What To Include On Wedding Website: 5 Must-Haves

There are five important considerations to know what to include on wedding website. The perfect wedding website comprises five elements that will help guests understand every essential information for your wedding. 

Speaking of wedding websites, we also recommend that you read what to put on the details card for the wedding. The wedding website is not the only place where you must inform guests of detailed wedding information, so know what to write on your inserts inside the invitation suite. 

what to include on wedding website


Here Are Exactly What To Put On Wedding Website


  • Wedding info for guests

The wedding website allows the couple to elaborate and get as detailed as possible regarding the events and critical details of the wedding. Therefore, the front of your wedding website should discuss who, where, and when, for example. 

Introduce who you are, and then include details for the wedding venue, time, and location. If needed, you can also have a map to help guests find your wedding venue. 

If you also have multiple events for the wedding, discuss them separately for their certain times and locations. This is especially crucial for weeklong weddings with dinners and celebrations before the wedding. 


  • Include information about the RSVP and plus-ones

It’s essential to know how to address wedding save-the-dates correctly so the receiver understands who is invited. But to avoid further miscommunications, please elaborate about the RSVP and plus-ones on your wedding website. 

Add a guide to help guests know how and when they should RSVP to your wedding to help you secure your guest list conveniently. You can also discuss other guest-related information, such as if the wedding is childfree or if guests can bring plus-ones. 

Mention that you are only inviting plus-ones indicated on your wedding invitation. Some wedding websites have features to limit plus-ones as well. 


  • Dress code for guests

The wedding invitation will mention the formality and theme of the wedding. However, your guests might have additional information regarding the dress code. 

Use your wedding website to talk about tips on dressing up for your wedding. You can even mention the time, season, and venue of the wedding when helping guests know what to wear. 

If you’ll have multiple events with different dress codes, clarify them as well. There might also be a theme change from the wedding ceremony to reception. 


  • Put details about transport and accommodation

Couples having a destination wedding can clarify the transportation and accommodation on their wedding website. For example, will a bus transport and pick the guests from point A to point B?

You can also include details about the parking and drop-off on the wedding website. If needed, talk about the estimated travel time, meeting point, and departure time. 

Suggest where the guests can stay for the accommodation or mention if you’ve booked a hotel block for the wedding. Don’t forget to guide guests on reserving their rooms as well.


  • Add wedding gifts and registry info

Most etiquette guides recommend not to put anything gift-related on the wedding invites. Therefore, you’ll talk about the gifts and wedding registry on your website.

You can also mention other things like some couples don’t want to receive gifts or prefer the guests to donate to a specific charity. And if you’re using monetary gifts to fund your honeymoon, here is how to ask for money instead of gifts for weddings

Be mindful of the wording and etiquette regarding requesting gifts on your wedding website. Furthermore, check if it’s easy to access your registry from your website. 


  • Help guests get contact information

The final most crucial inclusion on the wedding website is contact information. Your guests might still have additional questions regarding the wedding. 

Write the person and how they can be contacted if needed. Remember that you’ll be busy during your wedding preparation, so it’s best to have another person as the primary contact. 


How To Write Your Story On Wedding Website

Do you know that the wedding website includes the story about you as a couple as well? More than details and information regarding the wedding, you can also write your story on your wedding website. 

Usually, you’ll have an “About Us” or “Our Story” section on your wedding website. Here are tips and examples you can follow:

  • Introduce yourselves individually, which can include your full names, residence, school, profession, and hobbies
  • Write a short but informative timeline of your love story from how you’ve met up to your proposal
  • Talk about your compatibilities and favorite memories with your partner 
  • Humor is welcomed but remain tasteful with the joke and tone of the story
  • Avoid stories that some guests might not relate to
  • Conclude with how you’re excited about marrying each other


How To Put Dress Code On Wedding Website

Add information about the expected attire for your wedding. Use familiar terms for everyone like formal, semi-formal, casual, or black-tie. 

You can also give outfit examples for male and female guests. Suggest what they can wear, especially if your wedding has a theme like Boho or retro



And that’s it! We just learned what to include on wedding website: wedding details, guest information,  dress code, transportation and accommodation, gifts and registry, and contact information. 

You can also write your love story in an “About Us” section. We hope this helps; let us know below if you have more questions. 

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