How To Build A Window Air Conditioner Support? 8 Easy Steps!

How to build a window air conditioner support? To build your window air conditioner support, you’ll need to follow eight simple steps and a few durable materials.

The thing is that air conditioners are essential household appliances. Some are pretty expensive. Therefore they should be held in a safe place, so they don’t go to waste.

how to build a window air conditioner support

We set up support for window AC’s because half of it will be outside to pump the heat coming from the house. It has a danger of falling if it isn’t correctly supported and only rests on the narrow windows frames. Well, there are many more things that you should know about air conditioner support, so just read on!


Why Is It Necessary To Build A Window Air Conditioner Support?

Installing window air conditioners is not tricky.  However, if the unit weighs more than a hundred pounds, it will require additional support because it is more prone to falling. Support or bracket will prevent it from falling and potentially hurting homeowners and causing damage to the house and the air conditioner itself.

Apart from ensuring safety, building support also helps maintain the air conditioner for you to expect long-term quality.

You may purchase an AC bracket from appliance stores. However, there’s no guarantee that a bracket will fit the size of your air conditioner. It is more convenient to make your air conditioner support since you can adjust the size. You will also save money because only a few materials are needed.

If you’re in desperate need of window AC support, keep reading to find a solution to your problem. Get started by following the simple instructions.


A Step-by-Step Guide To Build A Window Air Conditioner Support

Are you wondering about the ways for you to be able to have support for your window AC? Don’t fret; here’s how to build a window air conditioner support:


Step #1. Measure the window’s width

Take the width of the window with a measuring tape. Measure the depth and width of the window frame’s channel where the slides pass through.


Step #2. Cut the lumber to the size of the window’s width

A two-by-four piece of lumber and a jigsaw are necessary for this step. On the lumber, outline the width of the window using a pencil. Then, using the jigsaw, cut the lumber to the window’s width, as shown by the outline.


Step 3#. Copy the width of the channel on the lumber

You’ll use the same tools and the lumber that you cut on the preceding step in this step. Trace the width of the channel on the four-inch face of the lumber. It’ll have to be done on both ends. Mark the width at both ends using a pencil. A channel’s typical width is half an inch. So you’ll be more likely to make a half-inch mark on both ends.


Step #4. Draw the channel depth on the four-inch face of the lumber

Using a pencil, mark the channel depth on the top and bottom edges of the lumber’s four-inch face. Then, mark half of the channel depth also on the top and bottom edges. There should be two lines before the edges. The lines you draw in this step should be perpendicular to the lines you drew in the second step.


Step #5. Cut the corners

It would help if you had already made L-shaped marks on the corners. Then, trace these marks to cut corners. After you’ve finished cutting, you’ll have a notch on both ends that should fit into your window’s channel.


Step #6. Attach the lumber to the window frame

Fit the notch into the window’s side channels. Place the lumber on the lower part of the windowpane. Your air conditioner is now set to be placed through the window.


Step #7. Place the lumber and the upper lips of the AC against each other

Adjust the lumber if necessary. It would help if you placed it precisely over the air conditioner. Make sure the air conditioner’s top lip is pressing on the lumber.


Step #8. Drill holes and insert the screws

Using a drilling machine, create holes on the lumber through the AC’s top lips. The screws that will make the support strong enough to hold the air conditioner will be inserted.

Make sure that the screw, ideally wooden ones, passes through the holes in the lumber as well. Then, to guarantee its toughness, tighten it using a screwdriver.


Things You Should Remember In Building A Window Air Conditioner Support


Tip #1. Match the color of the frame to the lumber

An air conditioner support that has a different color than the window frame is undoubtedly unappealing. If you paint it the same color as the windows, it will blend in and not detract from the house’s overall appearance.


Tip #2. Choose the right window for your air conditioner

Of course, that window has to be close to an electrical outlet. Consider the window’s sturdiness as well as its location in the house. For example, it is preferable to pick a window in the center of the house to distribute the cold air evenly.


Tip#3. Wear Protective Equipment

Cutting and drilling were involved in the construction of the support. To avoid injury, you should use protective gloves and goggles.



A well-supported air conditioner reduces the chances of it being damaged and squandered. We should use it with care, just as we should handle other home appliances because we have invested money.

You can save money by learning how to build your own window air conditioner support. But, before you begin, make sure that you have all of the essential supplies and are familiar with the procedures to ensure the support’s durability and longevity.

That’s all for “how to build a window air conditioner support?” I hope you were able to learn something from this text. If you want to know more related to air conditioner support, click here on how to build an air conditioner support bracket.

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