What Mattress Does Marriott Use. Why It’s The Best

If you want to know what mattress does Marriott use, you can get your own from Marriott itself. In this article, we will talk about the most famous hotel mattress, which is the Marriott bed.

Let us find out what features it has that made it well-loved among the Hilton mattress brand and beds in Holiday Inn Express.

What Mattress Does Marriott Use

Do you also know who makes Marriott mattresses? Simmons created the Marriott Bed included in their Beautyrest Hyde Park Park collection.

Simmons has always been so popular with their hospitality beds that the Hyatt mattress is even from them!


What Type Of Mattress Does Marriott Use?

The mattress used by Marriott hotels is called The Marriott Bed, and Simmons created it. You can purchase it directly from Shop Marriott, along with the hotel’s bedding, pillows, and linens.

This one-sided mattress features individually pocketed coils and a base guaranteed to provide the best support and extend the mattress’s lifespan.


What makes Marriott beds so comfortable?

The Marriott Bed also uses open-cell high-density polyurethane foam and not memory foam, as one might expect. The individual pocketed coils ensure consistent support.

And according to the Vice President of Global Design Services for Marriott International, they also designed and picked mattresses for their rooms according to their feedback worldwide. 

More so, the mattress is not the only influential factor of Marriott hotel rooms. Marriott also picks the best bedding and other accessories to combine with their bed.

You can also get them at Shop Marriott, along with other hotel-exclusive home collections. 


Can You Buy A Marriott Bed?

Homeowners can buy The Marriott Bed for their bedrooms. You can get it at the hotel directly or check out the hotel’s mattress manufacturer for its other hospitality mattresses.

Serta Simmons Bedding is trusted by Marriott, Hard Rock Hotel beds, and even Hilton for their mattresses. 

Speaking of Serta Simmons, the company’s Beautyrest Hospitality mattresses are also responsible for the beds found at the different economy and luxury hotels.

They include the Four Seasons Hotels mattresses, Hyatt, Hilton Garden beds, and Marriott International’s Sheraton Hotels types of mattresses.

Checking out these hotel collections from Serta might explain why these famous hotels selected the brand for their mattresses. 


What Brand Of Bedding Does Marriott Use?

The bedding of the hotel bed is as important as the mattress. The Marriott pillow is also from Simmons Beautyrest Hospitality Bedding, which isn’t surprising because this company provides it to hotels like the Red Lion and Intercontinental Hotel Group.

And if you want to know more about the bedding of renowned places like Hilton Inn pillows and pillows used by Holiday Inn Express, we have written about them as well. 


What Firmness Are Hotel Mattresses?

Hotel mattresses are mostly medium-firm because this firmness level is more universal for catering to most body types and sleeping positions.

Medium-firm is also advantageous for hotels because it will stand against daily use for longer than softer beds. However, some hotels offer other firmness levels per their guest’s requests.


Should you get a hotel mattress for your bedroom? 

The mattress used by Hampton Inn, called the Hampton Bed and produced by Serta, is one of the most popular mattresses you can purchase from Hilton.

Tempur Sealy also has a hospitality collection, including the mattresses used by Hampton Inn, Hilton, and Holiday Inn beds.

With these hotel mattresses readily seen on different manufacturers’ websites, homeowners can easily compare them with beds from other collections.

Therefore, you can check the mattress manufacturer’s collections in hopes of finding a mattress with a similar feel to the one in the hotel or purchasing directly from the hotel.

The latter will cost more, guaranteeing the same sleeping experience. But the first option is always reasonable if you don’t have the budget. 


How Often Do Hotels Replace Mattresses?

Some economy hotels might replace their mattress for longer than luxury hotels, such as Fairmont beds. It can range from three to over five years.

However, hotels customize their beds using the best quality materials and construction based on hospitality standards. 

Their beds are meant to withstand wear and tear longer than your traditional household mattresses. What about the mattress’s cleanliness?

The housekeeping practices will vary for every hotel, but most hospitality mattresses use antibacterial covers to ensure sanitation and cleanliness for every guest. 


Do hotels sell used mattresses?

It can be hard to say how hotels throw away their used mattresses. Some say that branches sell them through furniture wholesalers or liquidators, while some hotels might donate them to organizations.

Nonetheless, there is a proper way to dispose of any old mattress, depending on the location’s ordinances.



Marriott hotel rooms are famous for The Marriott Bed. And the answer to the question of what mattress Marriott uses is that it’s created by Simmons, specifically for Marriott.

You can get the mattress used by Marriott in the hotel’s shop, or you can also check out the hospitality mattresses by Simmons to know why the biggest hotel chains trust this mattress manufacturer. 

Overall, you don’t immediately have to get a hotel mattress because you must consider your personal needs and preferences. 

Besides hotels, are you curious about the mattress used in the President’s bed? Find out the answer in one click!