What Size Air Conditioner For A 14×70 Mobile Home? 3 Easy Steps To Find The Right One

Are you asking yourself, “What size air conditioner for a 14×70 mobile home?” Air conditioning is a necessity today since the temperature is starting to go up. And that is more crucial for trailer homeowners to install an AC unit system since these structures are usually transported to regions with scorching heat.

And what is the ideal AC unit size for a 14×70 home? It is 1.5 tons.

what size air conditioner for a 14x70 mobile home

Choosing the right size of air conditioner for a mobile home will help a lot. You see, the size of the area will affect the function of the AC. For instance, if the unit is too big for the room, the area will become too cold and humid. And if it’s too small, you will not help it but set it to its highest setting, which consumes lots of electricity. So, make sure to follow along and note the right air conditioner size.


Determining What Size Air Conditioner For A 14×70 Mobile Home

This section will be discussing, “What size air conditioner for a 14×70 mobile home?” Every home should have an air conditioner for its cooling needs. However, temperature and weather changes are unavoidable in areas that you build your home.

It is suitable for you to know that air conditioners have various models and capacities measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs.

This unit will be determining the power and capacity of your air conditioning in cooling large or small spaces in your home. I will be sharing some steps in accessing the right size of air conditioner for your mobile home. First of all, you will measure the area of your home in square feet. Do not worry; these steps won’t take you a day.


Step #1. Measuring the mobile home

You will need the exact measurement of the area of your mobile home in square feet. Then, using a measuring tape, measure all the sides of your mobile home and write them on a piece of paper for you to remember.


Step #2. Calculating the area

If you have already measured all the sides of your mobile home, you will calculate its area. The area formula of rectangular and square mobile homes is multiplying all the sides in square feet. For example, multiply both measurements when your mobile home measures had about a length of 70 feet and a width of 14 feet. The product will be 980 square feet.


Step #3. Matching the area to the air conditioner size

With the Energy Star central air unit British Thermal Unit (BTU) chart, you can find the appropriate air conditioner size for your mobile home and room air conditioner. To be specific, some measurements may need two different air conditioner BTU ratings. A thousand square feet home can use an air conditioner rated between 18 000 to 21 000 BTU.

With these measurements, you should note some additional factors like sunlight. That is because the sun’s rays can hit your mobile home and heat it entirely.

If necessary, when the mobile home is fully covered and insulated, the air conditioner BTU rating will be decreased by one-tenth: a smaller AC for the home. You should also note the different heating climate zones in the United States. For example, zone 1, in the southern US, needs about thirty and thirty-five thermal units each square foot. Here is how to calculate how many BTUs are needed to heat a home.

On the other hand, zone 2 areas need about thirty-five to forty thermal units each sq. feet; zone 3 should have forty to forty-five thermal units each sq. feet. For zone 4 areas, air conditioners with ratings at forty-five to fifty thermals are appropriate in the same manner.

Lastly, zone 5 areas located in the northern parts of the US need about fifty to sixty thermals every sq. feet. Therefore, for air conditioner tons, 1.5 tons can be appropriate for zone 1 homes of about 600 – 900 sq. feet. On the same note, 1.5 tons can be for zone 2 areas with homes measuring 600 – 950 sq. feet; zone 3 with 600 – 1000 sq. feet; zone 4 with 700 – 1050 sq. feet, and zone 5 with 700 – 1100 sq. feet.

Air conditioners rated at 2 tons can cool zone 1 homes at 901 – 1200 square feet; zone 2 at 951 – 1250 sq. feet; zone 3 with 1001 – 1300 sq. feet; zone 4 at 1051 – 1350 square feet, and zone 5 at 1101 – 1400 square feet. Likewise, air conditioners at 2.5 tons can accommodate homes at zone 1 with 1201 – 1500 square feet.

Also, 2.5 tons can cool at zone 2 with 1251 – 1550 square feet; zone 3 with 1301 – 1600 square feet; zone 4 with 1351 – 1600 square feet; and zone 5 with 1401 – 1650 square feet. For 4 tons air conditioner, it can cool spaces with areas of 2101 – 2400 square feet in zone 1; zone 2 with 2151 – 2500 square feet, and can cool rooms up to 2700 square feet in zone 5.

Lastly, an air conditioner with 5 tons cooling capacity can accommodate spaces with 2401 – 300 sq. feet in zone 1; 2501 – 3100 sq. ft in zone 2; 2601 – 3200 sq. ft in zone 3, 2751 – 330 sq. ft in zone 4, and 2701 – 3300 sq. feet in zone 5.



Great! You already learned, “What size air conditioner for a 14×70 mobile home?” The answer to that question is direct. It would help if you had an air conditioner rated at 1.5 tons to cool your mobile home with measurements 14 feet by 70 feet. Need more articles? Go here and read how to seal a window air conditioner for the winter. Thank you very much for reading! Cooldown your mobile home now!


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