What Pillow Does Hilton Inn Use? Brands and Types

If you got home from a trip and wondered what pillow does Hilton Inn use, it is made of down. We will talk about the brand that Hilton trusts with their bedding and what you can expect with their products. Perhaps you might consider getting a Hilton-approved pillow set for your bedroom. 

Are you also curious about the bed set-up of Hilton hotels? Besides pillows, Hilton is also known for having one of the best mattresses among hotels. You can check out our article about the mattress used by Hampton Inn and Hilton Garden mattresses.


What Pillow Does Hilton Inn Use

What Type Of Pillow Does Hilton Inn Use?

The pillows used by Hilton Inn are offered in three types, which are down, down and feather, and down alternative or polyester if the guests prefer it over down or feather materials. According to Hilton, their pillows are also allergen-free and don’t retain heat for maximum comfort. They are also machine-washable, making Hilton pillows easier to clean and maintain if you get them for home.



Down pillows are considered the most luxurious among all pillow types. You can expect this with Hilton Down pillows since they are a 600-fill level, making them very soft and plush compared to other down pillows. Remember that the fill level or fill power dictates the fluffiness and quality of down pillows, and it’s more common for down pillows to only be at 500 fill power.


Down and feather

Hilton hotels also use pillows that combine down and feathers, where the outer chamber is down, while the inner part is composed of feathers. This construction creates a durable pillow without the quills poking through since down covers the feathers. The pillow uses 100% cotton, and the guest can choose between soft and firm for the pillow’s firmness. 


Down alternative

Hilton offers an alternative pillow for those who don’t want to use down and feathers. It uses synthetic fibers and a cotton-blend cover that still makes it feel soft and comfortable like a down pillow. Hilton down alternative pillows is also excellent for homeowners who want the luxurious down feel but still maintain a budget.  


Who Makes Hilton Pillows?

With the luxurious down pillows of Hilton, which pillow manufacturer do they trust? The Hilton pillow brand is from Down Dreams, and their Down Dreams Classic Too-Firm pillow is what you can find in most Hilton hotels. According to Down Dreams, this pillow has the right amount of softness and still supports with firmness. 

This Hilton pillow combines support and softness by using 87% duck feather inside and 75% down fill in the outer chamber. Another pillow that you can find in Hilton hotels is the Down Dreams Classic Soft pillow. It is manufactured by Sysco Guest Supply and has two compartments where the outer one is 75% duck down, and the inner one is 100% duck feather. 


Are Hilton Pillows Good?

Hilton pillows are as good as Hilton mattresses because they feel luxurious without losing support to keep your whole body aligned. This way, you can prevent neck pain that usually occurs when you sleep on a pillow that misaligns the spine. If you sleep on your back and side, you can get the right amount of cushioning and firmness with Hilton pillows. 

Another advantage of Hilton pillows is they feel breathable. Down is one of the best pillow materials because they offer softness without causing heat retention like in memory foam. And because it’s not memory foam, you can expect no off-gassing with your new Hilton pillow. 


Down Dreams Classic Pillows

Hilton down and feather pillows come in soft and firm levels, but both use the same materials in their inner and outer chambers. However, the firmer pillow contains 10 to 12 ounces more. Still, you must know what pillow firmness is ideal for your body type. 


Can I Buy Hilton Pillows?


Down Dreams

You can purchase the Hilton Down Dreams Classic Pillow with the dual-chamber composed of a feathered inner core and down filling on the outer casing. You can get the soft pillow if you sleep on your stomach and the firm pillow if you are a back or side sleeper to ensure the proper sleeping posture. The pillow also uses a 233 thread count cotton, and the overall product is machine-washable. 

As for other maintenance, you only need to fluff the Hilton pillow occasionally. Down Dreams Classic Pillow is manufactured by Sysco Guest Supply, and you can get it from their website. 


Pacific Coast Touch of Down

Another pillow company that Hilton trusts for their hotels are the Pacific Coast Feather Company. Their pillow is the Pacific Coast Touch of Down, which was previously featured in Hilton hotels before transitioning to Down Dreams to give guests the option between soft and firm pillows. On the contrary, Touch of Down pillows with pillow-in-pillow technology is only available at medium-firm, which is versatile for different sleeping positions.



Hilton Inn’s secret for the best bedroom is not only in their mattress. You also have to know what pillow does Hilton Inn use. We found out that the hotel uses down, down and feather, and down alternative. And best of all, you can buy them for your home at Sysco Guest Supply!

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What Pillow Does Holiday Inn Express Use

What Pillow Does Holiday Inn Express Use

If you’re wondering what pillow does Holiday Inn Express use, you can check out the manufacturer Hollander. Holiday Inn Express offers firm and soft pillows, and they even have a down pillow from Touch of Down. This brand might sound familiar because it’s also the provider for the types of pillows Hilton use and Marriott pillows

Are you curious what brands Holiday Inn Express trusts with their pillow? This article has it all! And if you want to peek at the preferred mattress of Holiday Inn Express, check out our article about it. 


