What Mattress Does Hilton Garden Use? Why It’s Good

The answer to what mattress does Hilton Garden use is it’s from Tempur Sealy. Like other hotel beds such as the Holiday Inn Express mattress and Holiday Inn mattress, Tempur Sealy’s hospitality mattresses are also used in various Hilton services and suites. The brand even has an Exclusive Hilton Collection composed of three beds.

We will discuss what you can expect with the mattresses used in Hilton Garden to know why the hotel is among the most popular places for travelers to rest in. Furthermore, you’ll find out the secret behind the Hilton Garden Sleep System. Continue reading below:

What Mattress Does Hilton Garden Use


What Kind Of Mattress Does Hilton Garden Use?

If you are curious what type of mattress does Hilton Garden use, it would be from Tempur Sealy’s hospitality beds. Tempur Sealy has an Exclusive Hilton Collection that Hilton also uses in their other services and suites like the Hampton Inn beds, Embassy Suites, tru, Homewood Suites, and Home Suites 2. And according to Tempur Sealy, Hilton also now approves Sealy Posturepedic, which is familiar to those who loved the mattress used in Hyatt hotels


What is the Exclusive Hilton Collection?

The Exclusive Hilton Collection are mattresses that Tempur Sealy specifically created for Hilton properties. According to the brand, these beds use high-density foams with extra support to prevent body impressions, and they also combine them with hospitality-grade foundations for maximum durability. The mattresses have an orthopedic design in terms of comfort, and staff will also appreciate the water-resistant covers, no-slip foundation top, and handles for housekeeping. 


What Kind Of Mattress Does Hilton Use?

The mattress used by Hilton is from Tempur Sealy’s Hilton Collection. This collection has the Mesmerize, Enchant, and Paradigm Suites models, and you can find them in different Hilton properties. What can you expect with these mattresses?

Mesmerize is a one-sided mattress with CoreSupportCenter for added support and durability, and the overall construction uses pre-compressed gel-infused foam for temperature regulation. Enchant, on the contrary, has the same supportive center and gel-infused foam layers, but it is a two-sided mattress. And finally, Paradigm Suites is a one-sided mattress with encased coil, Tempur Sealy’s CoreSupport Center, and cooling foam layers. 

But if you’ve heard about one of the most famous hotel mattresses called the Hilton Serenity Bed in Hilton hotels, it is designed and created by Serta. 


What kind of mattress does Marriott use?

It is also worth mentioning that Tempur Sealy provides the mattresses used by Marriott hotels. The brand has an Exclusive Marriott Collection that you can find in different Marriott properties. They include the Autograph Collection Hotels, JW Marriott, Residence Inn, Renaissance Hotels, Towneplace Suites, Springhill Suites, Courtyard, Fairfield, AC Hotels, and Moxy hotels.

Tempur Sealy designed a mattress for Marriott hotels, and it is called the Artesia 2.0. It is a one-sided foam mattress with gel-infused layers for better breathability and SolidEdge Foam for consistent support. Like the mattresses that Tempur Sealy created for Hilton hotels, Marriott hotels’ collection also has the hospitality staff in mind thanks to the antimicrobial water-resistant fabrics and no-skid foundation top for easy changing of sheets. 


What Is The Hilton Garden Sleep System?

When trying to find the secret behind the mattresses used by Hilton Garden, you will come across the Garden Sleep System. According to Hilton, only their Hilton Garden Inns have the Garden Sleep System bed, a patented product. It’s essentially an adjustable bed where the guests can use the custom dial to make the mattress firmer or softer. 


What are the features of the Hilton Garden Sleep System Bed?

The Hilton Garden Sleep System Bed uses a mattress that features a Self Adjusting Technology with air to relieve pressure. The valves on the mattress will also release air when you lie down to reach the desired level for the user’s support and spinal alignment.  The Garden Sleep System Bed uses 100% pure virgin wool that is soft, breathable yet insulating for various climates and is animal-friendly when it comes to the cover. 

Guests will appreciate the fact that the bed’s components are all recyclable. Sustainability is also not overlooked on the wool cover, and the bed itself only uses ambient air. There’s no need for an external power source for the mattress to work.


What Is The Best Hotel Mattress To Buy?

The most famous hotel mattresses are the Marriott Bed and the Hilton Serenity Bed. These mattresses have excellent reviews from hotel guests and customers alike who bought them for home use. However, it would be impossible to label a single hotel mattress as the best because comfort is subjective. 

Whether it’s a specific hotel or the mattress that the President sleeps on, you have to buy the one tailored to your needs and preferences. Do you also want to know the secrets behind the Four Seasons mattresses, mattress type in Hard Rock Hotel,  Sheraton mattress brand, and Fairmont mattresses? We’ll let you in on their features in just a few clicks. 



Hilton Garden and other Hilton properties have good reviews regarding their hotel beds. To recap, you have learned what mattress does Hilton Garden use, and it is from Tempur Sealy. But if you want to understand why hotel beds are more comfortable, go check out the Hilton Inn pillows, pillows used by Holiday Inn Express, and Marriott hotel pillow brand!