What Mattress Does Hampton Inn Use. Is It The Best?

The answer to what mattress does Hampton Inn use includes the Hampton Bed and Cloud Nine from Serta. It’s not surprising that the mattress used by Hampton Inn comes from Serta because the same company even provides the Holiday Inn Express mattress. More so, Hampton is by Hilton, which also uses Serta mattresses. 

Do you want to know if you can get the same sleeping experience at home? Not only will we talk about what kind of mattress does Hampton Inn use, but we’ll also discuss what features you can expect from Serta mattresses. This way, you might be able to get the same bed experience in your bedroom. 


What Mattress Brand Does Hampton Inn Use?

Serta manufactures the mattresses used at Hampton Inn. Serta created the Hampton Bed, exclusive for Hampton Inn hotels. And if you want to get Hampton Inn beds for your home, you can purchase from Hilton directly. 

You will also stumble upon another Serta mattress called the Cloud Nine bed. This mattress has been popular around forums where guests who stayed at Hampton Inns wanted to get a bed with a similar feel from the hotel. And while Hampton gets their mattresses custom-designed for them, it might be possible to get a bed that would feel as good if you can’t afford to purchase the Hampton Beds directly from Hilton. 


Can I recreate the feel of a Hampton Inn mattress?

Before anything else, do remember that hotels get their branded mattresses customized to certain specifications. The types of mattresses in Four Seasons and Sheraton beds are tailored, so it won’t be easy to mimic with regular mattresses for the home. However, getting a mattress from the same hotel mattress retailer might make the overall feel of the bed closer to the one you experienced at the hotel. 

Since the type of mattress Hampton Inn uses is from Serta, you can check out the brand’s mattresses called Tranquil Nights, Sweet Dreams, and Dream Structure. Users noted that these mattresses have a similar feel to the one they slept on at Hampton Inn. But if you can no longer find these mattresses, Serta has a mattress lineup called the Hotel Series, which includes the beds they supply at Hampton and even Marriott mattresses


What Mattress Does Hilton Use?

The mattress used by Hilton is from Serta, but Tempur-Sealy also has a Hilton Collection of mattresses. The Serta-produced mattress is the popular Hilton Serenity Bed, while the Tempur-Sealy Hilton Collection is among the types of mattresses Hilton Garden uses. What about other popular hotels?


Does Serta supply to other hotels?

Holiday Inn by IHG Hotels and Resorts and Hard Rock are also famous for having the best mattresses. You’ll find forums about finding what mattress does Holiday Inn use and what mattress does Hard Rock Hotel use. And if you’re looking at a specific brand, it is the Serta Simmons Bedding.


What is the best Serta Hotel Mattress?

It would be impossible to name one mattress model as the best because comfort is subjective. But if you find reviews, people are commending the mattresses under the Serta Hotel line. These beds are double-sided mattresses with mirrored foam layers and a coil layer in the middle to guarantee comfort and durability for hotel use. 


What Kind Of Mattress Do 5-Star Hotels Use?

Do you ever wonder what mattresses 5-star hotels use? Hotels with the famous Fairmont mattress and Hyatt mattress offer luxurious sleeping experiences that visitors often go home and search for the mattress brand. So what type of mattress do luxury hotels use, and what makes them unique?

As you have read, fancy hotels get their mattresses specialized from a manufacturer. And if you’re curious about the specific mattress type, most hotels use hybrid beds, pillow-top mattresses, and even memory foam. The most popular mattress suppliers of hotel chains include Serta Simmons and Tempur-Sealy. 


How to get a 5-star hotel mattress for your bed?

You can achieve the same feel of a luxury hotel on your bed by checking the mattress used by a hotel. Some brands offer a hospitality collection that is composed of reasonably priced mattresses. However, remember that you don’t immediately have to copy and buy the same hotel bed. 

First, consider your body type and sleeping position. It would be best if you got the ideal mattress firmness for your weight and sleeping position to ensure a good and comfortable posture for sleep. Then, find the material that you personally find comfortable in terms of breathability and other subjective factors. 


What type of bedding do hotels use?

The mattress is not the only reason why the bed quality of hotels is top-notch. Hotels also use luxurious materials for their beddings and even source them from reputable manufacturers. And as for the pillows, you can expect that the Marriott pillow brand, Hilton pillows, and Holiday Inn Express pillow types are special custom models.



Hampton Inn is a huge hotel brand, and visitors often get home to search for the beds they have at Hampton. In this article, you found out what mattress does Hampton Inn use, and it is from Serta. You can even get the Hampton Bed directly from Hilton if you want to experience the mattress at home. 

It’s not surprising that hotel mattresses are sought-after since hotel chains get them customized from renowned brands like Serta. But besides the beds of luxurious 5-star hotels, do you ever wonder what mattress does the President sleeps on? We’ll let you in on a secret!