What Karat Gold Is Best For Wedding Rings

To find out what karat gold is best for wedding rings, you must compare 10,14, 18, and 24k gold wedding rings. They differ in characteristics, so it would help you know what traits you’d want for your wedding rings. 

But for those who want to exert effort on their wedding rings, do you know that it’s possible to learn how to make a wedding ring? Read our tutorial for it, as it’s possible to create your own rings from other materials.

what karat gold is best for wedding rings


What Is The Best Gold For Wedding Rings: 10k vs 14k vs 18k vs 24k


10k gold wedding rings

One of the most common gold bands you’ll find in the market is made of 10 karats. This is because it has a lower price point than other gold wedding rings since it has less gold.

A 10k gold wedding ring is made of 10 parts gold, while the remaining 14 parts are other types of metals. So who should get a 10k gold wedding ring?

Couples on a budget can choose 10k gold wedding bands because of their price. Furthermore, it will take a long time to get worn down because 10k gold is durable from being more alloy than gold. 


14k gold wedding rings

Wedding rings made of 14k gold will contain more gold than 10k gold rings. Instead of only 10 parts, a 14k gold ring is 14 parts gold. 

That being said, 14k gold wedding rings are ideal for couples who are still on a budget but would like rings that are made of more gold in their composition. Understandably, some people would prefer their wedding rings to have more gold rather than getting the one with the least amount. 

And like the 10k gold wedding rings, having a higher percentage of alloyed metals in its composition makes 14k gold wedding rings resistant to wear and tear. So couples with active lifestyles are suitable for this karat of gold for their rings to ensure that the bands will last well. 


18k gold wedding rings

If you still feel like you’re lacking in purity with 14k gold wedding rings, the next best thing that would still be wearable is 18k gold. This is because rings made from 18k gold are made with 18 parts gold, hence closer to purity.

Couples will also appreciate the golden color of 18k gold rings since it contains more gold. And since the remaining 6 parts are still made of other metals, it’s still practical in terms of price and longevity.

Finally, you may want an 18k gold wedding ring because it has lesser alloyed metals. Remember that some people can have an allergic reaction to other metals. 

Read how to get rid of wedding ring rash if you’re noticing itchiness and red marks around your finger. 


24k gold wedding rings

If you want to give your spouse the purest gold wedding ring, set a budget to buy a 24k gold piece. Unlike the other gold rings, 24k gold wedding rings are the purest.

Having made from pure and non-alloyed gold, 24k wedding rings are precious, symbolizing how much the couple value and love each other. Your spouse will also have a bright and yellow-orange gold ring that is more notable than gold rings that can be white or rose in color. 

However, the disadvantage with a 24k gold ring is not only its price. Note that gold is a soft metal on its own, so a 24k gold wedding ring is more likely to bend or scratch than those with alloyed metals. 


How Many Karats Should A Wedding Ring Be?

The best karats to get for your gold wedding rings is 14k. This is because it provides value for money as it’s the perfect mix of durability without having you feel like you’re lacking purity. 

Wedding rings made from 14k gold are the most commonly purchased gold rings in the US as they are ideal for wearable jewelry. You’ll get a classic gold appearance without spending on 18k gold rings that also happen to be less durable as they have more gold. 

The only potential disadvantage of 14k gold wedding rings is they’ll be pricier than 10k gold jewelry. Nonetheless, it’s a good starting ring for undecided couples who want gold bands. 


Is 18k Gold Too Soft For Rings?

Because 24k gold is never ideal for daily use, the purest you can get for wearable gold is 18k. Unfortunately, being purer than 14k gold rings means it’s also more expensive and less durable.  

Since 18k gold wedding rings are almost pure, it’s also ideal for couples who want attractive rings with less risk of skin allergy. However, being made from primarily gold also makes it easier to scratch. 



And that’s it! We found out what karat gold is best for wedding rings by comparing them.

The best you can get for durability and value for money without missing out on purity is 14k gold wedding rings. It is still more durable than 18k since those made from mostly gold are less resistant to wear and tear. 

And while 24k gold is the purest, note that it’s only ideal for decorative jewelry. Wedding bands you intend on wearing daily should handle wear and tear. 

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