Mermaid Wedding Dress Secrets: Hacks To Look Great

Brides considering wearing a mermaid wedding dress should know these fashion secrets to flaunt and highlight their curves and figure. We will discuss what body types would be flattering with mermaid dresses, but you will also know how to look good in this fit and flare silhouette regardless of size and shape. 

This guide will even tackle what to wear with a mermaid wedding dress, the different styles of this beautiful silhouette, and how you can sit and walk with the mermaid cut confidently and comfortably. And because mermaid wedding dresses are fitted, you should read what shapewear to wear under a wedding dress to smoothen those annoying bulges and rolls.

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Everything To Know To Look Good In A Mermaid Wedding Dress


What Is A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

A mermaid wedding dress silhouette refers to a fit and flare shape where the dress is fitted along the body up to the knee before flaring out. This dramatic style is especially flattering for brides with curves, as mermaid dresses will accentuate inverted triangle shapes and the feminine hourglass figure. 

The fitted body will highlight the small waist and the curves on the bust and hips. But even if you’re conscious of your tummy or feel you’re not as curvy, do not fear the mermaid gown. 

We’ll discuss below details and hacks every bride can do to look good in a mermaid wedding gown. These dresses come in different styles, so finding what design matches your body type best should be easy. 


What Style Of Mermaid Wedding Dress To Get?


  • Low-back mermaid wedding dress

One of the most flattering mermaid wedding dresses to get is a low-back style. You can showcase your beautiful posture and toned back with a low-back mermaid wedding dress that would also be comfortable for a summer or hot wedding. 


  • Long sleeves mermaid wedding dress

Mermaid gowns are known for being sexy, especially sleeveless styles with a low sweetheart neckline. However, you can create a more memorable look for your wedding day with long sleeves on a mermaid wedding dress. 

It can be fit and flare, simple straight, or illusion sleeves where you look like you’re wearing lace tattoos. If you’re interested in these wedding gowns, refer to long sleeve wedding dresses.


  • Cap sleeves mermaid wedding dress

You can feature an elegant and romantic fashion style on your wedding day with cap sleeves on a mermaid wedding dress. It can feature embellishments or gorgeous lace patterns that complement your bridal jewelry for a princess flair. 


  • Sweetheart neckline mermaid wedding dress

The sweetheart neckline is a popular neckline chosen by brides for their mermaid gowns. While strapless sweetheart mermaid wedding dresses are sultry and timeless, a more memorable style to consider is adding long lace sleeves or a shoulder necklace with the sweetheart neckline. 


  • High neck mermaid wedding dress

Will you be having a winter or cold wedding? You can still wear mermaid dresses by choosing styles with a high neck that can be made from intricate lace patterns, perfect for the ethereal beauty. 


  • Off-shoulder mermaid wedding dress

A flattering mermaid wedding dress style for brides with small to medium busts are off-shoulder wedding gown. Don’t forget to wear the right necklace and hairstyle, and have your makeup artist highlight your collar bones as with any strapless dress.


  • Long train mermaid wedding dress

Do you want to feel like a princess with your mermaid wedding dress? Find a design with a long train, but make sure to test walking with it for comfort and confidence on your big day. 


  • Lace mermaid wedding dress

Enchant everyone at the wedding by wearing a lace mermaid wedding dress. The gorgeous lace details can complement tulle, organza, or any other bridal fabric. 


  • Satin mermaid wedding dress

Highlight your natural beauty with an elegant and classic white satin mermaid wedding gown. You can even pick a style with a long train that moves alluringly behind you as you walk down the aisle.


  • Embroidered mermaid wedding dress

The ball gown is not the only style that would be perfect for embellishments. You can also choose an embroidered mermaid wedding dress that can even help conceal bulges and rolls if you’re worried about them. 


  • Colored mermaid wedding dress

A fashion trend nowadays is brides wearing non-white wedding dresses. And for the mermaid fit, you might love colors like champagne, blush, or even something bold like red or blue for your wedding day. 


How Long Should A Mermaid Wedding Dress Be?

Something to consider for a comfortable and flattering fit on your mermaid wedding dress is its length. Because of the fit and flare figure of mermaid wedding dresses, some fashion designers only recommend having it to the mid-calf. 

However, there are also mermaid wedding dresses where that flare at or below the knees all the way to the floor. The exaggerated shape creates the “fins” of the mermaid dress and is one of the most significant details for comfort. 

The mermaid flare is the only spacious part of the fitted dress, so it’s an important area for walking, dancing, and sitting with the bride. Please read what to bring to a wedding dress fitting so you can practice with mermaid wedding dresses comfortably. 


What Is The Difference Between Mermaid And Trumpet Wedding Dresses?

Both mermaid and trumpet wedding dresses have a fit and flare figure. However, the flare begins at or below the knee on the mermaid wedding dress, while it starts mid-thigh on the trumpet wedding gown. 

Some also describe trumpet wedding gowns as less dramatic than the flair of the mermaid silhouette since it flares out gradually. If you want to know more about trumpet gowns, you can check what is a trumpet wedding dress.


What Do You Wear Under A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

Slips and bodysuits are your best undergarments for the mermaid wedding dress. Because of its fitted silhouette, you want a continuous undergarment to avoid creases. 

