How Much Do Platinum Wedding Bands Cost

The answer to how much do platinum wedding bands cost range from $600 to $6,000. We will discuss whether platinum rings’ price range is worth it and the advantages of a platinum ring over other common materials for wedding rings. 

You will also know if you can wear a platinum wedding band daily if you’re looking for a ring that can withstand everyday use. And if you are considering many types of wedding rings, you can compare them in our separate discussion for how much do wedding rings cost

how much do platinum wedding bands cost


Exactly How Much Do Platinum Wedding Bands Cost

The cost of platinum wedding rings depends on various factors, but on average, expect a price range between $600 to $6,000 for platinum rings. This makes platinum among the top choices for wedding rings because some are affordable compared to the typical price spent by couples on their wedding bands, which is over $3,000. 

Furthermore, platinum is a classy metal for jewelry and is harder than gold. So you’ll get the aesthetic and durability, giving it an excellent value for money. 

However, here are the factors that affect the platinum costs if you’re considering it for your wedding band: 

  • Platinum wedding ring width or ring size
  • Other metals, diamonds, or gemstones used in the platinum wedding ring


Are Platinum Wedding Rings Expensive?

Platinum wedding bands cost a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on many factors. But compared to white gold, expect that platinum prices are higher because more platinum is required to make a wedding band as it is denser. 

How much is the difference between platinum wedding rings and gold wedding bands? A platinum wedding can be 40 to 50% higher in price than white gold. 

However, platinum costs lower than 14K and 18K gold. To give you a quick comparison, platinum costs around $32.60 per gram, while 14K and 18K gold are around $34.17 and $44.35, respectively. 


Platinum wedding rings vs white gold wedding bands

Platinum wedding rings are often compared with white gold jewelry because of their somewhat similar looks. However, a platinum wedding band will have a higher price tag because platinum is rarer and denser than white gold. 

Typically, a platinum ring can cost $500 to $800 higher than a white gold wedding band. More platinum is used to make a wedding band, hence the higher price tag. 

It is also denser and about 66% heavier than white gold. After all, remember that metals are paid for in grams, and you’ll need more platinum to make a wedding ring. 


How Much Is A Platinum Diamond Wedding Band Worth?

The price for a platinum diamond wedding ring ranges from $900 to $1,000. Understandably, the costs are higher since platinum is rare. 

Furthermore, the band thickness and the diamond size will affect the final price of the diamond wedding band. If it’s a simple ring, the price starts at $700, but the price can reach $1,500 and up if the band is paved with diamonds since more metal is needed to hold them in place. 

If your platinum diamond wedding band or engagement ring also has a center diamond, it will be priced separately. Regardless, platinum is one of the best metal bands for a diamond wedding ring because its weight and density can secure diamonds better and protect them for longer, especially if you want small stones paved into the band


Are Platinum Rings Worth It?

Platinum wedding rings are worth it because they are low-maintenance and durable. They even suit diamonds well if you want a platinum ring for your engagement. 


Low maintenance

The up-front cost of platinum rings might turn you off, especially compared to the lower price of a white gold wedding band. However, you don’t want something affordable to buy at first if it means it’ll need a replacement every few years. 

On the other hand, platinum wedding rings may cost higher up-front, but you don’t need to get them replated every few years to maintain their color.  If you don’t intend to upgrade your wedding ring every few years, then you’re getting the most of your money with platinum wedding bands. 



The heavier and denser platinum is ideal for daily use. Unlike white gold, it won’t get worn down easily with everyday use and an intense lifestyle. 

The high price of a platinum ring is worth it if you don’t need to worry about scratches each time you wear it. If you want to compare different metals to platinum cost, read what are wedding bands made of to find the one that gives you the best value for money. 


Can I Wear Platinum Ring Every Day?

The competitive prices of a platinum wedding band make it a fantastic consideration over other metals. And best of all, it can withstand daily use and secures gems and other stones for a long time. 

But over time, a platinum wedding band can turn darker and develop a matte texture over time. Of course, this assumes that it’s acquired tiny scratches, and they react to light.



And that’s it! You just learned how much do platinum wedding bands cost, which can be a couple of hundred dollars to thousands, depending on many factors.

Platinum rings are pricier than white gold bands because platinum is denser and rarer. Therefore, more platinum is needed to make a wedding ring. 

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