When To Get Facial Before Wedding: Timeline

If you want to know when to get facial before wedding, consider a timeline starting as early as 9 months out. It’s essential to prepare your skin prior to the wedding but healthily to avoid reactions that may last and affect your look on your special day. 

This article will discuss what you must do regarding facials before the wedding, and it’s applicable both for the bride and groom who want to pamper themselves. And if you also want to eliminate lines and wrinkles, we wrote another healthy guide on when to get botox before a wedding

when to get facial before wedding


When Should You Get A Facial Before Your Wedding: Wedding Beauty Timeline


9 months before the wedding

You will start your beauty regimen as early as 9 months before the wedding. At this time, visit a reputable clinic or aesthetician to help you create the best facial treatment schedule as you get closer to the wedding day. 

You don’t want to try a new facial treatment too close to your wedding day because of potential flare-ups and reactions. Furthermore, starting early will also help you achieve your goals safely and realistically. 

Your aesthetician should help you get started on a facial treatment plan ideal for your goals and needs. Just make sure that you find a reputable clinic, and you’re not doing something you don’t like or believe would be safe. 


6 months before the wedding

You are already doing a skincare regimen six months before the wedding, crafted uniquely for your needs. This may include monthly facials to address various concerns like acne or skin discolorations. 

Six months before the wedding is the ideal starting point for facials that address concerns like scars and pigmentations to achieve the results you want realistically. Then, the dermatologist might put you in treatments for mild concerns every two to four weeks. 

Afterward, you might get facials every two to four weeks three months before the wedding. This duration is ideal for people with normal skin without any issues. 


1 week before the wedding

After months of skin preparation, it’s possible to get a gentle facial the week before your wedding day. Expect that the facial you can get is milder and only acts as a way to rejuvenate your skin once more as you’re only days away from your wedding day. 

It’s best to avoid harsh treatments such as peels and exfoliations to avoid potential adverse reactions that may remain on your wedding day. Also, never get tempted to try a new type of facial that you haven’t tried before because you don’t know how your skin will react. 

This time is when you’ll get your final facial, and it can also help the bride or groom relax before the big day. Then, allow the following days before the wedding to be mellow as stress is shown to affect the skin significantly. 


How Soon Before Wedding Should I Get A Facial?

You can start a facial treatment plan as early as 9 to 6 months before the wedding, especially if you want to try a skincare regimen. However, getting a facial as close to a week before the wedding is also possible, especially if it’s mild and only meant to soothe your skin and mind. 

Overall, consult your dermatologist as they might recommend you a specific plan to address your concerns. The earlier you start a facial treatment plan before the wedding, the better you will safely attain the results you want. 


How Many Days Before Wedding Should You Get A Facial?

Ideally, you want to start your facials months before the wedding. This way, you can try a crafted regimen for your concerns and results that you want to achieve, 

However, you can also get a facial seven days before the wedding. Mild, soothing, and relaxing facials are also recommended three days before the wedding if you want to alleviate nerves and stress from the preparations for the wedding.

Regardless, the emphasis is necessary on never trying any new facial treatment days before the wedding. 


Should I Get A Facial One Week Before My Wedding?

Even if you’re not a fan of facials and other skincare, you can always try a facial one week before the wedding. Facials can feel relaxing more than the skin benefits, which can be another bonding experience for you and your partner before the big day.

The key is selecting a mild facial from a reputable clinic or center to ensure that your skin won’t have any adverse reactions. Clay and gel masks are often chosen before a big event because they are mild enough for pampering the skin. 


Which Facial Is Best Before Wedding?

Ask your aesthetician for the best treatment plan to combat your problems and achieve the result you want for your wedding day. But for ideas, here are the best facials to get before your wedding:

  • Chemical peel for exfoliation that soothes scarring and fades discoloration
  • LED facial for reducing fine lines and making the skin feel and look plumper
  • High Frequency facial for alleviating inflammation

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Was this skin prep timeline helpful? You just learned when to get facial before wedding, which starts 9 to 6 months before a wedding, then a final facial one week before the wedding. 

We recommend crafting a regimen specific to your concerns and intended results with a reputable dermatologist. And, of course, avoid trying any new treatment so close to your wedding day. 

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