When To Register For Wedding Gifts: Best Time

The answer to when to register for wedding gifts is after an engagement party. But before you go on with that information, you have to understand the etiquette when creating a wedding registry. 

We will discuss everything you need to know in this article, so continue reading below. More than that, you might be interested in learning how many wedding favors to order

when to register for wedding gifts

As someone who’s getting married, you should also be prepared to give your guests gifts for coming to your wedding.


Here’s Your Guide On When To Register For Wedding Gifts


After the engagement party

The best time to register for wedding gifts is after your engagement party. You can do so in a few weeks after this occasion, but you can also register earlier at two weeks before the engagement party. 

Since you’re registering after the engagement party, use the number of guests in that celebration as your guide on how many items to register. Then as the wedding day closes in, you can add more items as you also finalize the guest list.

Another reason why it’s best to register for wedding gifts after the engagement party is that it will be up on the website before you hold your showers and other parties before the wedding. 


Before pre-wedding events

When people attend your showers and parties, they will most likely use the wedding registry to find a gift to bring. But since it’s for a pre-wedding event, make sure to include more affordable gifts. 

You might also have some guests who won’t be able to attend the wedding itself. If so, they might come to pre-wedding events instead with a gift from the registry. 


Before invitations

Some couples don’t throw an engagement party. So if you won’t have one, when should you register for wedding gifts?

Another appropriate timing is before you send wedding invitations. If you also have save the dates, build a wedding registry before sending these cards.

This means you will create a registry six months before the wedding, as it’s typically when save the dates are sent. Again, this can serve as an opportunity for the guests to send you gifts early if they can’t attend the wedding itself.

Include the wedding website on the save the dates or wedding invitations with the information for your wedding registry within it. You can also treat the date when you send out invitations as the final wedding registry deadline so that the guests can purchase gifts with enough time.

You can read about how early is too early for wedding invitations to time them accordingly. 


Should I Register For Wedding Gifts?

You don’t need a wedding registry if you don’t want to have one. Some couples might think they already have everything they need, and gifts are unnecessary. 

However, your wedding guests are likely going to buy you something anyway. The last thing you want is to receive something you have no use for. 

You might as well get a gift that you like as this will also make the guest feel better. Remember that there are people who show their love through gift-giving. 

Furthermore, it’s hard to decide what to give to someone getting married. You might also be apprehensive of providing something that is potentially disrespectful as a guest. 


What if you don’t want a wedding registry?

If you genuinely don’t want a wedding registry, but people insist, you can always tell them the truth that you think you won’t have a use for gifts. Some couples also decide on a cash registry instead and use it for their honeymoon or other expenses after the wedding. 

Another option is to direct your guests to a charity or foundation. This way, you won’t need to receive gifts you think you don’t need, and you’ll also be helping those who need them. 


What Should You Not Put On Your Wedding Registry?


Things you don’t intend to use or things you’ll just return

Your wedding registry should be a list of functional and practical items. Don’t put things that have no use, and more so, don’t include items you intend to return. 

Nowadays, if you need cash, it’s acceptable to have a cash registry. If your list is filled with items you plan on returning, it will be evident to the guests. 


Same items from different stores

Double-check your list to ensure that you won’t have repeating items from different stores. You might think you’re giving guests multiple options, but this can be confusing on their side. 

You may have multiple guests giving you the same item if you do this. 


Very pricey items

It’s okay to have some pricey items in the registry, as long as there are also affordable ones. Always be mindful of the capacities of your guests, as some might be unable to afford costly gifts. 


How Many Registries Is Too Many?

Going over three stores is too much for your wedding registry. And when deciding on the stores, think of your guests and where they’ll potentially shop. 



And that’s it! We just learned when to register for wedding gifts, which should be after your engagement party. 

You can also register before you have your wedding invitations out. This way, the guests have plenty of time to buy and send you a gift, especially those who can’t attend the wedding.  

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