The color of the mermaid wedding gown will also help you decide if you can wear a black or nude slip so it won’t show underneath. And finally, some mermaid dresses already have a supportive chest area, so wearing a bra won’t be needed. 


What Shoes To Wear With A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

Brides often fear walking in mermaid wedding dresses because of their fitted style. However, you can be confident with your strides by picking a comfortable heel height. 

You can opt for strappy bridal shoes for additional support, but remember to still pick a design that complements the details of your mermaid gown. We’ve covered everything you need to know about what shoes to wear with a wedding dress


Can I Wear A Garter Under A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

It’s a tradition for brides to wear a garter with their wedding dress. But with a mermaid-style gown, you don’t want to wear the garter too high up. 

The fit and flare silhouette mean the mermaid dress will be very tight around the thighs, so a garter in this area will cause an ugly bulge underneath. It can also be uncomfortable walking since the legs will be close together. 

Therefore, wear the garter in the area where the mermaid wedding dress will flare out. This won’t make it visible, and you’ll feel more comfortable moving. 


What Body Shape Can Wear Mermaid Dress?

The best body shapes to wear in mermaid dresses are inverted triangles, rectangular body types, and of course, the hourglass figure. Brides with an hourglass figure can showcase their sexy narrow waist and equally wide shoulders and hips with the fit and flare mermaid wedding dress. 

If your shoulders are broader than the hips or the inverted triangle body shape, mermaid wedding gowns would also look especially flattering on you because of their body-hugging style. But even brides with equally wide shoulders, hips, and waist can flaunt their curves with mermaid wedding dresses. 

Brides who want to show off their curves and figure should not doubt picking the mermaid style at the wedding fashion shop. You can also read what style wedding dress for my body type for more tips in choosing the perfect cut and size of bridal attire. 


How Do You Hide Your Belly In A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

Brides can hide and flatten their stomach pooch in a mermaid wedding dress by wearing shapewear like a slip or a bodysuit that would also complement the other details of the dress. This way, your waist will be more cinched, the belly will be sucked in, and you’ll smoothen the bulges and rolls. 

Remember that your wedding dress will also undergo alterations, so the back might also be let out by the seamstress. This will help the material on the belly sit flatter. 

Finally, avoid foods that can cause bloating before your wedding day. Be aware that it’s normal to have belly pooch, and you can always pick a color or add details to the gown to make the stomach area less noticeable.


How Do You Walk In A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

The secret to walking comfortably in a mermaid wedding dress has the right alterations for the perfect fit. You should also practice walking with your bridal shoes before the wedding day. 

You can also check for mermaid wedding dresses with more room to move the legs in the flare. For example, the design can have an inverted V shape to avoid shuffling like a penguin.  

Another secret is a mermaid hoop that would pull the dress away from the body. It’s not obvious under the dress, but make sure you find the right size that hugs your hips. 


Do Mermaid Dresses Make You Look Shorter?

Mermaid wedding dresses don’t make you look shorter despite the flare at the knees that can make the legs look shorter. In fact, it’s a great silhouette to pick for petite brides and those who want to make their legs look longer. 

Fit and flare wedding dresses like the trumpet, and mermaid gowns emphasize the bust and hips, and some styles even have a high waistline that will make you appear taller because of the resulting longer lower half of the dress. However, you should use fewer details on the lower half of the mermaid dress to draw more attention upward. 


How Do I Look Good In A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

Here are the tips to remember when wearing a mermaid wedding dress so you’ll look great in it regardless of your body type and figure:

  • Make sure the mermaid wedding dress is not too tight or loose 
  • Wear the right undergarments to smoothen rolls and bulges
  • Shapewear can help you achieve an hourglass figure in a mermaid wedding dress
  • There are different styles of mermaid dresses, including their design of sleeves or necklines that will flatter different body shapes
  • Details and embellishments can either conceal or draw attention to different areas of the dress
  • Mermaid wedding dresses with a long waist and flares at or below the knee are especially flattering 
  • Maintain a straight posture when wearing a mermaid wedding dress
  • Practice walking, sitting, and dancing in your mermaid wedding dress


Is It Hard To Walk In A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

Fitted wedding dresses like the mermaid silhouette can take a lot of work to walk in. Mermaid wedding gowns are considered harder to walk in than trumpet dresses because they flare at or below the knees. 

Therefore, you should practice walking with your bridal shoes on your mermaid wedding dress to feel more comfortable and confident. You can also wear a mermaid hoop to add space between the dress and body. 

But if the train on your gown is the issue, learn how to bustle a mermaid wedding dress. Some brides worry about the length of their trains when walking to the reception. 


Can You Sit In A Mermaid Dress?

You can still sit comfortably in a mermaid wedding dress, especially with the right fit or letting some of the back out. This is why brides must also practice sitting when doing wedding dress fittings. 

Some materials also stretch a bit, so you’ll have more room to bend and sit. And depending on your body type, you might get away with sizing up on a mermaid dress to sit more freely. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to rock a mermaid wedding dress by knowing what body types would be flattered best with this silhouette, what to wear with this shape, and how to walk and sit with the fit and flare gown. 

To recap, mermaid wedding dresses flatter hourglass figures best, and wearing shapewear can help smoothen the tummy and cinch the waist more. Petite brides should also be confident with the mermaid wedding dress because some have a high waistline that creates longer legs.

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