What Style Wedding Dress For My Body Type: 4 Secrets

Those who want to know what style wedding dress for my body type can consider four tips. This article will go through the best wedding dresses for different body types, such as the hourglass, pear-shaped, and even petite and tall brides. 

You will also find tips to highlight your natural body shape and look slimmer in your wedding dress. But to make the most of whatever wedding dress silhouette you’ll get, please read what to wear under a wedding dress

what style wedding dress for my body type

Complete Guide To Know What Style Wedding Dress For My Body Type


Hourglass body type

Brides with an hourglass figure can freely choose any wedding dress silhouette. However, the best wedding dress for an hourglass body type is a mermaid gown or trumpet dress to flatter this shape even more. 

A mermaid wedding dress is fitted from the neckline to the hips so that it will focus on your natural curves well. The same goes for a trumpet-style gown but compared to a mermaid wedding dress, the former flares at the middle of the thigh rather than below the knee. 

Overall, the silhouette you must wear with an hourglass body type is anything that is fitted at the torso and then flares down. As a result, you will showcase your curves as you have a naturally defined waist and hips. 


Pear-shaped brides

Is your body more in the shape of a pear? Brides with a pear-shaped figure can consider an A-line style wedding dress. 

An A-line silhouette will give you an hourglass figure because it is fitted at the torso but is flowy from the hip region. This will create a distinction at the waist, similar to the coveted hourglass body shape. 

You can also read what goes under the wedding dress to make it poofy. If you want a very voluminous ball gown similar to those worn by royalty, there’s no reason not to rock it with your beautiful pear-shaped body type. 


Petite brides

For petite brides, you must choose a  wedding dress style that will make you look more elongated. They include fitted wedding dresses rather than those that are too bulky and voluminous horizontally. 

However, you can also wear flowy wedding dresses as long as they’re not full of embellishments that will highlight your petite figure more. Instead, opt for a fitted and smooth wedding dress, and don’t be afraid of showing some skin, such as a plunging back. 

You can also show your legs with slits or opt for a slightly shorter type of wedding dress than big ball gowns. But if you want some movement with the dress, an A-line that goes above the ankle should also look perfect with a petite figure. 


Tall brides

If you are on the taller side, there’s no reason for you not to showcase your height. Don’t be afraid to wear a form-fitting sheath wedding dress in different neckline and sleeve styles. 

You will also look elegant in a monochromatic and dainty wedding gown without too much embellishment and sparkles. But, then, don’t forget to define your waist and ask your seamstress for their recommendation that flatters your torso best. 

Maxi and midi-lengths are even flattering, especially with the right shoes. For reference, here are what shoes to wear with the wedding dress


Do Wedding Dresses Make You Look Fat?

Wearing the wrong shape or silhouette of a wedding dress may make you look bigger than you indeed are. Remember that each body type has a flattering wedding dress style to make them look slimmer but still showcase their natural curves. 

This is why it’s also important to know what is your wedding dress size since wedding dresses vary in sizes per designer or boutique. Don’t feel less confident because you happen to be bigger in wedding dresses than regular clothes since they truly come in smaller sizes as wedding dresses are custom-made. 

With all these being said, here are some tricks and tips on picking a wedding dress that makes you slimmer:

  • Remember to maintain a straight posture, as slouching will naturally cause anyone to look fat because of the resulting bumps
  • Hide your tummy bulge with a wedding dress that is fitted in the bodice with a corset
  • Consider a belt for the wedding dress
  • Opt for fit and flare dresses to highlight your waist but still hide the lower abs if it’s not defined
  • Add sleeves to the wedding dress, or choose those with lace or see-through features to make your arms look slimmer
  • Wear something over the wedding dress, such as a bridal jacket or cape 
  • Wear a layered necklace to hide the chest or neck area if needed
  • Consult the seamstress on strategically adding see-through portions all over the dress for a sexy but still flattering style
  • Don’t forget to use the correct underwear for the wedding dress style
  • Try different wedding colors besides the traditional white
  • Wear a comfortable but flattering shoe style to walk and stand with a good posture



And that’s it! We just found out what style wedding dress for my body type. 

Hourglass shapes look well in a mermaid dress, pear-shaped brides in A-line gowns, petite brides in fitted and smooth wedding gowns, and tall brides in sheath midi dresses. However, having the dress tailored to you is critical, and consulting the seamstress for alterations. 

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