What Is A Trumpet Wedding Dress: Is It For You?

If you’re curious about what is a trumpet wedding dress, this silhouette can be defined as the more extravagant version of the classic mermaid wedding dress. We will also describe trumpet wedding dresses in more detail below to help you decide if this bridal gown is perfect for you.

You will know everything about the dress, such as its comfort and how to wear it to flatter your best. And to familiarize you more with various dress styles, read what are the different types of wedding dresses.

what is a trumpet wedding dress


What Is A Trumpet Wedding Dress: Are Trumpet Wedding Dresses For You

A trumpet wedding dress can be described as the more regal version of the famous mermaid silhouette. This dress also has a fitted bodice that flares at the hem, making it perfect for brides to emphasize their body shape.

Because this dress silhouette is not as famous as the classic A-lines and ballgowns for wedding gowns, wearing a trumpet wedding dress will surely make a statement. 

If you want a sophisticated and classy aesthetic for your bridal look, consider checking your bridal boutique’s trumpet gowns. Then, you can discuss with the seamstress how to alter your selected dress design to flatter your best.


What Does Trumpet Dress Mean?

You can easily distinguish trumpet bridal gowns from other wedding dress styles or silhouettes because they are fitted from the waist to the hips but flare around the middle of the thigh. Therefore, the shape is similar to the trumpet and creates an hourglass figure when worn. 

The trumpet wedding dress is ideal for brides who want a long look but maintain a sleek and elegant appeal. So if your desired aesthetic for your bridal style is sexy but classy, the trumpet wedding dress is perfect for you.  


What Does A Trumpet Dress Look Like?

A trumpet wedding dress from the name itself looks like a trumpet. The bodice is fitted from the torso to the hips and to get the trumpet shape, the skirt flares out from the wearer’s mid-thigh. 

This strategic placement of flare allows the waist’s curve to be emphasized and adds an illusion of longer legs. And because it flares mid-thigh, brides find it easier to walk around in a trumpet wedding dress than a mermaid wedding dress. 


What Is The Difference Between Trumpet And Mermaid Gowns?


Check where the dress flares out

Trumpet wedding gowns are often compared to mermaid wedding dresses. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to confuse the two because both have fitted bodice that flares at the hem. 

A helpful trick to identify if the dress is a trumpet wedding gown is it flares mid-thigh. On the other hand, the mermaid wedding dress will start flaring higher, usually around the knees. 


Check the contrast between the top and bottom of the dress

The next clue is the size of the flare itself. While the trumpet is considered more dramatic, the contrast between the top and bottom halves is more apparent in a mermaid wedding dress. 

With a trumpet wedding dress, the flare is more gradual and not as sudden. This creates a more sophisticated but versatile silhouette for different wedding themes. 


Is Fit And Flare The Same As Trumpet?


Mid-thigh vs below the hip

Another wedding dress that is often compared to the trumpet wedding gown is the fit and flare gown. A fit and flare wedding dress has a fitted top that flares as it goes down from the name itself. 

However, you can distinguish the fit and flare wedding dresses from trumpet wedding dresses because the skirt flares below the hip. Again, in comparison, the trumpet wedding dress will start flaring out mid-thigh. 


Is the fit and flare wedding dress for you?

But because a fit and flare dress flares higher, some brides might find it more flattering than a trumpet wedding dress. You can also prevent having the fitted portion on lumps and bumps that you may not like to show. 

The only drawback with fit and flare wedding dresses is they emphasize the pear body shape. If you don’t want to draw attention to your hips, you can consider other silhouettes like A-line dresses.

Please read what style wedding dress for my body type to find the most flattering silhouette for you. 


Are Trumpet Wedding Dresses Comfortable?

A trumpet wedding dress is more comfortable than a mermaid silhouette since the flare starts mid-thigh. In addition, you have more room to move your legs because it’s not fitted at the knees.

But of course, it’s crucial to get the right size wedding dress. In addition, you want to practice walking and sit in your trumpet gown to know if it’s too tight. 


How Do I Look Good In A Trumpet Wedding Dress?

  • Opt for seamless shapewear
  • Consider another color than white, whichever flatters your skin tone best
  • Practice good posture
  • Wear comfortable heels
  • Check the other details like the neckline, sleeve type, and embellishments 
  • Practice wearing the dress
  • Have a makeup and hair trial 
  • Get the right length veil 



And that’s it! To recap what is a trumpet wedding dress, it is a dress that has the same flaring shape as a trumpet.

Compared to a mermaid dress, it flares mid-thigh, making it more comfortable for moving. Wear seamless shapewear and practice good posture, and you will look fabulous in this dress.

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