How To Clean Wedding Ring At Home: Best Safest Tips

You can learn how to clean wedding ring at home according to different types of rings. This is a complete guide teaching you the proper cleaning methods for gold, silver, platinum, gemstone, diamond, and pearl wedding rings. 

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how to clean wedding ring at home


How To Clean Wedding Ring At Home Safely


Gold wedding ring

One of the most common wedding rings is gold, but remember not to brush it harshly. The purer your gold wedding ring is, the more that it’s prone to get scratched easily. 

Buy a cleaning solution specifically for gold or use gentle dish soap. Add a few drops of dish soap in warm water and soak your gold wedding ring in the solution. 

Leave the ring in the cleaning solution for five minutes, then rinse it in lukewarm water. Next, put the gold wedding ring on a microfiber cloth and buff it until it’s dry thoroughly. 

Please read what karat gold is best for wedding rings to identify the less likely types to be worn out easily. 


Silver wedding ring

Silver wedding rings are prone to get tarnished over time. However, you can restore their shiny look by using an actual silver polish that you can purchase at jewelry shops. 

Follow the instructions on the silver polish and use the proper cleaning cloth. But if you want a way to clean a silver wedding ring at home, a hack you can do is by using baking soda. 

Mix one part water to three parts baking soda to form a paste. Then, wet your silver ring and work the baking soda paste into it with a soft cloth before rinsing and buffing the jewelry dry. 


Platinum wedding ring

The durability of platinum makes it among the favorite wedding bands of practical couples. And if you need to clean your platinum wedding ring, you can use some readily available items at home. 

Dilute some mild detergent with water and use this solution to soak your platinum wedding band and remove the grime and dirt buildup. Then, rinse the ring in clean water and gently dry it with a cloth. 

It’s best to avoid popular DIY solutions that use baking soda or toothpaste on your platinum wedding ring because they might cause more damage than good. Furthermore, please be mindful of handling platinum wedding rings with gemstone mounted to them as they will require a different cleaning method. 


Gemstone wedding ring

Cleaning gemstone wedding rings can be tricky because some are low maintenance and not meticulous, while others might fade or get discolored quickly. For example, if your wedding ring is mounted with turquoise, you can’t just soak it in water, even if the wedding band is made of a metal that can be cleaned by soaking in a solution. 

Porous gemstones are never ideal for soaking when cleaning, and even jewelry cleaning products might change their color. Therefore, it’s best to bring your gemstone ring to a professional for safe cleaning. 

On the other hand, some hard gems can be cleaned at home with mild dish soap and warm water. You can reach the crevices by scrubbing with a soft-bristled toothbrush, then rinse the gemstone wedding ring after. 


Diamond wedding ring

According to the Gemological Institute of America, you can clean your diamond jewelry in a mixture of dish soap and water. To remove the grease buildup, soak your diamond wedding ring in the soap solution one or twice a week. 

You can also use a toothbrush to thoroughly clean your diamond wedding ring, especially if it has details that are hard to reach and can collect dirt and oils. However, do not scrub harshly as you don’t want the prongs or tension setting of the diamond ring to get damaged. 

And finally, rinse the cleaned diamond wedding ring with water before drying it with a soft cloth. Remember never to touch the diamond itself as much as you can to help it last longer.


Pearl wedding ring

Soaking is not a preferred cleaning method for pearls. Instead, you’ll mix room temperature water with mild detergent and dip a soft cloth in this solution. 

You can also use a professional pearl cleaning product, but never harsh household cleaners. Wipe the pearl wedding ring to remove the grime gently to avoid abrasing the pearl. 

Then, rinse the pearl wedding ring under running water or wipe it off with another cloth soaked in clean water. Lastly, make sure that the pearl ring will be dried thoroughly. 


How Can I Make My Wedding Ring Shiny Again?

Please be cautious in using the following products according to the type of wedding ring you have:

  • Rub the ring with a soft cloth and beer before buffing it dry
  • Soak the ring in glass cleaner mixed with dish soap for 10 minutes
  • Drop the ring in vinegar for 10 minutes
  • Mix a few drops of lemon essential oil and water and soak the ring for 5 minutes

But if the restoration fails, maybe it’s time to get new bands. So here is what anniversary do you upgrade your wedding ring to know when.



And that’s it! You’ve just learned how to clean wedding ring at home according to different types. 

The emphasis is necessary on using mild cleaners and being gentle if scrubbing is needed. You must also use the right product for your peace of mind, especially if your wedding ring is delicate. 

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