Best Short Wedding Dresses For Your Body Type

Are you interested in short wedding dresses? This guide for brides will help you find the most flattering style and silhouette. 

You’ll know the popular short wedding gown lengths and what silhouette will especially flatter your body type. But for brides who decided to change the hemline of their wedding gowns last minute, you can read how to shorten a wedding dress with a train


5 Flattering Short Wedding Dresses For Every Kind Of Bride


Lengths Of Short Wedding Dresses

There are many designs and styles of short wedding dresses. But first, what is considered a short wedding dress, and what lengths can brides try if they want to wear something short?


  • Short wedding dresses

Short wedding dresses can be defined as styles that go over the knee. They usually have a simple A-line or sheath silhouette and are often chosen by brides who are having a hot summer or spring wedding. 

These short wedding dresses are also what the brides change into after their wedding gowns at the ceremony. In addition, the short length is more practical and comfortable when dancing at the reception. 


  • Knee-length wedding dresses

A dainty and classy option for brides is to pick a design where the dress skirt is right at the knee. However, you can still achieve a gorgeous princess silhouette by having a voluminous dress skirt, usually from layers of tulle. 

This style would also look fantastic for an A-line satin wedding dress with a slightly exaggerated flare on the skirt. And finally, this is the best gown length for brides who want to showcase their wedding shoes without fearing that the dress would look casual. 


  • Mini wedding dresses

Some types of weddings and venues are flexible with dress lengths. For example, the bride can wear a mini wedding dress or a style only as long as the upper thigh. 

They usually have a fitted silhouette with lace details for a sultry look, but some brides combine the short dress with a long train or veil. This would be a flattering wedding dress to showcase your toned and smooth legs. 


  • Midi wedding dresses

Picking a short wedding dress doesn’t mean you have to commit to styles that go over the knees. For comfort in the venue, such as in a beach wedding, brides who want a shorter length try midi wedding dresses.

These designs mean the dress skirt stops right above the ankles or around two inches below the knees. There are also midi wedding dresses that stop just below the calves, so you can walk comfortably without worrying about the dress dragging in outdoor weddings. 


  • Tea-length wedding dresses

Brides looking for short dresses that fit casual and formal weddings can check bridal boutiques for tea-length dresses. A tea-length dress or gown stops above the ankle, but some styles are around 3 inches above the ankles for a more laidback look. 

Tea-length wedding dresses are flattering with heeled wedding shoes. You can read what is a tea-length wedding dress to know more about this design. 


Short Wedding Dress Silhouette Styles

There are different lengths for short wedding dresses, but not all silhouette styles have a skirt that would be flattering if they don’t touch the floor. Here are three options for short bridal dresses that would look good short:


  • Short A-line wedding gowns

You can always go right with A-line designs when picking a silhouette for a short bridal gown or dress. The A-line silhouette is flattering on most brides because of the fitted waistline and flaring skirt to create an hourglass figure. 

And for short styles, you can try mini A-line dresses for a modern but sultry look; short midi A-line dresses for the sweet and classy bride or a tea-length A-line wedding gown with an interesting sleeve design. Because of the flaring skirt, you can play with different lace details or embellishments on this silhouette.


  • Short sheath wedding dress styles

Opt for the sheath silhouette to showcase your fit body, or prefer a wedding dress that flatters your curves. Short sheath wedding dresses are incredibly flattering on hourglass body types as their shape draws attention to the waistline and can highlight the wide hips and large bust. 

With short sheath wedding gowns, you can find styles with details like slits on the skirt, low back, lace sleeves, or a plunging neckline. Just remember to practice walking and to sit with the dress during fitting to have it altered to the comfortable size. 


  • Short fit and flare wedding dresses

Brides who want a unique look for their weddings can always pick fit and flare wedding dresses like the trumpet or mermaid silhouette. And while these designs are more common as long gowns that reach the floor, there are fit and flare wedding dresses above the ankles. 

For example, a short mermaid wedding dress would look incredibly flattering on the bride with a straight posture. The only consideration when picking this design is you want to practice walking on it, as the awkward movement will be more evident with the shorter skirt. 


What Is The Average Length For Short Wedding Dresses?

The average length for short wedding dresses ranges from mid-thigh, right above the knee, slightly past the knee, or just above the ankle. Most brides pick the tea-length wedding dress because it’s not too short or long and won’t be too casual or formal for most weddings. 

When picking a short wedding dress, you should consider the theme and venue of the wedding to know what would be comfortable and appropriate. For example, avoid a fitted silhouette to keep an elegant and classy look. 

And while a ballerina style is cute, some weddings might not be appropriate when you pick a dress with a very full tulle design. You can also balance the amount of skin you’re showing by picking a neckline or sleeve style that would cover the upper body more.  


How Short Should Wedding Dress Be In Front?

Do you know that regardless of the wedding dress length, the front of the design should always be shorter? Tailors recommend for the front of the wedding dress be an inch off the floor. 

This way, the bride won’t accidentally step on her gown as she walks. But, then, the back can be dragging as it also becomes the train of the bridal attire. 

