What Mattress Does Fairmont Hotel Use: 2 Best Beds

If you want to know what mattress does Fairmont hotel use, you have two beds to check out. Fairmont has The Fairmont Signature Bed and The Fairmont Bed. Both of which are available for purchase at the Fairmont Store online. 

But what is the Fairmont hotel mattress brand? The hotel’s Fairmont Signature Bed is crafted with Stearns and Foster, while The Fairmont Bed is created with Sealy. If you’re familiar with other mattress hotels, you’ll know that Sealy has a famous hospitality line among big hotels. To name a few, they are behind Hampton Inn mattresses, Hilton beds, and the mattresses used at Holiday Inn.

What Mattress Does Fairmont Hotel Use


What Mattresses Do Fairmont Hotel Use?

The kind of mattress that Fairmont Hotels have are The Fairmont Signature Bed and The Fairmont Bed. The Fairmont Signature Bed is crafted by Stearns and Foster, while The Fairmont Bed is a Posturepedic Luxury Pillow Top mattress. There is also a so-called Fairmont Signature Sleep Experience that you can bring home. 

The Fairmont Signature Bed

The Fairmont Signature Bed, also known as the Fairmont Sealy Stearns and Foster Luxury Euro Plush Pillow Top mattress, promises the highest class of experience for the guests. It is made by Stearns and Foster using FlameGuard fiber, SuperSoft Flawless gel-infused memory foam, and a cover that combines silk and wool. You can buy this bed in your choice of size for home use as made-to-order and expect to receive it after six to ten weeks with a 10-year warranty.

And since Fairmont doesn’t produce stock beds, you have to ensure that there will be no returns or cancellations because of the 30% return fee when Sealy starts making it. What about the bedding? You can also get the cotton sateen sheets exclusive to Fairmont and improve the bed’s durability and support with a foundation in different height levels. 

The Fairmont Bed

Sealy is behind The Fairmont Bed or the Fairmont Posturepedic Luxury Plush Euro Pillowtop mattress. It is guaranteed to last long and provide consistent comfort thanks to the tufted layers and Stay True Quilt Top. And since it uses Sealy’s Posturepedic technology, the Fairmont Bed will ensure the best support and sleep thanks to the CoreSupport center and cool gel-infused foam. 

Much like the Fairmont Signature Bed, this Posturepedic mattress is also made to order, and you will provide a 30% return fee if you cancel or return it once Sealy starts its production. Expect to get it after a maximum of 10 weeks, and you can also partner it with Fairmont linens that use sateen fabric

What is The Fairmont Signature Sleep Experience?

If you want to bring the Fairmont bedroom home, you can get the Fairmont Signature Sleep Experience. This set includes the Fairmont Signature Bed, duvet, pillows, Fairmont linens composed of the pillow sham, duvet cover, and sheet set, a towel set, and even the le Labo Rose 31 Travel Kit. The bed comes with a frame, and it is a king-size mattress measuring 76 by 80 inches. 
Four king-size firm pillows are two feather and down and two synthetic gel. The towel set is two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. The delivery fee even includes old mattress removal, and it can take up to 8 weeks.  

Are Hotel Mattresses Better?

Hotel mattresses are better because hotel chains get them custom-made from reputable mattress manufacturers. They have them tailored according to specifications that keep the guest in mind. More so, the craftsmanship and materials of hotel beds are top-notch since hotels are willing to spend for their beds. 
Hotel mattresses are meant to last long and are sometimes equipped with other features to help housekeeping staff. However, it would be best to identify the ideal material and firmness for your body type and sleeping habits before getting any hotel bed. If you are curious about the type of mattress that Sheraton use, Hyatt beds, Hard Rock Hotel mattress brands, and the mattress used by Four Seasons Hotels, read our articles on them and find out if they’re worthy of getting for your bedroom.

What Is The Best Hotel Mattress?

There is no definite best hotel mattress because comfort and needs vary for every guest. However, one of the most famous hotel brands among travelers looking to get the same bed for their home is the mattresses from Marriott hotels. Guests are raving about the Marriott Bed created by Simmons, essentially a polyurethane high-density foam with individual pocketed coils. 
Some hotel chains with famous beds also include Hilton hotels and Westin hotels. Hilton Worldwide even has a Hilton Garden Sleep System that uses a patented bed that guests can adjust using custom dials. Find out more about this unique Hilton Garden mattress

What Is The Most Luxurious Bedding?

There are different luxurious beddings and mattresses, and they even include the mattress that the President uses. It is a luxury latex bed that is hand-made and comes at a very high price tag. Most hotels also have custom-made bedding that uses different materials like sateen or down. Luxury bed sheets can range from $2400, such as those from Charlotte Thomas Bespoke. 
Read our well-researched posts about the pillows found in Marriott Hotels, Hilton Inn pillows, and Holiday Inn Express pillow brand if you want to know what bedding luxury hotels use. 


Fairmont Hotels easily stand out with the quality of rooms they offer to guests. With this in mind, one would wonder what mattress does Fairmont hotel use. Fairmont has The Fairmont Signature Bed and The Fairmont Bed. 

The former is crafted by Stearns and Foster, while Sealy is behind the Fairmont Bed. You can find these mattresses directly from Fairmont, including other bedding sets in the Fairmont Signature Sleep Experience.