How To Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts For Wedding

You need to know how to ask for money instead of gifts for wedding politely in four ways. This article will help you discuss this gift preference on the wedding invites, registry, website, and how to spread it via word of mouth. 

More and more couples nowadays prefer money over tangible gifts, but there’s proper etiquette and wording for monetary gifts only. You can also read how to pay for a wedding if you need more than wedding gifts to afford your union. 

how to ask for money instead of gifts for wedding


How Do You Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts For A Wedding?


Mention your preference for cash gifts on the wedding invitations

The first wedding-related element that your guests will encounter is the invites. And while some would argue that it will be tacky to mention wedding gifts in the invitation, couples nowadays have detailed invites, and it’s perfectly acceptable. 

This approach is ideal for couples with mostly non-tech-savvy wedding guests because your gift preference is directly mentioned on the invites. As a result, they don’t need to go online for your wedding website or registry, and you’re also helping other guests who may not be able to attend but instead will send gifts early. 

In your wedding invitation suite, include an information card with a line that talks about gifting. But, of course, use tasteful phrasing to avoid sounding presumptuous.

If you don’t know it yet, create your wedding invitation suite properly with this step-by-step guide on how to stuff wedding invitations


Request for money directly on the wedding registry

Couples who want a cash wedding gift can tailor their registry for this preference to avoid miscommunications with the guests. More and more websites are offering a cash fund wedding registry that you can check out and ensure that you won’t seem tacky. 

Depending on your chosen cash wedding registry, your guests can select a particular purchase where they can contribute financially. It will also ensure better transparency on both sides, so your gifters can know where their monetary gifts will go. 

Another option is to request gift certificates where you can purchase whichever you want yourself instead of having the guest buy a specific item. Guests might even feel more sentimental knowing that they’ve contributed to a particular fund, whether it’s for your honeymoon, home, or house. 


Address that you’ll prefer money instead of items for gifts on the wedding website tastefully

Besides the wedding invitations and registry, you can communicate to your guests that they can gift you money instead of physical gifts. If you feel like you’re being too direct on the wedding invitations or want to remind your guests of your preferred wedding gifts, the website can include information about cash gifts. 

Wedding guests often check the wedding website for answers and queries. You can also use the website to link them to your online cash registry website. 

And if you feel like you need more information and explanation regarding this preference over physical gifts, you’ll have enough space on the website for discussion. 


Have friends and family spread the word regarding cash wedding gifts

Having friends and relatives spread the word is a fantastic way to ask for money instead of gifts, especially if you’re having a small wedding. They can also help explain why you could use cash wedding gifts than physical gifts much better to guests who may have questions. 

Just make sure to discuss your intentions and preferred wordings to avoid miscommunications with other wedding guests. You also don’t want assumptions on anyone’s end when they find out about your preferred wedding gift.


How Do You Politely Ask For Money As A Wedding Gift?

The proper wording is crucial when asking for cash instead of gifts at a wedding. Here are the best examples of phrases you can use on the invitations, website, or when people ask you about your desired wedding gift: 

  • We are looking forward to your presence at our wedding and know that it will be the greatest gift of all. But if you wish to show your support with a gift, a cash gift will be very welcome. 
  • Your attendance at our wedding day is enough, but should you wish to give us a gift as well; a cash gift would be greatly appreciated. 
  • Cash gifts are welcome but not expected.
  • A cash gift towards our xxx fund is greatly appreciated but not expected
  • Should you wish to help us celebrate with a gift, we’ve set up an xxx fund
  • Cash gifts are welcome and will be put towards our xxx

If you’re a wedding guest who saw the following phrases, please read how much to give for a wedding gift to help you know the proper etiquette. 


Is It Okay To Ask For Money As A Wedding Gift?

It’s okay and not tacky to ask for money as a wedding gift, as long as you know the right way to ask. Choose the proper phrasing, and don’t forget to mention where you’ll use your collected wedding fund. 



Was this etiquette guide helpful? To recap how to ask for money instead of gifts for wedding, use the correct wording on your invites, registry, website, or when asking friends and relatives to spread the word about your preference for cash gifts. 

We hope our examples on what to say have helped you; let us know below how it goes. 

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