Another tip is to pick a wedding dress style where the sides gradually touch the floor towards the train rather than just one long skirt. Keeping these details in mind when deciding on your wedding dress should help you ensure that walking will be easy, regardless of your gown length. 


Is It Okay To Wear A Short Wedding Dress?

It’s okay to wear a short wedding dress as it’s both practical and flattering. For example, when wearing a long wedding dress, hot weddings can be uncomfortable, especially ball gown styles with layers of fabric to achieve the full skirt. 

The bride might also worry about dragging the hem of her wedding gown at an outdoor venue. But, again, you don’t want to struggle with the soil or sand, so picking a wedding dress above the ankles would be more practical. 

But of course, you want to practice respect and modesty in conservative weddings and venues. There are “short” wedding dresses that are still past the knees, which would be a better choice than dresses that only covers up to half the thighs if the wedding is conservative. 


Who Would Look Good In A Short Wedding Dress?

Some brides will be flattered best by short wedding gowns and dresses. It would help you to know what body types and features would look better in a short wedding dress and which types should wear longer. 


A short wedding dress is for you if:

  • You’re a bride with a delicate figure
  • You’re a tall bride; short wedding dresses do not only flatter petite brides as tall brides would also look fantastic with tea-length wedding dresses
  • You’re a bride who wants to show off her legs
  • You have short legs and don’t want to look even smaller with a long wedding gown
  • You walk elegantly naturally
  • You have a good walking posture 
  • You have a lively character and expect to be active and move around at the wedding a lot
  • You want to show off your bridal shoes 
  • You want to show off your leg tattoos 
  • You want to feature the embellishments and other details of the wedding dress without a dominating floor-length skirt


How To Accessorize A Short Wedding Dress

Here are some tips every bride can consider on how to look good in a short wedding dress. You can still look poised and elegant with a short wedding dress similar to a floor-length ball gown. 

  • Combine the short wedding dress with a floor-length veil for drama
  • Make sure you’ll be wearing statement wedding shoes; they can be embellished or add a pop of color to your all-white bridal attire
  • Pick wedding jewelry and accessories that would complement the details and colors of your wedding dress; do not go overboard and use too many oversized jewelries 

You might also want to highlight your upper body, so you can pick a strapless style or an empire line to hide your tummy in a short wedding dress. Talk with your seamstress and alter the wedding dress perfectly to your body proportions. 


Which Dress Is Suitable For Short Girl For Wedding?


Simple wedding dresses

Picking a simple wedding dress does not mean you won’t achieve your dream princess look for your wedding. However, short brides should avoid excessively voluminous ball gowns or those with too many details like beading and oversized bows so that you won’t drown in the dress. 


Short wedding dresses

Short wedding dresses like those right above the knee will flatter short brides. However, they won’t make you look shorter than you are, and you can showcase your petite frame better. 


A-line silhouette

Petite brides will look good in the universally-flattering A-line wedding dress. You can also select designs with an empire waist to add length to your lower body. 


Sheath wedding gowns

The sheath style would also look good on a short bride because of its body-hugging feature without the need for too many layers that can overwhelm someone with a small frame. Its vertical design would also flatter small and curvy brides. 


Fit and flare silhouette

Do not think that fit and flare wedding gowns like the trumpet or mermaid designs only suit tall brides. They are also an excellent option for small brides, especially styles with elongated waistlines that create a taller frame. 

And if you want the best tips when picking styles for petite brides, read what type of wedding dress is best for a short person


What Style Wedding Dress Suits A Short Chubby Girl?

Here are some details and styles to look for in your wedding dress if you’re short and chubby. Highlight your best assets and look and feel good with your bridal attire by picking flattering designs for a short and chubby girl.

  • Reduce the volume on your abdominal region with a drop waist-style wedding dress
  • Enhance your body shape with a fit and flare silhouette, and use layered flairs to hide the bulges 
  • Empire line on an A-line silhouette flatters petite and plus-size brides because it elongates the body and draws attention away from the tummy 
  • Consider a flattening sweetheart neckline if you have a round face
  • Make your arms look slimmer with bell top sleeves on the wedding dress


What Are The Most Popular Designers For Short Wedding Dresses?

Monique Lhuillier is a well-known fashioned designer for bridal attire that also offers an array of short wedding dresses to choose from. You can check mini dresses that would be comfortable for a beach or summer wedding, but there are also midi and cocktail dresses that would suit formal weddings. 

A fun design the bride can consider for her boho wedding is the designer’s one-shoulder spaghetti strap cocktail dress. It features an asymmetrical hem and silk white dotted tulle. 



Was this discussion helpful? You just learned about short wedding dresses like the mini, midi, knee-length, tea-length, and those that go above the knees. 

Choosing between them will depend on your body type and what you think would be practical for your wedding. And as for the silhouette, short wedding dresses look best on A-line, sheath, and fit and flare designs. 

Overall, it’s okay to wear a short wedding dress as long as it suits the venue, season, and formality of the wedding. Then, select the waist, neckline, and sleeves that would flatter your body type best to rock your short bridal gown. 

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