How To Word Registry Information On Wedding Invitation

To fully understand how to word registry information on wedding invitation, you must first know where to put the registry wording on the invitation. Then, we will give you the sample registry wordings that you can use to inform your guests tastefully.

It’s possible to see different etiquette guides mentioning that it’s not tasteful to put information about your wedding registry on your invitations. However, it’s now more acceptable as guests typically buy gifts early on.

how to word registry information on wedding invitation

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How Do You Put Registry Information On An Invitation?


Where to put gift registry wording on the wedding invitation?

You can use the information card in your wedding invitation suite to write the registry information. This way, it wouldn’t seem like you’re insinuating your guests to give you wedding gifts. 

Another more subtle approach is to write the wedding website link simply. Then, the wedding website itself will contain information regarding your wedding registry. 

Read what to put on the details card for a wedding to know what else to write besides the registry information. 


Registry wording examples on wedding invitations

So how should you write and word the registry information on your wedding invitation without sounding tacky and assuming? Consider these examples and modify them accordingly:

  • Celebrating with you on our special day will always be the best present. But for your convenience, we have registered at xxx for the items that will help us prepare for our married life. Refer to our registry here at xxx.
  • We are excited to celebrate with you on our wedding day. We feel lucky to have almost everything ready for this new chapter in our lives, but you can check our gift registry here at xxx for those who express an interest.
  • We have created a registry for friends and family interested in gift ideas at xxx. However, please know that your presence is enough, and we are looking forward to celebrating this new chapter in our lives with you!

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How Do You Announce A Wedding Registry?


Wedding invitation inserts

It’s perfectly acceptable to mention your wedding registry details in your wedding invitation. However, the etiquette is to write them on a separate insert and not on the main invite. 

This way, it wouldn’t seem like you’re assuming the guests for gifts. Furthermore, you’ll be helping non-tech savvy guests by leading them to the store you’ve registered for

The key is also to mention that it’s not something you require. And of course, you can always not be very direct and word the information as “for those interested in giving gifts, please refer for information in our wedding website.”


Wedding website

Different details can’t be mentioned all in the wedding invitation suite. To help your guests with their queries, you must build a wedding website. 

The wedding website is also ideal for the registry information because you can be as detailed as possible. It’s also comfortable for guests since the links are readily available. 

If you haven’t made one yet, here is what to include on the wedding website


Word of mouth

Understandably, not all guests can navigate the internet well. In addition, some weddings are also small, and the couple might feel it’s unnecessary to have a wedding website. 

You can ask relatives and friends to help inform other guests of your registry information. However, ensure that you have guided them on what to say, so the other guests won’t assume that you require wedding guests to give you gifts. 


Shower invites

Contrary to what some people assume, mentioning registry information in your wedding shower invitations is perfectly acceptable. Some guests who attend the showers but can’t come to the wedding would send a gift instead. 

By mentioning your registry in the shower invites, those guests can also get gifts in advance. Just remember to use tasteful wording. 


How Do You Word A Wedding Cash Registry?

Before anything else, use a cash registry website to help the guests know that you prefer cash gifts over physical gifts. Then, don’t forget to mention how you plan to use the monetary gifts, so the guests can understand why you prefer money over traditional registry items. 

Finally, be gracious and understand that the financial capacity of your guests is different. Therefore, never imply a certain amount or that you require them to give you a cash gift.  

Try these wordings for a wedding cash registry:

  • We only ask for your presence, but if you think of giving a gift, we would highly appreciate cash donations to help us save for xxx. Thank you very much!
  • Because we are saving for xxx, we would enjoy cash gifts instead of gifts. It would be of great help to us, but know that your presence is the best present for our wedding. Thank you!
  • We would appreciate cash donations to help us save for xxx in place of gifts. Much love, thanks!



Were these examples helpful? To recap how to word registry information on wedding invitation, it’s important to imply that you’re not forcing your guests to give gifts. 

You must also write the details on the insert of the wedding invitation suite. And for the cash registry, you can mention where you intend to use the monetary gifts. 

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