What Shoes To Wear With Wedding Dress: 3 Factors

Do not worry about not knowing what shoes to wear with wedding dress because you can consider three factors to help you with the perfect bridal shoes. We will help you decide between open and closed-toe wedding shoes and find the best shoe style and heel height for the type of wedding dress you’re wearing. 

The key to selecting the best bridal shoes to wear is knowing what complements your wedding dress type. We’ll also help you find the perfect color shoes for your wedding dress.

what shoes to wear with wedding dress

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What Shoes To Wear With Wedding Dress: How To Find The Perfect Bridal Shoes


  • Open vs closed-toe wedding shoes for brides

One of the first things to consider regarding what shoe to wear with your wedding dress if it’s a closed-toe or open-toe bridal shoes. A rule you can remember is that a closed-toe pair of shoes will match the formality and royalty look of a full-length wedding dress or ballgown-style silhouettes

On the other hand, most open-toed wedding shoes will complement shorter-length dresses such as those above the ankle. There are also different exciting styles of open-toed bridal shoes and sandals that deserve to be shown under the wedding dress. 

What’s next is thinking about your comfort, especially with the wedding venue. For example, most brides find closed-toe shoes uncomfortable, especially after wearing them for extended periods. 


  • Details and style of the wedding shoe

Avoid the mistake of choosing a pair of bridal shoes that don’t complement the style of your wedding dress. This means that some shoes come in a particular design that may be limited to a specific theme. 

For example, if your overall theme is a boho bride, your wedding dress and shoes should both embody this fashion style. On the other hand, it won’t look good to wear very dressy and formal shoes if you want to look rustic and your wedding dress is more casual and carefree. 

Another helpful tip to avoid mismatching bridal shoes to a wedding dress is to check if the pair complements the gown’s hem. Perhaps your wedding dress has lace, satin, or glittery hem, for example?


  • Types of heel and height for the wedding dress shoes

The heel type and height are crucial when determining what shoes to wear with your wedding dress. First, your comfort should be your priority, so only select the heel type that you know you can stand and walk on without issues.

You want to walk down the aisle gracefully, and you must move around with ease, so consider the wedding venue, whether the ground would be grass, soil, sand, or indoor flooring. Then, you can determine what type of heels and height to wear that will complement your dress length and style.

For example, pointed heels look fantastic and give great posture for poofy wedding dresses, while you can get away with the platform or wedge-type heels with A-line or fitted wedding dresses. Some brides might also opt for flats for a more effortless look, especially if it has straps and details that you can showcase with a short wedding dress.  

We wrote a wedding dress shopping etiquette that you can check out because you can bring your chosen bridal shoes to your wedding dress fittings to see if they work together beautifully. 


What Color Shoes Should I Wear With My White Wedding Dress?

White shoes with a white wedding gown are a classic combination for brides. However, you don’t want the two to look flat and very monochromatic. 

Consider white wedding shoes with embellishments and details that are also seen in your wedding dress. For example, they can be gemstones, pearls, lace, or ribbon. 

You can also opt for glittery silver wedding shoes, off-white strappy sandals, or even white boots with a white wedding dress. 


What color shoes to wear with wedding dress

You don’t always have to match or relate the tone and color of your wedding shoes to your bridal gown. Some brides want to showcase their unique personalities by wearing bright-colored shoes like red, blue, or yellow with their wedding dresses. 

However, there’s a reason why white, ivory, and off-white are the most famous bridal shoe colors. They look bridal, and they make fantastic elements for wedding photoshoots. 

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Should Shoes Show Under Wedding Dress?

There are no rules stating whether your bridal shoes should show under the wedding dress. However, most wedding dresses are very long, and the shoes will only show when the bride takes a step. 


Can You Wear Sneakers Under Your Wedding Dress?

You can wear sneakers under your wedding dress, especially if you’re the type who easily develops aches and pain with heels and sandals. Some weddings are also very out-of-the-box, and the bride can wear anything that embodies her personality. 



And that’s it! We just learned what shoes to wear with wedding dress by considering three factors: the toe style, design, and heel type or height. 

The color shoes to wear with the wedding dress is also up to the bride, but you can never go wrong with white and related tones. We hope this helps; let us know below what shoes you’ll wear on your wedding day!

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