What Are Wedding Bands Made Of And How To Choose

Those who want to know what are wedding bands made of should familiarize themselves with the popular metals for wedding bands and unconventional materials that a wedding ring is made of. 

We will also help you choose the wedding band according to visual preference and functionality. So it shouldn’t be stressful to browse through rings, and you can also read how to pick a wedding ring as an additional reference. 

what are wedding bands made of


What Are Wedding Bands Made Of: Top 7 Choices


  • Gold

Most wedding rings in the market are made from gold. Wedding bands made with gold are also considered classic wedding rings. 

This is because gold has always been the wedding jewelry standard as it represents class with its luster. It’s also considered romantic to give your partner something pricey such as jewelry made of gold. 

If you haven’t bought one yet, you can refer to what karat gold is best for wedding rings. Note that durability does not equate to karat. 


  • Silver

Besides gold, those made of silver are also popular wedding bands. A wedding ring made from sterling silver is also preferred by grooms because of the look. 

Silver wedding bands even used to be more valuable than gold back in the day. But in the modern world, it is chosen by couples because silver is a good value for money, and it’s even durable, especially when mixed with other metals


  • Platinum

If durability is your first consideration when choosing a wedding band, you must browse for wedding rings made with platinum. A platinum ring would make a fantastic wedding band because it will withstand wear and tear. 

The white appearance is also beautiful to symbolize the union. And for maintenance, you can get it polished to remove the scratches that may develop over time. 


  • Titanium

A titanium wedding ring may not be a popular choice, but titanium bands would make sense to give to each other for your wedding day. One of the best aspects of titanium rings is how light they’ll be to wear. 

So if you and your partner are the types to hate the feeling of wearing a ring, then consider titanium wedding bands. You can even get them in gray or black colors for a unique wedding ring


  • Tungsten

If you want shiny rings that are even more durable than titanium, consider hardy tungsten. It’s perfect for those who wish for low-maintenance wedding bands, especially if your profession will expose the jewelry to wear often. 

Furthermore, those that commonly have skin irritation to metals can feel more comfortable with tungsten wedding rings. Tungsten is hypoallergenic, so those with sensitive skin can confidently wear these rings. 


  • Cobalt

A wedding band made with cobalt will stand out from other wedding rings because of the silver-gray color. This makes cobalt wedding rings suitable for modern and contemporary wedding themes. 

Furthermore, cobalt is hypoallergenic, so you don’t need to worry about developing rashes and itchiness. And as time pass, you can easily get your cobalt wedding bands resized because they resist scratching well. 


  • Stainless steel

Another metal choice for wedding bands, especially when budget constraints, is stainless steel. Before you assume that they’ll be tacky, there’s nothing wrong with choosing stainless steel wedding bands. 

They are durable and shiny, which are qualities you’ll want for wedding rings anyway. Nowadays, stainless steel wedding bands come in matte for a more modern look. 


What Should A Wedding Band Be Made Of?

You want to select the most durable materials for your wedding band. The best choices include stainless steel, platinum, titanium, tungsten, and cobalt. 

You can also talk to the jeweler regarding their recommendation based on your lifestyle. Ultimately, select a wedding band that fits your budget but will last long as it’s the best value for money if it won’t need immediate replacement. 

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What Are The Most Popular Wedding Ring Designs?

Here are the most popular shapes and designs of wedding rings that you can consider besides the metal to use:


Plain wedding bands

The most popular wedding ring is a basic and smooth gold wedding band. It is easy to match with engagement rings, and these bands are also affordable. 


Wedding bands with cuts

Some bands come in interesting shapes or cuts if you don’t want a smooth and plain wedding ring. The band has geometric cuts and diagonals to make the ring look more modern. 


Wedding bands with stones

Nowadays, wedding rings also come with stones. They may look like the traditional diamond engagement ring, but couples tend to buy these as well as they look more sparkly and classy. 


Two-tone wedding bands

Finally, wedding bands can also come in different colors. A popular one is a mixture of gold and white gold or contrast silver and black on the band.  

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And that’s it! To recap what are wedding bands made of, they are gold, silver, platinum, titanium, tungsten, cobalt, and stainless steel. 

Choosing among them depends on your preferred look, durability, and budget capacity. We hope this helps; let us know below which you’ll pick. 

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