What Mattress Does Hyatt Use. Best Brand and More

If you are curious about what mattress does Hyatt use, it is from Sealy. We will discuss what you can expect from Hyatt’s Grand bed and what makes it unique. It’s not surprising that Sealy is behind the mattresses used by Hyatt because mattresses used at Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn beds, and Hilton mattresses also came from Tempur-Sealy.

The hospitality line of the company is getting fantastic reviews and praises from guests and hoteliers alike. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy the Grand Bed because the hotel’s Hyatt at Home Store shut down. Still, it’s worth noting what makes Hyatt’s hotel mattress popular. 

What Mattress Does Hyatt Use


What Type Of Mattress Does Hyatt Use?

The type of mattress that Hyatt uses is a pillowtop bed from Sealy Posturepedic. It is 13 inches thick with a 250-thread-count sheet and down duvet. You can find the Grand Bed in all Hyatt and Grand Hyatt hotels in US and Canada. 

While the Grand Bed is the first Hyatt mattress that guests are familiar with, Hyatt refreshed this bed and created the Hyatt Grand Bed II. You can find the Hyatt Grand Beds in Luxe rooms, where the hotel promises the best rest for their guests. But what makes Sealy Posturepedic worthy of being a hospitality mattress?


What makes Sealy Posturepedic mattresses unique?

What kind of mattress does Hyatt use? The Grand Bed is essentially a Posturepedic mattress from Sealy’s Hospitality Collection. Under this lineup are the Bellinger, Dunmore, Decorah, Elson, and Gaffney Collections.

These mattresses use tempered coils and gel-infused foam combined with the hospitality-grade foundation for maximum durability. Comfort is also not overlooked because of the orthopedic design. And for housekeeping, the beds have a no-skid foundation top, handles, and water-resistant antimicrobial covers. 


What is the Sealy Posturepedic Premier Hybrid Collection?

Another collection by Sealy Posturepedic is the Performance Hybrid Collection. They include the Kelburn II that uses the SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam and the Copper II with the Sealy ComfortSense Foam that you can get as firm or plush. But how do they perform?

Sealy used a hospitality-grade foundation, and the hybrid design uses gel-infused memory foam to prevent body impressions. The beds will also feel comfortable thanks to the knit fabric called Sealy Chill. And finally, you can expect no slipping of the mattress when the staff changes the linens. 


Who Makes The Hyatt Grand Bed Mattress?

As mentioned, Sealy is behind the Hyatt Grand Bed. Over time, the hotel developed the Hyatt Grand Bed II, and it used to be available for homeowners to buy. It relatively costs lower than other hotel brand beds, but the Hyatt at Home store shut down, making it impossible to purchase the beds they have at their hotels. 


What mattress does Hilton Garden use?

Hyatt is not the only hotel that starts in letter H that is popular for the best hotel mattresses. Hilton, which is also behind Hilton Garden beds and Hampton Inn mattresses trust Serta for their construction. And if you’re also interested in other hotel beds like the Fairmont mattress type or mattresses used in Hard Rock Hotels, we have written about them as well.


What Type Of Mattress Is Used In 5 Star Hotels?

Sealy Posturepedic prides itself as the preferred choice of five-star international hotels like the Capella, Carlton, Crowne Plaza, Shangri-la, InterContinental, and The Venetian. Are you curious about other specific five-star hotels? Check out the Marriott mattress, Sheraton type of mattress, and Four Seasons mattress brand!

What is the mattress type in five-star hotels? Their beds range from hybrids, innerspring to even foam that is customized according to the hotel’s specifications. The mattress manufacturers also provide models that have passed the hospitality standards. 


What Mattresses Are Used In Luxury Hotels?

If you want to know what mattresses are in luxury hotel beds, you can assume that they are also custom-made by renowned mattress providers like Sealy and Serta. More so, hotels typically replace their beds more frequently to ensure that their guests will always feel comfortable. 


Can I get that luxury hotel bed feel at home?

It’s certainly possible to get the same luxury feel of a hotel bed at home. Start with a quality mattress that provides the right firmness and material for your personal needs and preferences. It’s not enough to get a hotel brand mattress because it might not be compatible with your body type or sleeping position. 

Additionally, the rest of the bedding is crucial to your overall sleeping experience. They include the best quality sheets, comforter, and even pillows. Read our articles about the pillows used by Marriott, Hilton Inn pillows, and Holiday Inn Express pillow type


Which Hotel Has The Most Comfortable Beds?

One of the most sought-after hotel beds is the ones from Marriott and Hilton. The Marriott Bed and the Hilton Serenity bed are always mentioned in forums by different travelers. Simmons is behind the Marriott Bed sold by Marriott themselves, while the Hilton Serenity Bed is by Serta that you can also purchase directly from the hotel.



Do you miss your bed in Hyatt? This article found out what mattress does Hyatt use, and it is from Sealy Posturepedic. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy the Hyatt Grand Bed mattress from Hyatt, so feel free to check the Posturepedic collection of Sealy for their hospitality beds instead.

Did these hotel mattresses make you curious if other famous people get them for personal use? For example, what mattress does the President sleeps on?