What Mattress Does Four Seasons Use? Brand and More

The answer to those curious about what mattress does Four Seasons use is it’s a customizable bed developed with Simmons Bedding Company. This isn’t surprising, considering Simmons is also the mattress provider for the Hilton mattresses, mattresses used by Marriott, and the types of mattresses in Hard Rock Hotels. Furthermore, under Simmons, Beautyrest has hospitality mattresses trusted for the Hyatt bed, Hilton Garden mattresses, and Sheraton hotel beds


What Mattress Does Four Seasons Use

What Type Of Mattress Does Four Seasons Use?

The mattress in Four Seasons hotels is called the Four Seasons Bed, which is the hotel’s signature customizable mattress manufactured by Simmons. You can even purchase the mattress directly from Four Seasons if you want to have the Four Seasons hotel feel in your bedroom. The bed is available in full, queen, king, California king, and twin sizes. 

Since the Four Seasons bed is known for being an adjustable mattress, those who want to buy it for their home can select the mattress topper. Four Seasons uses Signature, Signature Plush, and Signature Firm, where the last two options require an extra fee when you order the complete set with a box spring. Signature Plush uses gel and memory foam with quilted foam for those who want a softer mattress, while Signature Firm offers the best support with two layers of Airfeel foam. 


What brand of mattress does Four Seasons Hotel use?

The brand of the coveted signature mattress in Four Seasons hotels is by Simmons Bedding Company. Besides the customizable feature from the interchangeable mattress topper, the Four Seasons Bed will keep guests cool because of its heat-absorbing core. You will notice the plushness and thickness of the mattress with complete control over its firmness. 

Each mattress topper for the Four Seasons Bed has a patented GelTouch Foam for optimal temperature regulation and also pocketed coil motion separation for consistent support. As for the bedding, Four Seasons uses custom-designed duvets made of down and synthetic materials. The high-quality pillows are also partnered with Dobby Sateen cotton sheets. 


What Mattress Does Ritz Carlton Use?

Four Seasons hotels are not the only ones with coveted mattresses. Marriott International’s Ritz-Carlton hotels also have travelers and guests who visited that came home and went in search of the hotel’s bed. The secret is the Ritz-Carlton Sealy Posturepedic mattress that you can get from the hotel itself. 

It’s not surprising that Ritz-Carlton trusts Sealy Posturepedic because even the Fairmont mattress is also from Sealy Posturepedic. Interestingly, Ritz-Carlton also has a Ritz-Carlton bed exclusively designed by Stearns and Foster. If this mattress provider is familiar, it’s because they created the Fairmont Signature Bed as well. 

Back to Ritz-Carlton, Stearns, and Foster combine special foam and coil technology. This makes the mattress soft yet cooling with the plush top. The bed is also supportive, thanks to the reinforced foam in the edges. 


What makes Stearns and Foster mattresses unique?

We are often familiar with Serta and Sealy as the biggest hospitality mattress providers for most hotel chains. However, Stearns and Foster is also trusted by reputable hotels for their beds. What makes this brand special?

Stearns and Foster currently have several mattress collections: the Estate Collection, Lux Estate Collection, Lux Estate Hybrid Collection, and Reserve Collection. Each of them has mattresses with different features that users can expect cozy and quality sleep. They are also well-made, so you know that the craftsmanship is top-notch. 

Speaking of top-notch, did you know that the mattress the President uses is a luxury brand?


What Mattress Do High-End Hotels Use?

Do you ever wonder what mattress type do high-end hotels use? They include innerspring, foam, and hybrid. More so, hotel brands have their beds customized according to their specifications, making their mattresses unique. Hotels are not afraid to pay for quality materials and construction to ensure the best sleep quality for their guests and mattress longevity. 

As for the mattress firmness in luxury hotels, guests can usually choose their desired feel. It’s also worth noting that the bedding is as significant as the mattress for giving the guests the best sleeping experience. Hotels typically also get their sheets and pillows custom-made from cotton and down. 

Go check out the Marriott pillows, Hilton Inn pillow brand, and kinds of pillows in Holiday Inn Express hotels to see what makes them unique. 


What Hotel Chain Has The Most Comfortable Beds?

Comfort is subjective, but Marriott, Hilton, and Westin Hotels have rave reviews regarding how comfortable their mattresses are. Marriott hotels use the Marriott Bed, which is a foam mattress that is designed for helping circulation and ensuring comfort. The Hilton Serenity Mattress, on the other hand, is an innerspring bed produced by Serta according to Hilton’s specifications to deliver luxury, support, and durability. 

Westin hotels also have the Heavenly Bed, which is famous among their guests. Simmons crafted it with a plush pillow-top for coziness and stability. If you wonder what the Holiday Inn mattress types and Hampton Inn mattress brands are, go check out our articles and find out why they are famous.



If you want to mimic your stay in a Four Seasons room at home, find out the bed they use. Our search for what mattress does Four Seasons use led us to discover that Simmons manufactured it. You can get the Four Seasons Bed directly from Four Seasons and select your desired firmness based on the topper.