What To Engrave On Wedding Band: 6 Best Ideas To Try

Those who still don’t know what to engrave on wedding band can consider six ideas. In addition, we will give you unique wedding ring engraving ideas both for the bride and groom and those suitable whether inside or outside the wedding band. 

For more information regarding wedding ring engraving, continue reading below. And if you’ve yet to buy the wedding bands, know what to expect on how much wedding rings cost.  

what to engrave on wedding band


What Do You Engrave On A Wedding Band?


Initials or names of your partner or each other

The most common wedding ring engravings are the names or initials. The bride’s wedding band can have her future husband’s name or initials, and the groom’s wedding band can have her name or initials engraved inside or outside. 

Another option is to combine your names or initials as a couple for a sweeter gesture. Simply add “and” or “&” between your initials or names, and it can be interpreted as a sign of your union. 

But if you don’t want a straightforward approach with your names or initials, you can use nicknames or even the last name you’ll both have. Some couples also create a monogram with the last name’s initials and then the first name initials of both people. 


Significant dates or locations

Wedding rings act as a reminder of your commitment to each other. Therefore, having a significant date or location engraved on it can be more meaningful. 

Perhaps there’s a particular date or place for you and your partner that you can engrave on your wedding rings. It can even be your wedding day or the place where you first meet. 

The only potential limitation is the length of the location’s name and the format you want for the date. You don’t want something that won’t fit within the space the wedding ring can provide. 


Split messages

Similar to how some pendants form a message when you combine them, why not have split messages on each wedding band? When combined, it can form a sweet quote or a special message between you and your partner. 

Some examples of phrases you can split to engrave on the wedding rings are “to have and to hold”, “I love you and I know”, or “to infinity and beyond.” It can even be something humorous but endearing. 


Short sentiments

Engraving wedding rings allow you to put a message that your partner can see each time they’ll wear them. Therefore, why not consider romantic quotes and phrases when you don’t know what to engrave on the wedding bands? 

You can use classic sentiments like “I love you”, “you are worth the wait”, “my heart is yours”, or “yours eternally.” You can even take a short phrase from your wedding vows to fit inside the wedding ring. 


Bible verses

Religious couples can engrave their wedding rings with a bible verse that meant a lot to them. There are also bible verses that capture the essence of love and commitment. 

You don’t need to engrave the entire verse on the ring, especially lengthy ones. Instead, you can just put the verse name or a shorter version of it. 


Inside jokes and puns

For couples who value a sense of humor, inside jokes and puns would be perfect for engraving on their wedding bands. It can be a wordplay or a witty short joke about marriage or commitment to each other. 

Some examples include “why is this off?”, “no refunds”, “legally mine”, and “insert finger here”. However, you want to engrave inside the wedding ring to avoid unnecessary explanations to any observer. 


Do You Engrave The Wedding Ring On The Inside Or Outside?

When engraving the wedding ring, it’s more common to have it inside. However, you can also have your wedding band engraving outside if it’s your preference. 

It will only typically cost more to engrave outside the wedding band. Furthermore, some couples prefer engraving inside the ring, so the message is more personal and secretive. 


Does Engraving Devalue A Ring?

Wedding ring engraving and other personalization practices might affect the value of the jewelry down the line. Nonetheless, couples who decide to get their wedding bands engraved make them more sentimental and valuable. 

When done correctly, engraving should not damage the wedding band metal. Just make sure that errors are avoided, as removing and changing them will affect the material’s construction. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Engrave A Wedding Ring?

Wedding ring engraving usually starts at $25, but various factors affect the total costs. It can even be as much as $75 to $100 to engrave a wedding band. 

The number of characters will affect the price of getting the wedding band engraved, where 15 to 30 characters can cost $50 and up. Hand-engraving is also pricier at $75 than machine-engraving, with twice the number of characters for under $50. 



Were these ideas helpful? We just learned what to engrave on wedding band: names, significant dates and places, messages, sentiments, bible verses, or even jokes. 

Regardless, engrave your wedding ring with something meaningful for you and your spouse. Just be mindful of the prices to expect and remember that personalized rings can affect their value. 

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