What Shapewear To Wear Under Wedding Dress

If you want to know what shapewear to wear under wedding dress, it will depend on the type of bridal dress you are wearing. Wedding dresses come in different silhouettes and fits, so the appropriate shapewear for each style will also vary. 

We will also guide you on what to wear to flatten your stomach with the wedding dress to get the most flattering figure. And for a complete guide regarding wedding dress underwear, read what to wear under a wedding dress

what shapewear to wear under wedding dress


Bridal Shapewear 101: What Shapewear To Wear Under Wedding Dress


Shapewear refers to undergarments meant to smoothen the wearer’s silhouette. Therefore, they include Spanx, bodysuits, and shorts that a bride can wear underneath her wedding gown to hide underwear lines, bumps, and lumps. 


Bridal shapewear for A-line wedding dresses

A-line wedding dresses are among the most famous bridal attire because the silhouette is flattering for all body types. That being said, if you have this wedding dress, you should be wearing shapewear called the A-line slip. 

The A-line slip is the perfect bridal shapewear for an A-line wedding gown because it prevents the flaring A-line skirt from caving between the legs as the bride walks. This slip looks like a mermaid silhouette, and it’s designed that way to enhance the shape of the A-line wedding dress. 


Bridal shapewear for a sheath wedding dress

The ideal shapewear to wear if you’ll have a fitted wedding dress like a sheath silhouette is a bodysuit. This will compress your shape and create a flattering hourglass-like figure when you’re wearing a sheath wedding dress.

Depending on the style of your sheath gown, you can opt for a backless or sleeveless bodysuit. Then, find the flattering shapewear that your sheath wedding dress won’t show. 


Bridal shapewear for a ball wedding gown

For the bride who wants a fairytale wedding, it’s not surprising that she might wear a ball wedding gown. However, because of its shape, you must get a ball gown slip that is distinguishable from other wedding dress slips because of its fuller bottom half. 

This enhances the poofy shape of the ball gown, and the bride can also comfortably walk and dance around without the skirt of her dress caving in. In addition, David’s Bridal offers a ball gown silhouette slip for under $90. 


Bridal shapewear for a mermaid or trumpet wedding dress

Form-fitting wedding dress silhouettes like the mermaid or silhouette shapes require you to wear something underneath that will smoothen your body. There are specific mermaid and trumpet slips for these dresses so that the fitted bodice will look more flattering to the bride’s figure. 

These slips are also designed to camouflage underwear lines, and they come in colors that will make them unnoticeable underneath the mermaid or trumpet wedding dress. And, of course, they will help you sculpt your natural curves so that these wedding dress silhouettes will highlight your figure best. 


How Can I Flatten My Stomach Under My Wedding Dress?

How the stomach looks underneath the wedding dress is usually the problem point of most brides. Therefore, a recommended wedding dress for brides with protruding bellies is the A-line wedding gown because of the flaring skirt. 

You will still have a noticeable shape at the waist, but the dress won’t be fitted against the stomach. However, even if you’re insecure about your stomach, you can still wear figure-fitting mermaid, trumpet, and sheath wedding dresses. 


Elastic shapewear

The ideal bridal shapewear you can wear if you want to flatten your stomach should be constrictive and elastic. This way, your stomach fat will be evenly distributed and not protruding. 

You can also opt for shapewear that will shrink the sides of your waist and thighs. This will create a slimmer silhouette even if you have noticeable belly fat. 



Alternatively, why not wear a corset with your wedding dress to make your tummy look slimmer? The advantage of a corset is it will also create a slimmer figure. 

Furthermore, some provide structure and support that you’ll remember to stand or sit straight. After all, our stomachs may not be as prominent if we maintain proper posture. 

You can also read how to lose weight for a wedding if you want to prepare for your big day. 


What To Wear Under Crepe Wedding Dress?

The color and material of the wedding dress are also significant factors when choosing bridal undergarments. You don’t want your shapewear or underwear to show, and it shouldn’t also be thick enough that the wrinkles and lumps will show in the wedding dress silhouette. 

For example, some brides love the crepe wedding dress because of its comfort and flow. The best shapewear and undergarments include strapless bras, stomach cinchers, boy shorts, or even a full bodysuit.

The style of the crepe wedding dress will dictate the proper length or sleeve type of the undergarment. You can also ask the bridal store specialist if they offer shapewear for their crepe wedding dresses. 



Was this style guide helpful? To recap what shapewear to wear under wedding dress, it will depend on the dress silhouette.

Most bridal stores offer slips for different wedding dress styles. This way, you can smoothen your body and accentuate the wedding dress’s shape.

For stomach control, opt for a bodysuit that is constrictive to distribute the volume around your body. And if needed, you can also wear a corset as long as you remain comfortable.

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