What To Put On Details Card For Wedding: 4 Must-Haves

You must know what to put on details card for wedding, which is different types of wedding guest information to avoid miscommunications regarding your wedding. We will also talk about the etiquette regarding wedding enclosure cards or details card. 

And when it comes to assembling wedding invitations after you have completed all the cards for the invitation suite, refer to this tutorial on how to stuff wedding invitation

what to put on details card for wedding


What To Put On Details Card For Wedding: Detail Card Wording And Etiquette For Guest Information Cards


  • Dress code

The main wedding invitation usually only has the information inviting the person you sent it to. However, you must elaborate on your expected dress code and guest attire for the wedding. 

This will also help avoid the need for wedding attendees to contact you, and on the guest’s side, they won’t have to worry that what they’re wearing might be inappropriate. You can mention the dress code and even the wedding theme on the details card. 

Since you’ll have enough space, you can elaborate the formality, colors, and general theme for the wedding. But if there are multiple events such as dinners and parties for the wedding, clarify your suggested attire for each as well. 


  • Accommodation and transportation

Couples who are having a destination wedding often include multiple cards on their invitation suite. That being said, be sure to include accommodation details and transportation information on your wedding details card to guide your guests. 

Clarify if you’ve booked hotel room blocks or if you have a vehicle that will drive your guests from various venues. This is also an excellent opportunity to let your guests know if they must pay for their own accommodations. 

For example, mention that you’ve reserved at a specific hotel and that they can mention your last names to receive a discount. If needed, use a separate details card for only the information regarding the hotel room block for the wedding. 

If you’re curious about who pays for the hotel rooms for wedding guests or how many rooms to block for a wedding, don’t hesitate to click on these links!


  • Wedding venue direction

Besides the accommodation and transportation information, you must also discuss the direction or even include a map on your details card. This is especially important for destination weddings since everyone is unfamiliar with your wedding reception. 

You don’t need to be very technical as it could just be straightforward directions from the airport to the hotel and the hotel to the venue. But if you’re doing a weeklong celebration on multiple sites, it’s easier to explain with a map

You can mark the itinerary on the map as well. Just don’t forget to clarify the time and transportation for each location. 


  • Wedding website

Don’t forget to include the URL for your wedding website on the details card. While this insert aims to contain other information for the wedding, you will need more space and wording to explain specific details for the wedding. 

This is where linking to your wedding website proves its importance, and you can even write your registry in this area of the card to guide guests. Some couples even omit the inserts to the invitation suite and direct the guests to their wedding website only. 


  • Specific details for certain activities for the wedding

You might be having multiple celebrations for your wedding, usually if it’s on the weekend and you’re spending the weekdays around your chosen location for your destination wedding. To avoid confusion for each event, write multiple wedding details cards for them. 

You can consider them as itinerary cards with activities, schedules, and how the guests can go to them. However, some would argue that this will lead to a very confusing invitation suite and that it’s better to write on the wedding website instead. 


How Big Should A Details Card Be?

The details card is usually 4.25 by 5.5 inches. However, it can be bigger or smaller, depending on the contents.

Just make sure that the details card will fit inside your envelope along with the other inserts. Are you also curious about what size are wedding invitations

Learn the standard dimensions to prepare your wedding invitation suite much more easily.


What Inserts Do You Need In A Wedding Invitation?

  • RSVP/response card with envelope
  • Reception card (e.g., time, date, and dress code)
  • Directions and accommodation card
  • Wedding website card
  • Pre and post-wedding events card

Please note that it’s not required to have them in separate cards. For example, you can often write all the information in one details card, then link to your wedding website instead. 


What Should Not Be Included In A Wedding Invitation?

There are etiquette guides that recommend not including anything related to the gifts or wedding registry. However, nowadays, it’s acceptable to mention your registry in the invitation so the guests can easily navigate them. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap what to put on details card for wedding, include the dress code, accommodation and transportation, wedding venue direction, wedding website, and events card. 

The details card is a fantastic way to elaborate on different types of information for wedding guests. Let us know below what you usually include. 

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