What Kind Of Pillows Does Holiday Inn Express Use?

The pillows used in Holiday Inn Express hotels are from Restful Nights, and they are the Holiday Inn Express Firm Support and Holiday Inn Express Soft Support pillows. They are exclusive to Holiday Inn Express hotels, and you can select between the two options according to your preferred firmness. You can also find other pillow brands like the Touch of Down, Infinity, Comfort, and White Cord in other Holiday Inn Express hotels


Firm Support Pillow 

The Holiday Inn Express Firm Support pillow is manufactured by Hollander with a tag that says Restful Nights. It’s a polyester fiber pillow with extra loft and firmness to provide the support required by guests without overlooking comfort. It is hypoallergenic with a cotton cover, and you can machine wash and tumble dry it. 


Soft Support Pillow

The Holiday Inn Express Soft Support pillow is also a polyester pillow with a cotton cover. It’s ideal for guests that prefer softer pillows. The Soft Support pillow is also the hotel’s down alternative pillow, and you can machine wash and fluff it for maintenance. 


What Brand Of Pillows Does Holiday Inn Express Use?

Restful Nights from Hollander are not the only Holiday Inn Express pillow brands. There is also the Touch of Down, Infinity from Registry, Comfort from Encompass Group, and White Cord from Hollander for IHG hotels. 


Touch of Down Soft Support Pillow

Down pillows are undoubtedly the most luxurious pillows for hotels. The Holiday Inn Express Touch of Down pillows are excellent examples, and they use down and lyocell on the outer chamber, and feathers in the inner chamber, all covered in cotton fabric. Since this is a soft pillow, it’s ideal for back and stomach sleepers.


Infinity pillow

There is also a polyester pillow that is ideal for guests who need firm to extra firm pillows. The Holiday Inn Express Infinity pillow is a polyester pillow that guarantees the best support thanks to its large gusset. It is manufactured by Registry and uses a 100% cotton fabric cover like all Holiday Inn Express hotel pillows.


Comfort Down pillow

Encompass Group manufactured the Comfort Down Pillow for Holiday Inn Express. It uses a pillow-in-pillow design with down and polyester for guests seeking a hotel pillow with medium support. The Comfort Down pillow comes in standard size. 


White Cord Firm pillow

Another Hollander-produced pillow is the White Cord pillow. It uses polyester fill and cotton cover to give guests medium-firm to firm support. This collection is also manufactured for IHG hotels. 


Restful Nights Supreme Cluster pillow

Restful Nights does not only come in Firm Support and Soft Support pillows. Holiday Inn Express also uses the Supreme Cluster Medium Support pillow, a good middle-ground for firmness. It uses polyester fill and cotton cover as well. 


What Type Of Bedding Does Holiday Inn Express Use?

Besides pillows, the bedding of the hotel bed is also crucial for providing the best sleep quality to guests. Holiday Inn Express trusts Downlite Bedding for its hypoallergenic EnviroLoft comforters, which are machine-washable for ease of maintenance. The company also provides medium density EnviroLoft down alternative pillows in Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express hotels in the US. 


Do Hotels Wash Their Pillows?

Hotels follow industry practices and standards to ensure the cleanliness of the bedrooms for their guests. This includes washing the pillows regularly along with other bedding accessories. A typical schedule is to clean the pillowcases, sheets, and towels between each guest’s stay. 

The pillows, mattress pads, blankets, and duvet inserts that do not contact guests directly are laundered either monthly, quarterly, or even biannually.  Since pillows are not washed as often, hotels should use a pillow cover and pillowcase to protect each pillow and keep it sanitized. Some hotels also use antimicrobial covers. 


How Do Hotels Keep Pillows Fluffy?

Most hotel pillows use polyester or down as their filling; however, these are high-quality materials that do not clump or flatten as quickly as most household pillows. They are even machine-washable and dryer-safe without losing their structure. Hotels only need to place them in the dryer, and they will be fluffy without the need for manual kneading or chopping.  


What Is The Most Comfortable Pillow In The World?

Comfort is subjective, which means the most comfortable pillow in the world will vary for every user. Most people would vote for down and memory foam, but you still have to get the right pillow for your needs and personal preferences. Remember to consider your sleeping position to get the proper firmness and pillow size and maintain a good sleeping posture. 



Holiday Inn Express hotels are known for their comfortable rooms. This makes everyone question, “what pillow does Holiday Inn Express use?” We have found out that they use Firm Support and Soft Support pillows from Restful Nights.  

This way, the guest can select the firmness they want. Furthermore, Holiday Inn Express also uses down pillows besides polyester. Which of these materials do you prefer?


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