How To Bustle A Mermaid Wedding Dress

Those who want to know how to bustle a mermaid wedding dress can consider the under bustle. The under bustle is perfect for this wedding dress silhouette to create a seamless and classy look. 

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how to bustle a mermaid wedding dress


Bustles 101: How To Bustle A Mermaid Wedding Dress


What is the best wedding dress bustle for a mermaid silhouette?

A mermaid wedding dress can be bustled for the wedding reception. And the best kind of bustle for this form-fitting silhouette is the under bustle. 

Bring your maid of honor with you on your final wedding dress fitting, so your seamstress can guide her on how to bustle a mermaid wedding dress. But in general, to under bustle a mermaid wedding gown is as easy as follows:

  1. While wearing the mermaid wedding dress, have someone pick up the bottom center of your dress train
  2. Instruct them to fold the train in and under your dress so it’s completely off the floor; it’s crucial to have someone help you bustle your wedding dress
  3. Depending on the design and how the seamstress instructs your helper, they will secure the train from the inside of the dress to where the bottom of the train is with a pin
  4. You can then take off the dress and flip it inside out
  5. Make a loop on the center bottom of the wedding dress train, and on the inside of the dress, sew buttons for this loop
  6. Check how secured the bustled mermaid wedding dress is and have your person practice with you and the dress so that everything will work smoothly on your wedding day

Compared to other wedding dress silhouettes, it can be tricky to bustle a mermaid wedding dress because you don’t want an apparent bulk on the rear end of the bride’s body. Therefore, the best bustle technique is the under bustle because it is tucked up and under, and it’s even applicable to a slightly similar dress silhouette, the trumpet wedding dress.  


How Do You Put On A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

Your seamstress will guide you on the proper and easiest way to put on your mermaid wedding dress. For example, some mermaid dresses have a slip underneath. 

You need to clarify if you will step into the dress or if it’ll be more convenient to dive into the mermaid dress to ensure that it won’t get potentially dirty or have its details damaged. Another trick is to step in the dress but have your girlfriend or two help you pull down the dress layers so it will be smooth. 

Finally, you can place the slip inside the mermaid dress and then step into both. Regardless, ask the seamstress or designer how to comfortably and safely put on the specific style of mermaid wedding dress you have.

Don’t forget to read what to wear under a wedding dress as well as you want to highlight your natural curves, especially with this design of the dress. 


How Do You Sit Down In A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

It can be tricky to comfortably sit in a mermaid wedding dress without feeling like you’ll rip a seam like any other form-fitting gown. This is why it’s crucial to practice sitting on the dress, so your tailor can alter it accordingly. 

Usually, the hip portion of the dress will be adjusted so you can sit down freely without losing the sexy appeal of the dress. Of course, you also want your bridal chair at the reception to accommodate you and the dress. 


How Do You Walk In A Tight Mermaid Dress?

Besides sitting, try walking on your mermaid dress during the fittings. It’s not fitted all over, so you still have some mobility on your legs. 

But to make walking even more natural, select a mermaid dress similar to an inverted V. A confident bride can walk down the aisle and around the reception without feeling like a penguin. 


Can You Alter A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

You can alter a mermaid wedding dress, but it depends on the designer. Some designer collections are limited by the adjustments they can make to certain wedding dress styles.

But in general, it should be easy to change some details and portions of the mermaid wedding dress to get the most flattering fit. For instance, it should be figure-fitting but not too tightly that the bride can’t sit or walk comfortably. 


How Do You Bustle A Wedding Dress Yourself?

It’s better to have your wedding dress bustled by a professional to ensure that it will have the suitable bustle type according to its design. Furthermore, you want to get the ideal hem length without accidentally tearing the materials on your dress.

And at the reception, you want a trusted friend or relative to help you bustle your wedding gown. Then, bring them to your final wedding dress fitting so the seamstress can train them.  



Was this tutorial easy? To recap how to bustle a mermaid wedding dress, the under bustle is the perfect technique for this wedding dress silhouette. 

You’ll essentially tuck the train up and under, but it’s crucial to have someone get trained by your seamstress. We hope you also liked our tips for putting on, sitting, and walking in a mermaid dress. 

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