What Mattress Does Holiday Inn Use? Get One Or Not

If you’re curious what mattress does Holiday Inn use, it is from Hypnos Contract Beds. Those who know what type of mattress does Holiday Inn Express use wouldn’t be surprised to see the same manufacturer with Holiday Inn hotels. After all, both Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn are under IHG Hotels and Resorts. 

Are you curious why these renowned hotels selected Hypnos Contract beds? Let us see what makes their mattress line unique. You might find a specific model and get yourself a bed from a Holiday Inn mattress brand for your personal use. 

What Mattress Does Holiday Inn Use


What Kind Of Mattress Does Holiday Inn Use?

The mattress used by Holiday Inn is from Hypnos Contract Beds. And according to the manufacturer, they are also in partnership with the Marriott mattress and hotels like Crowne Plaza. If you want to know the specific beds that Holiday Inn hotels use in the United Kingdom, they are the Holidreamer and Lansdowne Cashmere mattresses.


What makes Hypnos Contract mattresses different?

So why does Holiday Inn select Hypnos Contract Beds to provide their mattresses? It wouldn’t be surprising because the company prioritizes comfort and durability for the guest’s experience and longevity for hospitality use. You should see the Royal Warrant mark of excellence and expect the best experience thanks to the pressure-relieving springs, soft layers, and sewn housekeeping labels. 

According to Hypnos Contract, their beds are first-class quality that even meets the industry’s legislative standards. Hypnos mattresses met the hospitality standards for safety and fire retardancy, and the hotels will feel confident with the beds’ antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, and anti-bed bug treatment. Hypnos also provides a 5-year guarantee, proving their confidence with their mattresses. 


What Brand Of Mattresses Does Holiday Inn Use?


Hypnos Contract Beds

Since Holiday Inn gets their mattresses from the Hypnos Contract Beds, you might be curious what beds do Holiday Inn use from the brand. Holiday Inn uses the Holidreamer and Lansdowne Cashmere, to be exact. The Holidreamer is composed of pocketed springs and layers of natural cotton and polyester, while the Lansdowne Cashmere is the brand’s top-of-the-range mattress with wool, cashmere, and sustainable fiber. 



Being under IHG Hotels and Resorts, sure enough, other Holiday Inn resorts like the Holiday Inn Club Vacations also get their mattresses from Tempur-Sealy. This brand is known for hotel beds that even Hilton mattresses, mattresses used by Hampton Inn, and Hilton Garden beds use their hospitality line. The mattresses designed for hotels by Tempur-Sealy are durable, supportive, and staff-friendly. 


What Mattresses Do IHG Hotels Use?

IHG Hotels and Resorts is behind several hotel brands, including Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express. And if you want to know the mattresses used by IHG hotels, you can easily find them through Tempur-Sealy’s Exclusive IHG Collection.

According to IHG’s VP Errol Williams, they use mattresses that will provide the best guest experience. But what type of mattresses do IHG hotels use? Tempur-Sealy’s hospitality mattresses are composed of foam, innerspring, and hybrid varieties. 

And if you’re now curious about what type of mattresses other big hotel brands use, we have written some helpful articles regarding those for Hyatt mattresses and type of mattress in Hard Rock hotels as well.


What Is The Most Popular Mattress Used In Hotels?

If you’re looking for the most popular and ranking mattresses used in hotels, The Marriott Bed by Simmons and Hilton Serenity Bed by Serta easily top the list. These mattresses are usually asked around forums by guests who stayed at Marriott or Hilton hotels to try and find a similar bed for their home. But if you were to ask which hotel has the best mattress, it would be impossible to answer because every person is different, and comfort is subjective. 


What kind of mattresses are used in hotels?

Different hotel beds like Fairmont mattresses, Sheraton mattress type, mattress in Four Seasons, and other five-star luxurious places have their beds custom-made according to their specifications. The most popular ones are hybrid, memory foam, and even innerspring for the specific mattress type. And in terms of firmness, hotels opt for medium-firm beds to ensure longevity and support. 


Why are hotel mattresses so comfortable?

Hotel mattresses are typically tailored, which makes them extra comfortable for the guests. This means investing in the best materials and constructions to ensure that the sleeping experience you’ll get in their beds will be top-notch. But what is the typical size of a hotel bed?

The most common mattress sizes for hotels are full-sized and king-sized. But some hotels offer other dimensions, and those who want to buy a hotel mattress might be able to buy a different size, depending on the mattress manufacturer. Do note that more than the mattress itself, hotel beds are luxurious because of the other bedding accessories in them. 

If you want to know the bedding and pillows of popular hotels such as Holiday Inn pillows, pillow used in Hilton Inn, and Marriott pillow brand, check out our articles about them. 



Holiday Inn of IHG hotels is one of the most successful hotel lines in different parts of the world. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many people are curious about what mattress does Holiday Inn uses. Hypnos Contract Beds supplies Holiday Inn hotels in the UK, but some Holiday Inn hotels in the US also get their beds from Tempur-Sealy. 

With these different mattress manufacturers, you might also get curious if some of them are behind the bed that the president uses. Let us know if you want to find out!