How Often Do You Have To Drain A Portable Air Conditioner? The Best Guide!

how often do you have to drain a portable air conditioner

How often do you have to drain a portable air conditioner? Have you noticed your portable air conditioner generating an immense amount of water and wondered how to drain your portable air conditioner? Well, the truth is the regularity of draining the portable air conditioner varies depending on one’s air condition in their house. Air … Read more

What Size Air Conditioner For A 14×70 Mobile Home? 3 Easy Steps To Find The Right One

what size air conditioner for a 14x70 mobile home

Are you asking yourself, “What size air conditioner for a 14×70 mobile home?” Air conditioning is a necessity today since the temperature is starting to go up. And that is more crucial for trailer homeowners to install an AC unit system since these structures are usually transported to regions with scorching heat. And what is … Read more

How To Prevent Molds In Air Conditioner? 4 Easy Methods To Keep Your AC Unit Clean!

how to prevent molds in air conditioner

How to prevent molds in air conditioner? Was there a time where you were already really irritated because molds keep on coming back into your air conditioning unit even though you’ve cleaned it? Unfortunately, there are times that it keeps on coming back due to several reasons, though you don’t have to stress about it … Read more