditional white and romantic styles. The gown that the bride wears can also match the wedding theme. 

So the jewelry that goes well with the bridal gown should match the wedding theme. For example, are the earrings boho or vintage to match the bridal look?

You can also take elements from the wedding dress, such as its colors and details when choosing what earrings the bride should be wearing. For example, if flowers are the primary theme of the dress, then opt for earrings that also look like flowers. 


What Color Jewelry Goes Best With Ivory Wedding Dress?

A popular wedding dress color that brides wear is ivory because it looks sophisticated without breaking the traditional dainty bridal look. That being said, what color of wedding earrings would pair well with an ivory wedding gown?

You can wear gold earrings or stick with gold on all the accessories you’ll have with your ivory wedding dress. In particular, you want yellow or warm gold jewelry to get the most of the off-white ivory. 

This will make your skin tone glow, and you won’t have a distracting contrast with the colors of what you’re wearing. And speaking of the best color for your skin tone, you may like this guide on what color wedding dress should I wear


What Color Jewelry Should I Wear At My Wedding?

Your skin tone and bridal style are the two most significant factors when deciding on the bridal earrings or any wedding accessory that you’ll wear. Brides also vary in taste, so you must wear something true to your personal essence. 


Based on your wedding dress

You can never go wrong with silver or metallic jewelry such as platinum earrings and necklaces if you’re wearing a classic white wedding dress. However, if the dress is off-white and has a warm undertone, opt for gold jewelry.

Choosing between gemstone colors, diamonds, or pearls for your bridal accessories will depend on the details of the dress and your makeup. You must bring your wedding accessories during the second dress fitting. 


Based on your skin tone

Identify your undertone if it is warm or cool. Then, remember that warm skin tones look best with gold, copper, and brass jewelry, while cool-toned skins are best with silver, platinum, or white gold. 

If your skin tone is neutral, you are in luck because it will look best with any jewelry. It’s crucial to get the best accessories so you won’t look washed out. 


How Do I Pick A Jewelry For My Bride?


Bridal hairstyle and makeup

The jewelry should match the hairstyle and makeup of the bride. For example, some stones will look best with a specific lip color. 

The bride’s hairstyle should also affect what earrings or necklace she’ll wear. Updos showcase the jewelry, but having the hair down will hide the earrings. 


Other wedding jewelry

It will look classier if the bridal jewelry acts as a set. For example, all of them are diamond accessories, or they’re all made of gold. 


Wedding theme

The final consideration for the bridal jewelry is the theme or vibe of the wedding. Is it romantic, boho, or grand?



Was this guide helpful? To recap what earrings to wear with wedding dress, you must consider classic, dainty, and themed earrings. 

Choosing among them depends on the dress style, color, and bridal look. We hope this helps; let us know below which earrings you’d wear. 

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