Should You Wear A Necklace With A Strapless Wedding Dress

The answer if you’re unsure whether should you wear a necklace with a strapless wedding dress or not will depend on the bridal style you’re going for. But in general, you can wear a necklace with your strapless wedding dress because it makes you look less bare and complements the bridal look. 

We’ve listed below the best necklaces brides can wear with their strapless wedding dresses. And if you’re curious about accessorizing, here’s how to pick wedding jewelry

should you wear a necklace with a strapless wedding dress


Should You Wear A Necklace With A Strapless Wedding Dress?

The choice is up to the bride to wear a necklace or any jewelry with her strapless wedding dress. However, there are many stylish advantages if you wear a necklace with your strapless bridal attire. 

For example, you can lessen the exposed portion of your collarbone, neck, or even some of the chest if you wear a necklace with a strapless wedding gown. If you’re already wearing earrings or a bridal hair accessory, having jewelry on your neck will create a balanced look. 

And if you decide to wear a necklace with your strapless wedding dress, here are the seven best necklace styles:


Choker necklace

A choker necklace is one of the best neck jewelry you can wear with a strapless wedding gown. In particular, you’ll look regal with a sweetheart neckline ball gown and pearl choker necklace. 

However, some brides might find beaded chokers uncomfortable since they are tight around the base of the neck. An alternative is a lace choker with a cascading shape to balance the bride’s bare shoulders. 


Statement necklace

If you’ll wear dainty earrings with your wedding dress, then the strapless style of the attire allows you to showcase a statement necklace. It can have a chunky chain, oversized embellishments, or is thick enough to cover most of the neck and chest. 

With a statement necklace, a strapless mermaid or sheath wedding dress will look gorgeous. But because it’s eye-catching, ensure it still complements the bridal gown style. 


Pendant necklace 

You can never go wrong with a pendant necklace for your strapless wedding dress. If you rather showcase the elements and details of the gown, a simply dainty pendant would suffice to complete the bridal look. 

Most heirloom necklaces are pendant necklaces, so if you want to showcase sentimental jewelry, your strapless dress is the perfect opportunity. It can even be a locket pendant with a photo of someone dear to you. 


Chain necklace 

Another dainty option for the bride wearing a strapless wedding dress is the chain necklace. What’s fantastic with this jewelry is you can reuse it for other occasions. 

Some layered chain necklaces can create a chic and modern look for the unconventional bride. You can also compare different styles like herringbone or snake chain


Graduated necklace

If you find chain necklaces too plain-looking, another favorite accessory for strapless wedding dresses is the graduated necklace. Wearing a necklace with different bead sizes or a shape similar to a teardrop is exceptionally stylish for strapless wedding dresses with a plunging sweetheart or V-neckline. 

And because all the beads you’re wearing are the same, you don’t risk having a very eye-catching necklace that will draw attention away from your face or bridal gown. Remember that your jewelry should enhance your look and not steal the spotlight from you. 


Bib necklace

Bib necklaces are fantastic for the bride wearing a strapless wedding dress, but she would prefer to make the style look more modest. From the name itself, the bib necklace is similar to a bib, where its size takes up most of the neck or chest area. 

A bib necklace is wide at the front, then tapers towards the back to cover the collarbone. To create a cohesive look, make sure it features details seen on your strapless gown. 


Shoulder necklace

Brides who want to look ethereal in strapless dresses can try shoulder necklaces. In particular, this type of necklace will look fantastic in fitted bodycon dresses. 

You can see this trend on runways, especially with gold shoulder necklaces over dark dresses. Shoulder necklaces look like part of the gowns, creating a more memorable bridal look than the typical strapless wedding dress with a pendant necklace. 


What Jewelry Should I Wear With A Strapless Wedding Dress?

Necklaces would look fantastic on strapless wedding dresses because they balance the bareness of the bride’s shoulder and add details around the collarbone to complete her bridal style. That said, opt for necklaces that won’t pass the skin showing. 

Then, you can bring several types of jewelry during your dress fitting to know what would pair best with your gown. Don’t forget to test your necklace with your bridal hairstyle, as you don’t want to pair statement necklaces with an already eye-catching hairdo. 

Read how to accessorize a wedding dress for more styling tips. 



And that’s it! To recap should you wear a necklace with a strapless wedding dress, the answer is yes, as it completes the bridal look and adds modesty if the bride feels her shoulder looks bare. 

The best necklaces include the classic choker or chain, but you can always experiment with new styles by wearing a shoulder or graduated necklace. Let us know below for more questions if you have any. 

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