What Jewelry To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest

If you’re unsure about what jewelry to wear to a wedding as a guest, you can consider three types of accessories. After all, you must know the correct etiquette on what to wear and how you style yourself when attending a wedding. 

Feel free to browse our blog for these types of tutorials if you’re unsure, especially when attending a specific kind of wedding. You can also learn to dress up accordingly since this is a momentous occasion. 

what jewelry to wear to a wedding as a guest

For example, you might be interested in how to wear pants to a wedding. If you don’t like skirts or dresses, it’s possible to wear pants instead. 


What Jewelry Should A Wedding Guest Wear?


Dainty pieces

Any dainty piece is the best type of jewelry, without specifics that a wedding guest can wear. Remember that while it’s essential to dress up for a wedding that is usually a formal occasion, you shouldn’t wear any statement piece of jewelry. 

As a guest, you don’t want to steal the spotlight away from the bride. Furthermore, some weddings held in formal locations also value modesty, which means you must avoid any jewelry that screams attention.  

You can never go wrong with small accessories like stud earrings and thin necklace chains. An advantage of dainty jewelry pieces is you can combine them without the risk of looking tacky. 


Modest jewelry

Remember not to overdo it when trying on the accessories and jewelry you’ll use at the wedding. Be careful of pieces that you can imagine a bride wearing or making you look bridal. 

It’s not elegant to wear jewelry that stands out, especially as a guest. For example, certain layered necklaces and dangling earrings may look gorgeous, but the bride herself might be wearing something similar. 

You can ask her yourself or the other close friends of the bride to avoid wearing a similar piece. You also want to be careful with brightly-colored and oversized jewelry pieces unless the wedding has a theme where they’d be appropriate. 

For example, if you’re looking for what to wear to a 1920s-themed wedding, glamorous accessories will be acceptable for the guests since they follow the occasion’s theme.



You can never go wrong with wearing pearl or dainty gold jewelry pieces as a wedding guest. Just be mindful of their size and style, but they’re less risky than diamond or silver jewelry often seen in brides. 

Diamond and silver jewelry are famous among brides because they look fantastic with the classic white wedding dress. But if you think that your accessories are lowkey, you can ask the bride herself beforehand. 

You also don’t need to wear a complete set of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. Other accessories can complete your wedding attire to dress it up without stealing the limelight from the bride. 

Read how to accessorize a wedding dress to know what to expect with the bride’s look. 


Is It Okay For A Guest To Wear Pearls To A Wedding?

Wedding guests can wear pearls as their choice of jewelry because of these accessories’ simple but elegant look. If you’re unsure of what to wear with your outfit, pearls should easily go with them as long as they’re not oversized or you’re using too many. 

The wedding is a classy event, and it’s only respectful to wear a well-thought-out formal outfit. So instead of beaded or vintage jewelry that might be hard to pair with most clothes, consider pearls instead. 

That being said, other types of jewelry will suit various specific weddings. For example, colorful beaded accessories look well in boho weddings, while vintage jewelry is appropriate for a retro-inspired wedding


How Do You Accessorize A Wedding Guest?

  1. Refer to the color palette of the wedding and use the outfit colors as inspiration for what jewelry and accessories to use; specific colors make a good contrast with a monochromatic outfit while using classic jewelry like gold or silver suit more formal events 
  2. Consider the wedding theme to know what accessories to use; be mindful not to overshadow the bride, mothers of the couple, or the bridal party
  3. Consider how the accessories look with the style of clothes the guest is wearing; less is more
  4. Keep comfort in mind, especially with particular locations and weather; it can be irritating to wear certain accessories if it’s hot, for example
  5. Bring or wear accessories that are not just stylish but also have use; belts, bags, hats, sunglasses, shawls


Do You Wear Jewelry To A Wedding?

You can choose to wear jewelry to a wedding if you think it will help dress up your look. In addition, it can be the finishing touch to your wedding guest outfit to make you more fitting to the elegant occasion. 

However, some people are uncomfortable or don’t like wearing any jewelry. If you can relate, you can just step up your clothing pieces and make-up to avoid looking casual



And that’s it! We just learned what jewelry to wear to a wedding as a guest by considering dainty pieces, going with the classics, and maintaining modesty. 

You can also never go wrong with pearls, but be careful with diamond jewelry as brides commonly wear it. Feel free to leave a suggestion below on what accessory you think is appropriate for a guest to wear. 

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