How To Pick A Wedding Band That Complements The Engagement Ring

Do not stress about how to pick a wedding band that complements the engagement ring because you only need to tackle two factors. By knowing the ring material, band style, and classic pairings, you should be able to choose the best wedding ring that matches your engagement ring. 

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how to pick a wedding band that complements the engagement ring


What Kind Of Wedding Ring Goes With My Engagement Ring?


  • Wedding ring material

To complement the wedding ring to your engagement ring, you must choose a suitable metal for the wedding band. However, this doesn’t mean you must have the same metals for the engagement and wedding rings. 

Having different metal types for these bands is more stylish, especially if you’ll wear them on the same finger. Just make sure that if one of the rings is already wide or narrow, select a band that won’t have the same width for comfort and aesthetics; otherwise, wear the engagement ring on another finger and not on your left ring finger

Then, you can consider combining white gold with yellow gold or yellow gold and rose gold for the type of metal. Engagement rings typically are white gold or silver, so a yellow gold or rose gold wedding band should compliment them nicely. 


  • Wedding ring band style

The rings that complement the engagement ring should have a band that will give you the snug combination of the two. This means knowing if you’d prefer the wedding ring to be under the engagement ring or not. 

Classic engagement rings are high-profile, so a plain wedding band without a stone or other elements that make it dimensional will sit snugly underneath the engagement ring’s stone. But if you don’t want a plain wedding band, opt for those with stones around them but don’t rise too far. 

And if you prefer a flushed look between the engagement ring and wedding band, consider getting your wedding band designed and contoured. The jeweler will create the band to pair with the engagement ring’s curvature so the two will combine elegantly. 

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Do Wedding Bands And Engagement Rings Have To Match?

The engagement ring and wedding band don’t have to match because it all comes down to the wearer’s personal preference. You can also shop with your partner as it’s a trend to ensure that you get the style you want for these rings. 

Furthermore, some jewelry stores offer bridal sets. They are composed of the engagement ring and wedding band that fit seamlessly together to save you how to match two rings. 

There are no rules regarding wearing the same metal and band width for the wedding band and engagement ring. Even the wedding bands between the bride and groom are not required to have similar styles and materials.


How Are You Supposed To Wear Your Wedding Band With Your Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring and wedding band are both traditionally worn on the left ring finger. The wedding band is worn first to signify that it’s closer to the heart, then the engagement ring is stacked over it as well. 

However, you can also wear the engagement ring on a different finger in the same hand as the wedding band, especially if it’s more comfortable for you. Some women also transfer the engagement ring on the right ring finger. 

There are no right or wrong answers with how to wear these rings. Just make sure that the wedding band is on the left ring finger. 


What Do You Call A Wedding Band That Fits Around An Engagement Ring?

Those who want to wear their engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger can consider these styles for the latter:


  • Contoured

Ask the jeweler for a contoured ring if you want the wedding band to fit around the engagement ring. 


  • Curved

Another option for people who want the wedding band to sit flush with the engagement ring is the curved wedding band that goes around the engagement ring.


  • Open

If you want to highlight the stone on your engagement ring, have your wedding band in an open style with a middle gap for the engagement ring stone to go through.


  • Notched

If a wedding band with a gap doesn’t suit your taste, have a notched style underneath, so the gap that will receive the engagement ring stone is hidden. 


  • Plain or straight

Plain or straight wedding bands are meant to sit snugly behind the engagement ring when the two are stacked. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to pick a wedding band that complements the engagement ring by familiarizing yourself with the materials and band styles. 

While it’s classic to match the band width and metals of the two, there’s nothing wrong with having them differently. You can also opt for a wedding band style that will stack snugly or go around the engagement ring when worn on the left ring finger together. 

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